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6 reasons to study British Qualifications online from South Korea

Online schooling offers students living in South Korea the opportunity to study the British National Curriculum for internationally accredited iGCSE and A Levels, from anywhere in the world. They attend an online school and receive all of their lessons in real time, with experienced friendly teachers, who provide continual feedback.These internationally recognised qualifications make international university applications much more competitive.

  1. English Speaking

You will be taught by English speaking teachers based in the United Kingdom, so you will improve your English language skills as well as studying for a qualification. Students can use English qualifications as evidence of their linguistic abilities when applying for visas.

  1. Internationally recognised qualifications

British qualifications are recognised at leading international universities in 125 countries, including those in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Canada, Singapore, Egypt, Germany, and Spain.  Students can take exams at their local examination centre. This costs a fraction of international schooling fees.

  1. High quality education

The UK education system has a respected history of academic success and is internationally recognised for setting the ‘gold standard’ of high standards of achievement.

  1. Competitive university applications

Having A-Levels can make the application process smoother and increase an applicant’s competitiveness. Universities find it easier to understand what iGCSE and A-level qualifications represent, as they are internationally acknowledged and easier to equate to university entrance requirements. This makes students more competitive in applying to top universities around the world.

  1. Flexible and convenient

Students don’t need to travel, as they can study from their own home as long as they have a stable internet connection. This means they finish lessons in the early afternoon, freeing up more time to pursue other interests. This method also encourages students to develop their independence as learners, which is excellent preparation for university.

  1. Competitive job applications

Employers recognise British qualifications, which can improve chances of employment in an increasingly competitive international job market. Students who have gone above and beyond to educate themselves demonstrates their commitment to education, which makes their applications stand out from others.

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