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Bringing British education
to young people worldwide

My Online Schooling opens the doors to British education for pupils around the world, delivering live online lessons from KS2 to A-Level.

How it works
Real teachers, real classes

We work at the forefront of online education, delivering our lessons using the latest platforms. We have real qualified teachers, teaching real live classes, setting real homework and giving real reports.

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What parents and pupils say about us

The school is very well run, organised, encouraging & great value for money. We thought when we unschooled that we would be left to cope on our own but after finding My Online schooling, I feel things are no different regarding her education other than instead of her being at normal school stressed upset & crying daily. I would highly recommend My Online Schooling to anyone. Best decision I’ve ever made, If I could change one thing? Should have done it years ago!!!

Bethany Garwood

Traci Garwood, Year 8 Parent

I can’t recommend My Online Schooling enough! Failing health but with two boys desperate to stay homeschooled I knew we needed to find something that helped us all. Four months in & the boys are engaged, motivated and loving it! My Online Schooling has genuinely lifted us as a family.

Jac, Year 5 & 9 Parent

Jac Boyce, Year 5 & 9 Parent

My daughter loves it. I am also glad that you are receptive to feedback and act quickly to do what is best for the students.

Romy French, Year 9

Olivia Mayer, Year 9 Parent

We are both incredibly grateful to everyone at My Online Schooling. My son hated school and although his time with you was short the teaching experience was always positive and encouraging and very unlike what he had grown used to. He went into every iGCSE exam calm, well prepared and tried his best. He got the results he needed to go to the college he has always wanted to go to and is now in his second week and loving it. We would both like to say a big thank you to everyone at My Online Schooling and wish you all the very best for the future.

Father Helping Son With Homework In Kitchen

Year 11 Parent

My online schooling has been an absolute blessing for our son. He was struggling with the growing pressures at day school so that by the end of each term he was stressed and depressed. We discovered MOS and his whole world changed. He is now thriving and enjoying learning. The subjects he is particularly good at he can study at a more advanced level as he is not limited to his age level. As a result he is now happy and has the desire to learn and explore subjects in depth.

Year 9 Pupil

Astrid, Year 9 Parent

We are very happy with MOS, with even my daughter exclaiming “It was sooo the right decision”. She is happy, attentive, focused – because she can play with her fidget toy and not be told off! Wish I had thought of doing this before lockdown. Would have saved a lot of tears!


Nadia, Year 8 Parent

My Online Schooling was a lifesaver for my daughters when we lived in the Middle East and needed to continue their British Curriculum education. The classes are well thought out and fun for the children, assignments are good and clubs are well organised. Thank you!

Little Asian girl studying from home with laptop

Katy, Parent

MOS has been a wonderful solution for us as we transitioned from South Africa to the UK curriculum and the school has excellent online resources to facilitate a great classroom and school experience which engages and involves the pupils, and encourages social interactions.

Boy using laptop while drawing a sketch on book at home

Year 5 Parent

Being a pupil at My Online Schooling is really helpful as a professional actor because it gives me the freedom to go to castings and when I am working, which can be anywhere, I can take my laptop with me and either be able to still attend my lessons in real time or catch up via the recorded lessons.

Oliver Zetterstrom

Oliver Zetterström, Year 7 Pupil

One of the advantages of online schooling is the spare time can be used to pursue hobbies. Edward spends a lot of his spare time with his music, he plays at Violin 1 in three full symphony orchestras, plus many other events.

Edward Dancey

Keith Dancey, Year 9 Parent