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Learning & Wellbeing Support Hub

Recent statistics indicate that more than 15% of pupils in England require some level of SEND support. In addition to this, more than 12% of 5-19-year olds are thought to experience at least one mental health condition. Without appropriate understanding and action, these challenges can quickly become barriers to learning, resulting in further mental health issues or education refusal.

At My Online Schooling, we are committed to offering the very best school experience for all of our pupils. Our staff members receive regular training on many areas of mental health, SEND, and wellbeing to ensure pupils and their families are provided with guidance and support throughout their journey with us.

We are proud to offer a variety of additional support options, including one-to-one tuition and academic support groups, to help pupils achieve success in their learning, but most importantly determine what success means to them.

As part of our ongoing commitment to inclusion and accessibility, last year we had the pleasure of introducing our Learning & Wellbeing Support Hub. The Hub is aimed at providing further targeted support and direct alternatives for pupils with additional needs or challenges, including SEND and mental health support.

Many of the Hub classes can be taken independently of our main curricular classes, however, some should be taken in conjunction with these. Classes within the Learning & Wellbeing Support Hub are kept small, with a focus on individual understanding and care.

Please see all of our Hub Classes on offer below:

This course is offered as a support class that can be taken alongside our KS3 English courses. In these lessons, pupils will be supported in developing their reading and writing skills with a focus on dyslexia support. We would recommend this course to KS3 pupils with significant dyslexia, those who have missed key areas of learning in their early years, or who require extra support accessing the English KS3 Curriculum.

These sessions aim to support pupils who experience anxiety, stress, or worry, and encourage understanding of these feelings. Pupils will be shown strategies to help manage conditions such as Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks.

Sessions available:

  • Y5-6
  • Y7-8
  • Y9-11

Our Social Skills sessions aim to help pupils understand the world around them, and explain social and practical situations in an unambiguous, literal manner. We would recommend these sessions to any pupils who find social understanding a challenge. These sessions are run by an Autism Specialist and are often beneficial for autistic pupils, however a diagnosis of autism is not required to access our Social Skills lessons. 

Sessions available: 

  • Y3-6
  • Y7-8
  • Y9-11

Laughtercise is all about fun, laughter, smiles and wellbeing. These sessions allow children to laugh with their friends and burn off energy in a positive way! Each session has a theme and includes wiggles, giggles, and deep breathing techniques.

Laughtercise sessions are 30 minutes long and take place once a month.

Pupils who register for the sessions will also have access to all of the videos available on the Laughercise Portal. These include:

  • Wiggle and Giggle videos (shortened versions of the live sessions)
  • Brain Buzz and Body Buzz videos (3 minute videos designed to quickly ‘buzz’ pupils)
  • Yoga videos (short yoga videos for all ages)
  • Chill videos (3 minutes videos designed to ‘chill’ pupils)

Humorous homework is also provided, to encourage pupils to think about their wellbeing in a fun way!

Sessions available:

  • KS2 (Years 3-6)

Role Models is an impact driven education provider who develop social and emotional wellbeing and dynamic thinking in young people through online courses and sessions.

Role Models will offer lessons to Junior pupils on valuable life skills including: Resilience, Collaboration, Leadership, and Creative Problem Solving.

When your child is enrolled in the Role Models class, you will receive an email summary and ‘Top Tip’ after each session, and pupils will be provided with a follow-up activity sheet. Additionally, every 5 sessions, pupils will receive a personalised Role Models certificate! 

The Role Models class can only be added termly. Two blocks (10 sessions) will be covered each term. 

Sessions available: 

  • KS2 (Years 3-6)
How to enrol in

The Support Hub

Our Support Hub classes may be accessed independently from our main school, or in conjunction with it. If your child is already enrolled with the school, then you can register for any of the Support Hub classes via the ‘Add Subjects‘ form in your parent portal. Otherwise, to enrol your child in any of the classes, please follow the button below to the ‘Enrolment Application form’.


Our Pupils' Wellbeing

Think about the last time you had a cold, or had an asthma flare up. Or perhaps when you twisted your ankle, or scratched your knees falling over. What did you do? Did you drink hot lemon with honey to soothe your throat? Did you put a plaster or bandage on your injury? Maybe you stayed on the couch, wrapped in a duvet, and binge watched Netflix.

These are all examples of our physical health going through tough times. Similar to this, we also experience better and worse periods of mental health through our lifetimes. However, whereas we are often taught how and encouraged to take care of our physical health, taking care of our mental health is sometimes not given the same importance.

Looking after our mental health is just as important as looking after our physical health. As anxiety and other mental health conditions are on the rise amongst young people, it is becoming increasingly important to recognise the signs of mental health problems in order to address them early on. Some key signs to look out for are;

  • A change in personality
  • Becoming withdrawn or refusing to talk
  • Losing interest in previously enjoyed activities
  • Repeated physical symptoms (eg. headaches, stomach pain etc)
  • Change in appetite
  • Refusal to attend school
  • Becoming unnaturally attached to parents/carers
  • Inability to regulate emotions

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Support Your Child's

Mental Health

If you notice your child or a loved one is showing any of these signs, there are actions you can take to help them:

  • Ask them if they would like to talk to you or another trusted person
  • Ask them to try and explain how they are feeling, without placing blame or guilt
  • Be supportive and explain they will not always feel this way
  • Make an appointment with your GP to talk through options
  • Counselling/CBT can be effective in some cases
  • Sometimes medication may be prescribed

Online Counselling Sessions

Our one to one sessions are temporarily unavailable. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to express how we are feeling to those who know us best. Being able to talk openly with somebody neutral, calm and compassionate can be highly beneficial, particularly during times of high stress and anxiety. We are very happy to now be able to offer a counselling service for pupils who need a little extra support or guidance.

The counselling sessions run on Mondays and are provided in blocks of four consecutive 1-hour private online sessions. The price is inclusive of an initial consultation call between the counsellor and yourself, which is an opportunity to outline any challenges your child is experiencing and discuss concerns or issues you feel the counsellor needs to be aware of. You can purchase additional blocks of four sessions as needed.

To find out more about our counselling sessions, please click here. 

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