Principal's Welcome

A Warm Welcome From

Our School Principal
Euan MacLean

“At My Online Schooling, we believe we are pioneers in teaching and learning. In the fast-paced, dynamic world we live in today, it is fundamentally important to us that young people have the confidence, preparedness and skills to succeed in the 21st century. Founded on the values of inclusivity and accessibility, our school creates the optimum conditions in which our pupils are respected, empowered and can thrive in their education.

With our outstanding lessons, providing high-quality British education internationally, we adopt a personalised approach, ensuring that our young people are treated as individuals, drawing on their own strengths, creativity and personalities to achieve their individual success. Our highly knowledgeable, transformative teaching team will ensure that our pupils will not only be academically prepared, but will be enquiring and caring citizens, able to think critically and progressively, as well as developing emotional literacy to engage in creating a better future, with intercultural respect and understanding at the forefront.

More than ever before, we recognise the ever-changing environments that future generations will experience. Our school is continuously researching and innovating to determine the best teaching methodologies, educational technology and modes of delivery to ensure we are leading the way in the world of education. We maintain high standards and expectations of all in our community to ensure we develop and foster confident, independent and digitally effective young people who are prepared for their next steps: further study, life and work.

We are proud that our school is truly international. Our globally connected pupils span more than 70 countries, allowing for learning from multiple perspectives, which promotes truly global citizens who can create life-long positive relationships with their peers across the world.

At My Online Schooling, pupils have the opportunity to discover and nurture their interests, their talents and their skills. Our flexible and carefully designed curricular programmes include a combination of live lessons with small class sizes, to allow for personalised support and instant feedback, from our fully-qualified teaching team, as well as independent learning sessions to consolidate learning. We are proud to offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities and enrichment opportunities to expand the minds of our young people beyond the curriculum. Partnership with our families is key to the success of our young people. Our team of Parent Liaison Coordinators and Health & Wellbeing Team are there to support families throughout their journey with us.

We set out to transform the educational narrative. We set out to empower our community to achieve their potential. We set out to help young people thrive for the 21st century. We look forward to you joining us”.

– My Online Schooling Principal, Euan MacLean

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