21/22 Secondary School Fees – KS5

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A Levels (Key Stage 5) Subjects

In Year 12, pupils can progress onto AS and A Levels, typically progressing based on their International GCSE results. Whatever subjects your child studies, the curriculum is designed to develop their intellect and allow them to explore those subjects in greater depth.

All our KS5 subjects include three hours of classes a week, with a strong emphasis on independent study beyond the classroom. The lessons are also recorded, offering a useful resource for recapping or revision.

While AS Levels generally take a year, A Levels take two – continuing into Year 13. The AS Levels may be awarded as a standalone qualification, or as part of an A Level qualification.

Please note that we will not be accepting any new Year 12 or 13 enrolments for Terms 2 & 3.

If you are looking to enrol your child in to any of the International AS/A-level courses, we recommend that pupils enrol with us at the beginning of Year 12, in September 2021. 

Age Range: 16 to 18
Class Size: Maximum of 20

A Level School Fees

A Levels (Y12): A Levels (Y12)
Termly: Termly
Yearly: Yearly
A Levels (Y12): All Subjects (cost per subject)
Termly: £467
Yearly: £ 1260

KS5 Extra Support Fees

KS5 Extra Support Fees: KS5 Extra Support Fees
Termly : Termly
Yearly : Yearly
KS5 Extra Support Fees: Academic Support Groups (cost per group)
Termly : £85
Yearly : £235

KS5 After-School Clubs & Societies

Our After-School Clubs and societies are completely free of charge for all year groups.

Afterschool Clubs and Societies : Afterschool Clubs and Societies
Termly : Termly
Yearly : Yearly
Afterschool Clubs and Societies : All
Termly : Free
Yearly : Free

KS5 Learning & Wellbeing Support Hub Fees

Our Learning & Wellbeing Support Hub provides specialist sessions for pupils who require additional support. We are currently offering a MOVE, BREATHE and RELAX class, which focuses on supporting our pupil’s mental and physical wellbeing. A combination of yoga, breathing exercises and meditation tools and techniques will be shared to develop overall wellbeing. Mindfulness has been seen to decrease stress and attention deficit issues, depression, anxiety and even hostility in children. In addition to this, mindfulness has been shown to develop social-emotional awareness, memory and learning, body awareness and coordination, and interpersonal skills. It’s also great fun!

KS5 Learning & Wellbeing Support Hub Fees: KS5 Learning & Wellbeing Support Hub Fees
Termly: Termly
Yearly: Yearly
KS5 Learning & Wellbeing Support Hub Fees: MOVE, BREATHE and RELAX
Termly: £150
Yearly: £414

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