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Meet our teaching team

Teachers have a profound impact on each of us. We understand just how important the role our teachers have, so we ensure that our team includes only qualified, experienced and passionate professionals who are committed to making every lesson an engaging and exciting experience for your child.

Meet the members of our teaching team:

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Bethany Jamieson

Junior Leader of Teaching & Learning

I studied at the University of Stirling. My BA Hons in Primary Education with a specialism in the environment has been hugely advantageous in preparation for my teaching career. It provided me with strong subject knowledge in learning for sustainability, science, social studies and outdoor learning.

After graduating, I spent three years teaching in Scotland where I taught Primary 2, 2/3 and Primary 6. I then decided to move to Australia to travel and enhance my teaching career further. In Australia, I was an Early Childhood Teacher in an Early ChIldcare Centre and in a Montessori School. It was in Australia that I also found My Online Schooling! I worked as a Key Stage 2 teacher whilst travelling and living in Sydney. I returned to Scotland and have continued to teach with My Online Schooling. I teach across Key Stage 2 and am now the Science Subject Leader for the Junior School! I have carried out Facebook Live Lessons and Taster Sessions for prospective pupils. I currently run the Junior School assemblies, Well Being Club and Fitness Club.

I am of the opinion that learners have the right to receive an education appropriate to their needs and abilities. I have had lots of experience of working with children with additional needs, giving me a deep knowledge and understanding of the barriers they can face on a daily basis. I am very passionate about the wellbeing of children and hope to support children of all backgrounds to develop their skills for learning, work and life.

I was drawn to teaching online having listened to colleagues discuss the profound impact of online schooling. I was inspired and looked to provide children who found the alternatives to online schooling very challenging with a positive learning experience. I think it can provide children with an innovative and unique experience!

Outside of school, you’ll usually find me spending time with friends and family or walking my dog!

Jodie Ford

Junior Leader of English

My career in education began as a Teaching Assistant where I worked with students of all needs and abilities to ensure they were supported and had access to all areas of education. Then, I trained to be a Primary School Teacher, gaining my PGCE with QTS which led to me teaching in England and then in Scotland where I moved with my husband. I have experience in teaching Years 2 to 6. My undergraduate degree is in Media Studies which I have always had an interest in and feel it is applicable to teaching as it is important for students of all ages to be aware of media messages. Media is also such a useful and diverse medium which can have many benefits in an educational setting.

My teaching career began with me working with students with varying needs and abilities which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am passionate about schools being inclusive and have a keen interest in encouraging positive mental health both inside and outside of the classroom. In this diverse society, it is important that positive mental health is promoted to ensure everyone feels supported and listened to.

I was drawn to teaching online as I was looking for a new adventure in my teaching career and was very interested in the idea of a virtual classroom, reaching students from all over the world, bringing people together and sharing our diversity. My aim as a teacher has always been to ensure all students feel they are heard, understood and loved. No matter your background, ability or needs you deserve access to education to ensure you have the opportunities to reach your own goals in life.

Outside of school I love arts and crafts, especially knitting which I find fun and therapeutic. Living in Scotland means I have many beautiful walks on my doorstep which I enjoy exploring. I read as much as I can and believe it has endless benefits, linking creativity, positive mental health and knowledge.


Anne-Marie Taylor

Education Support Assistant

I gained my degree in Children’s Development and Learning, then went to teach in a primary school, where I taught in both Year 4 and Year 5. During this time, I was also the head of both Maths and Science. In addition to teaching in school, I have tutored many children in Year 6 in the lead up to their SAT exams. 

I chose to specialise in Children's Development and Learning for my degree, as this is an area that I think is of great importance. Throughout my teaching career, I have taught a number of children who have had additional support needs. I was inspired to begin teaching online through a friend of mine, whose daughter was struggling with school. I began to research alternatives to mainstream school and learned about online teaching. I wanted to be able to support children, like my friend’s daughter, who find mainstream school difficult.

My aim is to help pupils develop a love for learning, and to build their confidence so that they can achieve their goals.

When I’m not teaching, I’m usually spending time with my husband and two children. We love going on walks with our labradoodle, Lucy.

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Carly Brosnan

Junior Classroom Teacher

My love of teaching started in 2010 when I traveled to China to teach in language schools and international schools. A 4-month trip turned into 5 years because of the love I got from being able to teach and make a difference. After 5 years in China, I returned home to England and got my PGCE in primary education. Since then, I have taught in schools in London, Manchester and the Peak District, teaching all primary years.

I have spent my summer holidays volunteering in deprived schools in India and also hosting foreign exchange students and teaching English as a second language.Throughout my teaching career, I have been able to become a foster carer and look after children with complex emotional needs and have tutored and mentored many children with special educational needs.

I believe online teaching can help all children regardless of any educational or health needs and can be accessed by children all around the world who may not have good quality education in their area. No child should be left behind. My aim is to instill confidence into each child I teach. I aim to teach resilience and to be able to face any challenge that comes their way.

When I’m not teaching, you can find me up a wall rock climbing, skiing, playing football or hiking with my border collie.

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Chris Dowd

Junior Classroom Teacher

I have a BA Hons in Primary Studies with QTS. I have been teaching since 2006 in primary education from Year 3 up to Year 6. I have taught in both rural and inner city schools.I used to work in accountancy and so I have always been working with numbers, hence why I like teaching maths and problem solving.

I have a positive outlook to life; I believe that when a mistake is made there is an opportunity to learn from it. In lessons, giving pupils time to work out answers helps them to build confidence and self esteem which are very important in helping them grow and develop. It is important to me to build a positive and honest relationship with everyone that I teach.

I believe online schooling offers pupils the opportunity to learn in a fun and engaging way. I want to help my pupils be the best they can be in this digital age. I want to work at the cutting edge of education to be a part of this new and exciting way of learning.

My aims as a teacher are to be interested, motivated and to teach with humour. I want to learn along with my pupils here at MOS, helping them to develop their own individuality, identity and confidence through our learning journey together.

Outside of the virtual classroom, you’ll find me going on walks with our dog, Narla, meeting friends and family, exploring the world, keeping fit, DIY, going to the cinema, eating out, reading books, watching comedy or a movie, or listening to music and relaxing.

Emma Taylor

Junior Leader of Science

I have a degree in Childhood and Youth Studies, along with a Complete Special Educational Needs Development Diploma. I also hold a Level 3 Child Psychology Diploma. I have been teaching in UK mainstream schools for 11 years. My area of particular interest has always been child development and I enjoy using my knowledge to help each child develop as an individual. During my teaching career I have created and developed schemes of work for Computing and DT and designed and delivered a LifeSkills programme which includes elements of team building, outdoor education, problem solving and social/emotional skills for life.

Having a particular interest in the concept of nurturing the "whole child", I have done significant research into Child Development and Psychology along with Studying SEND. I have also built up many years of experience working with children of different ages where I have applied this knowledge and successfully helped children of all abilities and backgrounds thrive.

I believe that whatever the reason a child may not be attending a physical classroom, there are many benefits to come from them learning in an environment that feels safe and familiar to them. I also believe that all children not only deserve access to education, but that all children have a deep desire to learn. I am excited to be providing a fun and engaging curriculum for them through teaching with My Online Schooling.

I hope to help every child I teach realise that there is no limit to what they can achieve. I hope that I can help children realise that through perseverance and self belief, they can achieve great things. With this attitude, children will thrive both academically and socially.

In my spare time, you can usually find me reading, climbing, walking my dog, listening to music or gardening. I love to be outside whenever I can, so don't look for me in the house!

Cassandra Millington

Junior Leader of Humanities

I have a BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS. I qualified as a teacher in 2010 and have worked in schools both in the UK and Italy. I began teaching online in 2016, and since then have been fortunate enough to teach students in Years 5-11 from all over the world and from all different backgrounds. Teaching in KS3 and 4 has enhanced my practice as a Junior School teacher as I use this experience to support students’ transition to secondary education.

In a previous school, I worked as Head of Personalised Learning. A key part of this role was understanding the needs of individual students and finding strategies to best support them in their learning online. During this time, I completed certificates in Dyslexia intervention and Youth Mental Health First Aid. 

One of the most exciting elements of teaching online is that I am able to work with students from all over the world; there is a sense of a truly dynamic learning community. I also believe that teaching online allows me to interact with students in a way that isn’t possible in a physical classroom. I’m also able to use technology to motivate and inspire my classes. Most importantly, I believe online education makes learning truly accessible to all. My aim is to inspire all of my students, not only so that they can make good academic progress, but so that they can build on their natural curiosity and develop a love of learning. 

At home, I enjoy cooking and baking. I feel very fortunate to live in an area of outstanding natural beauty with my husband and two children. We try to embrace the outdoors in all weathers! Perhaps as might be expected of an English/Literacy specialist, I am an avid reader. I am a member of two book clubs and like to read across genres and time periods. I am an aspiring writer; an article I wrote about learning through projects was recently published in TES magazine.

Cory Brain

Junior Leader of Maths

My qualifications include a BSc in Sports Coaching and a PGCE in Primary Education, with a specialism in Physical Education. My teaching journey began as a PGCE student at Sheffield Hallam University in 2018. Since graduating, I taught at a wonderful British school in Abu Dhabi for two academic years. At this school I successfully completed my induction period and taught Year 3.

I come from a Physical Educational background and chose to specialise in this subject within my PGCE. I love to get children moving and active, even when online! I have spent three summers at a children's summer camp in New York working with children aged 6-11.

I am looking forward to supporting all children at MOS, utilising numerous training hours and practical strategies gained. Learning should be accessible to all and this is always at the forefront of my teaching. Due to COVID restrictions my previous school had been closed and moved to online learning. This enabled me to experience teaching online and see first hand the positives it has. These positives drew me to MOS. Simply, I want to prepare and help children succeed in the modern world by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills needed.

Outside of the virtual classroom, I am usually playing or watching anything sport related, mainly football.

Natalie Adams

Junior Classroom Teacher

I have 4 years of teaching experience, including teaching in a bricks and mortar school in London and teaching both online and face to face in a British Curriculum school in Abu Dhabi. Prior to teaching I worked for many years as an Early Years assistant and 1:1 working with children with a variety of different medical and learning needs. My qualifications include BA (Hons) Music Industry Management, PGCE with SEN at University of East London, Level 3 British Sign Language, and I am currently also completing MSc Deaf Education at University of Manchester.

I have had experience across most year groups having taught all the way from EYFS through to Year 6 at different points in my career. I am dedicated to ensuring every individual child receives a curriculum that they can access and that is interesting and suited to them. Throughout the years I have completed many courses surrounding SEN and mindfulness for Junior aged pupils. SEN inclusion is a big passion of mine having spent my childhood seeing the struggles and the successes of family members and family friends with autism and complex needs in mainstream bricks and mortar schools.

Whilst working at MOS I have become a big advocate of online learning to everyone that knows me. It is a unique experience to be able to teach children living all over the world and living in so many different circumstances. I feel that as an international class we all learn so much from each-other about the areas we live and the cultural and daily similarities and differences we experience.

As a Teacher my aim is to create an inclusive environment where more children grow up with the self-confidence to believe that they can achieve anything they dream of and the realisation that they have the power to change the world for the better.

When I'm not teaching I am studying at University, taking and editing photos, going to yoga classes, going to the cinema and spending time with my friends, family and dog.

Dan Leak

Junior Classroom Teacher

I have a first class degree in Music and Childhood Studies and a Primary PGCE from Newcastle University. Maths and Computing are two subjects that I have had extensive knowledge within, having completed my Middle Leadership qualification (NPQML) in these areas.

You never forget a good teacher. My inspiration to become a primary school teacher originates, appropriately enough, in an early years setting. I am now in my seventh year of teaching and I have experience within KS1, KS2 and SEN settings - as well as online learning. I have worked as a junior teacher in the UK for four years in rural schools in England. Over the past two years I have taught online, designing and delivering engaging lessons to children in China.

Throughout my teaching practice I have placed importance on creating a welcoming atmosphere that encourages pupils to ask questions. Building rapport with the pupils I teach is incredibly important to me - if they are smiling and happy they are ready to learn. I have experience supporting pupils with SEN / SEMH in both mainstream and dedicated settings - particularly in the area of Autism. Having worked in a residential home dedicated to helping autistic young people fulfil their potential, the commitment to supporting any additional needs remains at the heart of my teaching.

I particularly enjoy teaching computing and using modern technologies in the classroom. This led me to the world of teaching online. As the world changes and develops, so should education. Online teaching and learning offer a new and unique alternative to mainstream schooling which can be a benefit to so many students around the world. My aim through teaching is to give pupils opportunities to succeed and the tools to be successful with whatever they pursue.

In my spare time I have an enthusiasm for the arts. Most of my spare time is spent writing music on various instruments. To date I have achieved over 50 million streams of my music on Spotify / Apple Music, all of which were composed, arranged and produced from my home. Alongside this I am a keen oil painter, focusing on landscapes and portraits. Occasionally, when the sun is shining, I venture outside - when I do, I enjoy walking my dachshund around the countryside.

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Ash Guzowski

Head of English

I’ve been teaching English and Media Studies to pupils between 11 and 18 years old for more than five years. My career began in rural Cornwall, working with students who often had limited experiences of the world outside the county, and I worked to help them gain a valuable understanding of wider society. From there, my work has taken me to Buckinghamshire and on to Wales.

I am passionate about helping young people to understand and critically engage with the world around them through analysis. My own teaching philosophy is built around creating positive memories – that’s when we remember best. That’s why I always work to make lessons interesting and engaging, while I always strive to adapt my teaching style to suit the students’ needs. I also believe it is really important to emphasise and build on students’ successes, using verbal praise and rewards to help them understand their strengths.

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Jill Saunders


I completed a BA (Hons) degree in English and History at Exeter University and then my PGCE at Plymouth University. I have now been teaching for 15 years. I was employed in the FE sector for a number of years and taught a wide range of age groups. I believe the oldest person I taught was a lady in her 89th year who wanted to do creative writing to keep her mind active!

Throughout my teaching career I have been a rep for a teaching union and this has given me the opportunity to get involved with Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - something that I am passionate about. Being disabled myself, I know that everyday can be a challenge for all sorts of reasons. During my time on the National EDI committee I was able to propose and was successful in persuading the union to follow the Social Model of disability. This is a far more 'user friendly' model of disability and ultimately should make life far more accessible across the UK. I was fortunate to give talks and go to many conferences on this subject and met some very inspiring people, working tirelessly around all of the EDI strands.

During my years of teaching I have undertaken many CPD workshops and conferences around SEN and Mental Health. I have used this knowledge with my students, and am always keen to find a way that works with each individual pupil. Learning isn't one size fits all. I would hope that the teaching our learners have will enable them to fulfil their dreams; whether that is to run a major international company or being a stay at home parent helping their children with their work. A good education is something that can help everyone. I never stop learning, which is why teaching excites me so much.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, teaching meditation and writing poetry.

Carren Wong


I was educated in Hong Kong, the US and the UK. I have a BA in English and a PGCE in Secondary English. My other qualifications include a TEFL certificate. I have taught English as a foreign language in Hong Kong (ages 2 to above 50). My experience teaching English overseas makes me well-equipped to support My Online Schooling pupils, many of whom are international or expat children.

I feel online learning provides the safety and comfort of learning at home, which in turn draws pupils out of their shell with one-on-one interactions. My aim through teaching is to broaden my pupils’ horizons and diversify the content pupils learn from. I also want to learn from my pupils about how best to support them and who they are as people. I believe in instilling a sense of justice and a can-do attitude in my pupils. The most invigorating and touching moment is when a pupil no longer needs you. But I will always advocate for pupils’ voices and perspectives until they can do it themselves.

When I am not teaching, you’ll find me cooking, eating, reading, sleeping or exploring London.

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Alison Evans


As well as a degree in English and a masters in Victorian Literature, I have a PGCE which gave me Qualified Teacher Status in 2005. My career since then has included roles teaching at primary level and in further education, at a college where I taught GCSE and A level English Language and Literature. I have also worked as a private tutor, tutoring home-educated pupils with a variety of additional needs, as well as working online tutoring students in Asia. I’ve also worked as an exam marker at GCSE and A level for the last 13 years, so I have an expert understanding of how students can improve their grades.

In my lessons I aim to encourage my pupils to engage with the rich variety of literature that we have, and discover a writer or genre that inspires them. I believe that online education is a brilliant tool to give pupils access to an education that may be better suited to their needs.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, the theatre, visiting art galleries, watching movies and walking my two dogs.

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Chris Quin


I have a BA Hons in English and History (European Studies), PGDIP in Business Systems Management and a PGCE in English. I have been a teacher since 2001 and during this time I have taught English and Business Studies to KS3, 4 and 5 students. I have also been a Head of Year for 16 of those years and have extensive experience in education management. Before I became a teacher I had a successful business career, working in multinational companies managing legal and contractual compliance.

I have many years of experience working with SEN and student mental health, including teaching specific SEN classes and managing policies for inclusion. As a Head of Year, it was my responsibility to ensure the best outcomes for all students and to focus on student well being.

Teaching online allows me to balance a busy family life as well as offering more targeted and individual tuition for students. I really enjoy the more relaxed environment and the opportunity help students that have found mainstream tuition a challenging experience. The most important thing is to help students achieve their potential and enjoy learning. Nothing is more important than that.

When I’m not teaching you’ll find me either playing music, reading, travelling, playing cricket or cooking.

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Caroline Moore


My qualifications include a CELTA, Certificate In Education and Degree in Language and Communication. For 3 years, I taught English to mixed ages and abilities in Taiwan and Tunisia where I thoroughly enjoyed engaging the children, teenagers and adults. I have taught English in Further Education for 9 years to pupils aged 14 plus, including ones with additional needs. I am currently also a GCSE examiner, which gives me a detailed insight into the exam board's requirements.

Many of the children and young people I have taught struggled in traditional school for a variety of reasons. This has given me a greater sense of awareness and empathy for those who have difficulties with their mental well-being, and other additional needs. I believe wholeheartedly in viewing things frоm the pupils' perspectives, and developing a strong rapport with them to increase their confidence in English.

My interest in online education increased through working with young people who found the academic and social side of school life to be very challenging. I am extremely passionate about teaching English online as I feel this is now the future of teaching and learning, with its opportunities to enhance the interaction between teacher and pupil without the distractions you’d find in a ‘brick and mortar’ classroom.

My aim is to transfer my high standards of teaching to an online environment and to maximise the English abilities of my students in a comfortable learning environment.

When I’m not teaching, I love spending time with my family, running and keeping fit. I have two children who keep me very busy!

Anne-Marie Olden


I have a BA Hons in English Literature, a PGCE in English and a PGDip in Gothic Literature. I have been teaching secondary English (and occasionally Media) for 20 years now, in a variety of settings. I have been a Head of Year, a Subject Leader and a Literacy Coordinator. Prior to studying to become a teacher, I worked at the National Assembly for Wales (now Senedd) as a researcher and archivist.

My teaching career so far has seen me fulfil varying roles: both academic and pastoral. In my role as a head of year, I helped students and their families find support and ways that would make learning accessible and enjoyable. As a literacy coordinator, I devised interventions and support systems for those who found literacy difficult and, as a result, often became disillusioned or school refusers. The extra support built confidence as well as skills. Furthermore, I have been studying online to complete a SEN Diploma as well as undertaking learning modules with the National Autism Society to better understanding the learning needs of our diverse student population.

I hope to bring this expertise to my learners at MOS. Having delivered distance teaching during lockdown, I have become increasingly intrigued by the prospect of teaching online and the opportunities it offers. It opens up the world and I am enjoying learning from students of diverse nationalities, cultures and interests. More than teaching online, however, I was drawn to My Online Schooling as an organisation. It's approach to learning is fresh, innovative and places well-being (of students and staff) at its core. It is a school that is moving forwards and I have aspirations to do the same.

When I’m not teaching I am usually curled up with a book, sometimes trying to write my own! I also like to do yoga...when I am not fully committed to a puzzle or Lego project with my 7 year old daughter, that is! I enjoy watching most sports, especially football (I am a life-long Tottenham Hotspur supporter) and basketball (GO KNICKS!).

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Julie Gent


I have BA, PGCE, CertTESOL and QTLS qualifications, and have taught across every stage of education: Primary, Secondary, Further Education and Adult Education. Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work in various parts of the world, including the UK. Having worked in senior management with a pastoral focus, I appreciate how important it is for schools to provide equality of opportunity for all students.

Mainstream school does not always cater for the needs of all students and does not always fit all profiles of learner. Online schooling can bridge this gap. My aim is to make a positive difference for the young people I teach. I want them to realise that there is always someone to listen to them and encourage them to realise their ambitions.

In my free time, I enjoy walking, reading, keeping fit and travelling.

Ruth Kirkham


I have a Bachelor of Education degree with Dance and English (with Honours) and have been working in Secondary School Education in Liverpool for the last 20 years. I have taught 90% English up to GCSE level. I have also had the pleasure of teaching English in a private school in Tenerife, which followed the British Curriculum.

Throughout my teaching career I've had extensive experience teaching in SEN schools and SEN pupils in mainstream schools over the years and love to see pupils’ confidence increase as they gain knowledge and understanding of a topic. My love of teaching drew me to teaching online. Mainstream British schools can be challenging for both pupils and teachers, and much of the time can be spent on classroom management rather than teaching. My primary aim is to empower my pupils to communicate effectively through whatever means suits them best. It is wonderful to witness success when a pupil achieves their goals.

When I’m not teaching I enjoy walking and playing with my dogs, running, weight training (I was a personal trainer and fitness instructor for many years) reading, baking and designing and constructing wonderful creations with recycled wood!

Tom Carter

Head of Mathematics

I have a first class degree in Economics and a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics. I have been a teacher for fifteen years and I've been head of maths at My Online Schooling for the last two years. I previously worked for ten years in a large state secondary school followed by three years at a charity that runs a school for students that have been excluded from mainstream school. I served in the army for three years with the Royal Engineers, but I left to attend university where I studied Economics.

I've taught with great success at a specialist school that provided education for students with emotional and behavioral difficulties. I have extensive experience in helping students that are struggling with their mental health and I have great sympathy with the challenges they face. I was drawn to online teaching as the ability to provide an education to a group of students that for whatever reason are unable to attend mainstream school is of great interest to me. The impact that I can have on their education and life chances is a very rewarding use of my time.

Through teaching mathematics, I aim to improve the numerical confidence of my students and to open their minds to the possibilities and potential that life can offer. I want all of my students to thrive during their time at My Online Schooling. Whenever they join us and for whatever reason I want them to grow in confidence and believe that they can have a productive and fulfilling life.

When I am not teaching I am spending time with my wife, three boys and our Labrador called Chewy (short for Chewbacca).


Anna Kirwan


I have an Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering, and obtained my PGCE in Secondary Mathematics in 1999. Since then, I have taught in a range of educational establishments, teaching and mentoring pupils over many different mathematical qualifications at varying levels. Since 2005, I have worked as a GCSE Examiner in both Mathematics and Statistics. As a teacher, I make it my priority to always make sure that I am aware of all my pupils’ needs. I do this by ensuring I am up to date with the relevant training, and always approach every child as an individual.

I feel that online schooling is an exciting new aspect of education that is growing at the moment, and I am excited to be a part of it. Through my teaching, I hope to make a positive difference in my pupils’ experience of learning Maths.

Outside of the classroom, I love spending time with my family.

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Patrick van der Moezel


I have a B.Sc (Pure Maths & Physics) and a B.Mus Hons (Jazz Performance). I started teaching maths 6 years ago at a girls' school in Western Australia, before later moving to a large boarding school in Victoria. Somewhere along the way I met my beautiful wife and began teaching at a small school in NSW for students seeking a non-mainstream education. Throughout my university studies I also tutored mathematics privately and enjoyed the flexibility as well as extra pocket money as a uni student!

I have taught a wide variety of students from many different backgrounds. In my previous roles, many students had anxiety and struggles with mental health. Teaching maths in a way that wasn't stressful, as maths certainly can be, has been a fulfilling aspect of my job.

Online learning through lockdown gave me a taste for working from home and being able to spend more time with family, which at that time seemed to be a temporary joy given that schools would be returning to face-to-face eventually. Since joining My Online Schooling, I am blessed to be able to work from home doing something I love - teaching maths.

Teachers who I found most inspiring during school were the ones who, aside from their ability to answer any question on their subject, could talk to me about things other than their subject. They were relatable. I aspire to be that sort of teacher.

People go to school for all sorts of reasons, but one commonality is that everyone has the desire to be the best version of themselves. School helps us to thrive not just academically but socially, in health and all sorts of areas.

When I’m not teaching, you’ll find me drinking coffee with my lovely wife and being amused by our one year-old, and playing the saxophone.

Hefin Davies


I have a BSC in Economics (comprising multiple modules in Maths and Statistics along the way) and QTS via the Graduate Teacher Programme. I have taught in several schools in Wales since completing the Graduate Teacher Programme at the end of the 2017/18 academic year, being responsible for a wide range of abilities across the Secondary age spectrum Before becoming a teacher I worked as a numeracy teaching assistant.

I have received a lot of training in recent years on developing a growth mindset, supporting pupils with additional needs and I am a very calm and patient person - I have also taught multiple SEN groups. Having experienced virtual teaching as part of a regular teaching role due to COVID restrictions I was intrigued by the concept of teaching online. I am a technology enthusiast and I think in many ways online learning is a developing sector. 

My aim is to help every pupil achieve their best possible outcome, whatever that is for them. In my years of teaching so far I am able to look back on my classes with pride and I never want that to change.

A keen footballer, I'm also passionate about American Football and absolutely all things Welsh (I'm a fluent speaker).

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Deniz Oksuz


My degree is in Beng Computer Engineering (1st class honours). I hold a PGCE and QTS in teaching Mathematics (11-18) and recently acquired CELTA. I have been tutoring (IGCSE and EAL) for the past couple of years. I have previously worked as an IT technician in an infant school. During this time, as well as my IT duties, I have also taught IT to pupils on a timetable basis. I also run ICT and science clubs. I enjoyed this experience so much that I decided to become a teacher. I worked in both private and public schools. During this time, I have also delivered bridging maths lessons to Year 6 pupils in order to help them succeed at secondary maths. Having completed my Computer Engineering degree, I have facilitated Cambridge Nationals ICT lessons. In addition, I was a co- tutor to Year 8 and Year 12 form group. I have worked as a form tutor for Year 12 pupils, guiding them through their university/apprenticeship application processes. I attended many training sessions, including child protection, online safety and coaching.

Having a technological background, I believe the future of teaching and learning is online. It is quite exciting to see children from all over the world who come under a virtual roof to get their education. As I currently live outside of the UK, being able to work from home as well as being able to teach the UK curriculum in English is what drew me to teaching online.I would love to inject the same passion I have for maths to pupils in my class. Everyone can do maths and it is fun! I would also like to create a positive environment for pupils to strive in where they feel comfortable and confident with a “can-do” attitude.

In my spare time, I enjoy sewing (there is so much maths in sewing), having coffee by the seaside, playing volleyball, traveling with my husband and two children and keeping up to date with educational and technological developments - and never stop learning!

Asmita Parmar


I graduated with a degree in Physiology and Pharmacology and later completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education with Qualified Teacher Status, specialising in Mathematics. I have been teaching for over 10 years to KS3, KS4, KS5 and Functional skills Mathematics to students in a number of schools, sixth forms, colleges and training providers across the UK. I also had the opportunity to teach in an orphanage in Thailand, where my teaching career began.

Throughout my career I have also worked with a number of SEN students and am accustomed to adapting my lessons to tailor to different needs. I feel this is extremely important for real learning to take place.

In terms of online teaching experience, I had the opportunity to work for one of the biggest training providers in the UK where I delivered mathematics lessons online. This experience opened me up to how effective this way of delivery is and how much I enjoy online teaching. Through my teaching, I am looking to inspire students to see the purpose of mathematics in the real life world.

Outside of teaching, I enjoy travelling, cycling and cooking.

David Neary


I have a BA (Hons.) in Marketing and Business and a Master of Science in Management Studies. I have also gained the TSST Qualification to deliver Mathematics to Foundation and Higher Tier learners. Over the past 15 years, I have developed a highly successful career in Secondary Education that has taken me to work within a variety of schools across the North East of England. I have enjoyed success at first as a classroom teacher and then as a Head of Department where student outcomes were excellent. I then moved to a second Academy as a Director of Learning where I successfully led a learning faculty to achieve unprecedented success with learners.

To engage all learners I have developed a range of exciting activities within my learning sessions. These activities allow all students from different backgrounds and levels of ability to access Mathematics. I love education via using technology! It is a fantastic medium to teach and learn especially with the young learner of today who is so techno savvy. Online learning is a flexible, dynamic and fluid arena in which to accelerate learning and I believe enables facilitators to focus on the quality of delivery and more time to develop exciting world class resources. My goal is to continue to develop a comprehensive and motivated life long learner who embraces education and uses these skills to achieve personal goals and help others.

Outside of teaching, I am a keen runner, especially middle distances such as the 5km (my aim is to beat 20 mins but no luck as yet!). I have also competed in the 2021 Tough Mudder, a 10-mile 25 obstacle challenge that I completed with a team of friends in just over 3 hours - very tough and very muddy! I also love to play golf with friends and I am part of a local golf society where I now play off 13 handicap.

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Emma Crosby

Head of Science

I have a BSc in Biology, a PGCE and a Master’s Degree in Education. I also have my Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification. I have 7 years’ teaching experience, mostly as a high school Science teacher, however I have also had experience teaching both online and classroom Maths and ESL teaching. I also had an amazing year teaching English as a Second Language in Vietnam.

Throughout my 6 years’ teaching in high schools, I taught high proportions of SEN pupils, and pupils experiencing different challenges with their mental health. I also spent a year volunteering at a SEN school before I began my teacher training. During my time as a high school teacher, I was promoted to Able, Gifted and Talented Student Coordinator. Over the course of my teaching career, I’ve also enjoyed running after-school gardening clubs and tutoring both GCSE Science and A-Level Biology. 

I’ve found that teaching online provides the unique opportunity to be able to focus more fully on teaching and learning, eliminating most of the distractions I was used to experiencing in physical schools. My primary goal in the virtual classroom is to help build my pupils’ confidence in their own abilities, and spark a curiosity and love for Science. 

In my own time, I enjoy spending time outdoors, or indoors learning a new type of craft.

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Lauren Galligan

Secondary Leader of Teaching & Learning and Science Teacher

I am a teacher of Science and Leader of Teaching and Learning here at My Online Schooling. After I graduated with a masters in Chemistry, I spent some time working in research before I went on to complete my PGCE. My love for Science lies primarily with the environment and energy generation. In my view, it is important for young people to have a well-rounded understanding of the main scientific issues that are flooding the news, such as climate change and drug development – to name just a few.

I see teaching as a chance to inspire students to actively learn about new developments within Science all over the world and to get involved in their own individual ways. I love to get my students to take part in group discussions and to foster their enthusiasm for topics they are passionate about.

Promoting equal opportunities for all my pupils is something that’s particularly important to me. My ultimate aim when it comes to teaching is to stimulate and provide pathways for all pupils to achieve their full potential.

When I’m not teaching, I enjoy arts and crafts, dance and being with animals. I’m currently learning to speak French and to play the guitar too!

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Beverley Jera


My degree in Pharmacology fostered my love for both Biology and Chemistry. After my degree I completed my PGCE in Science teaching, gained QTS and stayed on at one of my placement schools as a Science teacher. I then moved to Portugal and taught online at first and eventually in a top international school. I joined the National Tutoring Programme for the UK to help students catch up on learning missed during the pandemic. I delivered the classes online and tutored Science, Math and English. I also have a Teaching English as a foreign language qualification.

I have had experience working with students with Special Education Needs. My experience has taught me to make sure students have equal opportunities to excel. I am understanding and compassionate and willing to make adjustments for my students to succeed. I have had many opportunities to teach online throughout my career and I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with students in this way. I believe in the potential of online education and find that some students excel and are able to concentrate more when in a more relaxed and familiar environment.

I aim to inspire the next generation of Science professionals and open their eyes to the endless opportunities they can have through Science. I aim to help students develop a love for learning and confidence in their potential to be successful. 

Outside of the virtual classroom, I enjoy spending time with my son and husband, playing board games and travelling. I like learning to cook different things from the places I travel to.

Mariam Ahmed


I have been teaching Secondary Science since 2008. I studied BSc Biochemistry at Queen Mary University of London and PGCE in Secondary Science at the Institute of Education. I have worked with SEN, EAL and hearing impaired students for many years who were part of my science classes. I have also taught classes which were specific SEN classes. As a tutor for KS3-5 and as a PSHE teacher I have taught mental health topics which have included raising awareness of mental health as well as teaching students about different coping strategies.

Teaching online has enabled me to have more time with my family and it has given me the flexibility to travel. I also find it fascinating to be able to teach students from all over the world all in one classroom. Teaching science enables me to share my love for science with my students. My subject is also an opportunity for students to learn about themselves as well as appreciate the world around them. I would like to foster understanding, care and respect in all my students for the life that we have and all living organisms that we share this environment with.

Teaching online has been very rewarding as it has shown me that students are able to thrive in this environment who may have not done so in a mainstream school. My Online Schooling has enabled students to overcome issues of confidence, anxiety, family commitments and lifestyle choices and succeed in their education at home.

When I am not teaching I am usually baking, travelling, photography and spending time with family.

Alice Gillman


I originally began teaching when I was about 15 years old and training to become a black belt in kickboxing. I taught the younger students and helped to support them through their first grades, absolutely loving this experience. I then went on to study a four year Chemistry masters degree at Cardiff university, shortly followed by teacher training in Wales. My next step was to move to London where I taught in a fantastic inner city London comprehensive for four years, eventually taking on the role of head of KS5 Chemistry. I am now so excited to be teaching with My Online Schooling, supporting students to have a fantastic British education no matter where they might be.  

I have worked with all year groups of students, at all abilities. I have developed differentiation skills to ensure that all lessons are suitable for the individual learner. I can also provide additional support for SEN needs. I have worked as a learning coach for four years, supporting students throughout their school life, including academic advice, mental health and well being support and general concerns/ advice.

I really enjoy the creativity that comes with teaching online. I also feel really inspired to teach students from all different locations and help to be part of a thriving online community. I love to inspire young people in the subject of science,and to create a safe and enjoyable place for young people to learn, where they feel that they have the support to become the best people that they can be.

I’m a qualified yoga teacher so in my spare time you’ll usually find me practicing yoga, spending time with my family (including our little tabby cat Nala) and getting out into nature as much as possible.

Shummah Mahmood


I graduated with a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Manchester and later completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education with Qualified Teacher Status, specialising in Science from Edge Hill University. Since qualifying as a Science teacher, I have gained extensive experience teaching Science in secondary schools as well as tutoring privately both online and face to face. I have also been tutoring in schools as part of the National Tutoring Programme. 

After graduation I worked as Formulation Scientist at a pharmaceutical contract research organisation (pre clinical research) where I was responsible for analysing and quality assessing formulations as well as setting up studies under the guidance of the study director.  I enjoyed my job especially as I could see the wider impact it was making and felt I was helping make a difference. I later volunteered in secondary schools as a STEM Ambassador – I got to speak to pupils of many different backgrounds about the work I was doing as well as carrying out fun science demonstrations. I really enjoyed working with this age group and also found I could build rapport with them quickly which is where my interest in a career in secondary education started. 

I have experience working with students with additional needs such as ASD and ADHD and a student with dyslexia and a severe visual impairment. I have also worked with looked after children and students for whom English is an additional language. The key is treating every student as an individual and treating them with compassion and making sure any barriers to their learning are effectively being addressed. 

My aim is to make Science enjoyable by making lessons interactive and by linking the scientific concepts learned in class to real life examples as well as the impact made to the wider world. I use a lot of visuals and questioning lessons and encourage discussions and further research to spark students’ wider curiosity and understanding. I have high expectations of all students and my aim is to make sure they make excellent progress.

When I am not teaching I am spending time with my family. We enjoy bike rides in the local park and along scenic trails. We also enjoy observing the night sky (clear skies permitting!).  When I get the chance, I like to catch up on my favourite TV as well as watch films, particularly the Sci-Fi classics.

Heba Jarrar


I have a B.Sc. Honours Degree in Physics and I graduated with an Excellent rating (3.75/4). I also have an iPGCE certificate from University of East London.I have been teaching physics for A-level, International GCSE and IB since 2008. I have taught the Cambridge curriculum as well as the Edexcel curriculum at multiple international schools as well as independently as an online tutor.

My first exposure to teaching came in my second year, where I was hired as a lab assistant. One of my roles was to help other, less experienced students with their experiments, and I realised that teaching and helping others was something that I enjoyed a lot.

Throughout my years of teaching, I came to realise that not everyone learns the same way. What really opened my eyes to this was the many development courses I took throughout my career. The courses introduced me to the different types of learners. I have since began to tailor my teaching techniques to accommodate for those different types of learners. No two people are the same, and I strive to ensure that every student of mine will be receive the information necessary in a way that suits their needs.

Teaching online is an opportunity for me to work from home and also allows me to utilise new technology to make learning more effective and enjoyable. As a teacher, my main goal is to deliver a high quality education to my students to allow them to achieve their own career goals. I also aim to create a safe environment for my students to feel comfortable and able to express themselves in.

When I am not teaching, I like to read stories, watch films and cook. I also enjoy going out on walks and travelling to new cities and countries.

Dave Adlem

Physics & Astronomy

My qualifications include a law degree and a PGCE: Physics with QTS. I have been a science teacher/lecturer for 9 years in schools and colleges. I have taught all sciences at Key Stages 3 and 4 as well as A-Level Physics and applied science at KS5. I have taught adults the equivalent of A-Levels in Chemistry and Physics as well as degree science topics on HNC/HND courses. I have been an online science tutor for three years and have held positions as key stage coordinators and second in science.

I am currently employed by Pearson exam board as an examiner and standards verifier. This means I gain extra experience on marking test papers and coursework. Through this I identify common areas/questions that students struggle with. I can then add this to my teaching to ensure less misconceptions are made in difficult to understand areas.

Throughout my career I have taught a large variety of students with varying needs and abilities. I have always taken the time to ensure all my students are making good progress and addressing any concerns or issues as they arise. My wife is also a trained mental health nurse and therapist and has worked for CAMHS in a number of roles. I have learnt a great deal about different issues and struggles individuals have and good ways to support and encourage them through these.

I have taught online throughout the pandemic and also as a tutor over three years. I have enjoyed the smaller class sizes and working in more 1-1 roles. I have found it easier to support and track each student’s progress as well as enjoyed the focus on teaching and learning above behaviour issues. I have always wanted a job I can be proud of. Since I have been a teacher, I have always felt that pride that I can make a difference to someone’s life. 

At home, I am father to 2 children, who take up a lot of my time. I am also married to a beautiful woman. She takes up a lot of time as well! My hobbies include gaming PS3 & 4, Netflix/Prime binging, martial arts and football. I am a lifelong Liverpool supporter.

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Susan Miller

Computer Science

I qualified to teach secondary school education with a Postgraduate Certificate (PGCE) specialism in Information Communication Technology (ICT) in 2006.  I learnt and taught Python while teaching the OCR GCSE Computing course in my first teaching job in a secondary school when it was introduced into the national curriculum. During this time I also qualified via Oracle Academy to teach Oracle SQL and PL SQL to Sixth Form students as part of the BTEC in ICT course. I also taught Year 5 and Year 6 students as part of summer school. I have continued to teach python and computer science courses from other examining boards in other secondary schools.

To broaden my skills, I taught myself ‘JavaScript,’ ‘CSS’, ‘Java and Java Server Pages’. I then wrote an introduction to Java course and taught it at one of my local colleges as part of their adult education programme. Since then I have gained experience teaching degree students in 2004 at one of my local colleges on their Computing foundation degree course and at one of my local universities teaching ECDL to their degree Business students.

Throughout my teaching career, I have taught pupils from all backgrounds and with varying conditions. I have attended several continuous professional development programmes focusing on how to teach and support students with SEN and medical needs. In my time as a supply teacher I have worked in pupil referral units and a special school.

I have a passion for computer science and programming as well as continuously improving and crafting my skills. My aim is to enthuse students about computer science and help them not only to achieve excellent results in the subject but also to show them how computer science skills can aid them in achieving success in other subject areas.

In my free time, I enjoy designing and making my own jewellery, sewing, drawing, knitting, improving my guitar and violin skills or learning to play the piano.

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Adam Wilks

Computer Science

Following the completion of my Computer Science PGCE, I began teaching in a secondary comprehensive school during the pandemic which included two lockdown periods of teaching online. It was during this time that I discovered I preferred this way of teaching and began to look for teaching opportunities online. Furthermore, I believe mainstream schools are not always suitable or inclusive for all students. Therefore, it is important to offer a more flexible alternative via online teaching. I have helped and supported several students with EAL, SEN and mental health issues during my PGCE SEN school placement and secondary teaching positions.

I began programming using C and C++ at Cranfield University whilst studying advanced automation and design. Later, I continued to develop my programming skills in my spare time through distance learning courses, which led to my first software development job. Since then I have installed and developed software for the NHS, worked for a large printing 

Smaller class sizes at My Online Schooling means I can get to know each student and really support them to become the best that they can be. My goal is to make a difference and inspire students. I was fortunate enough to have someone that inspired me, but what if young adults have no one to inspire them? The new Computer Science curriculum is the ideal opportunity to do just that.

I like to spend my free time learning more about computing and computing pedagogy, spending time with my family, cooking, swimming, fell walking, cycling, athletics and cross country running. I also enjoy playing esports.


Sam Palmer

Co-Head of Humanities

Geography is my primary passion. It began around 15 years ago, when I was introduced to speleology – the study of caves – and I soon became a cave mine leader, instructing groups around local cave systems.

After I graduated in Geography from Bath Spa University, I moved to Spain and trained as a teacher, achieving my Professional Graduate in Education in 2009. There, I taught English for the Spanish Military and for businesses like Santander and Siemens, before I joined Dexway, a specialist in language education that help thousands of people learn new languages. I also completed an English teaching certificate and submitted my dissertation to the speleology journal Cave.

Now, with My Online Schooling, I like to bring a creative style into the classroom, finding interesting ways to help pupils engage with Geography. In my classes, pupils have been asked to “Bake their States” in a module on the USA, while older students have explored sampling strategies using Smarties. Above all, my aim is to make pupils feel comfortable and supported in an environment where they can express themselves while growing in confidence and ability.

Gretchen Ivey

Co-Head of Humanities

I have degrees in History, Spanish and my Secondary Education qualification from the USA. I have been a teacher for 29 years. I have had the pleasure of teaching around the world in international schools as well as in the UK. I also have training in SEN. 

I thoroughly enjoy the online teaching and learning environment, and also value the ability to do the job I love from home. My aim is to encourage my students in their study of History and Humanities. To me, the cornerstone of effective learning is respect - students need to be respected first and foremost in order to be empowered to thrive.

When I am not teaching, you’ll find me caring for my rescue birds, working on my allotment, improving myself physically through martial arts, or competing in Eskrima - a martial art from the Philippines. I am also a passionate creative writer.

Biba Adams


I qualified as a teacher more than ten years ago and have taught in several schools across London and more recently in the NE, where I now live. I'm extremely interested in British history and in particular the Industrial Revolution, the history of medicine and social and political history. In addition to teaching in schools I have several years’ experience as a private tutor and assessor for exam boards.

I completed my BA in Ancient History at King's College London, followed by a master's degrees in Classical Civilisation and Historical Research at Birkbeck College, London. After several years of working in Fine Arts I decided to train to become a teacher, completing my PGCE in History at the Institute of Education in London. I have worked in a broad range of settings and have experience of teaching a broad range of learners.

I've always been interested in the use of technology in teaching history. The dissertation for my MA in Historical Research focused on the use of certain software when collecting historical data. The move to teaching online is a fantastic opportunity to make learning more accessible and flexible for students.

I believe history is important. Understanding the past helps us know our place in the world and equips us for what may happen in the future. I aim to pass this message on to my pupils and promote the value of learning history.

My three favourite things (after history!) are reading, running and cooking.

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Christine Williams


I graduated in 1999 with a BSc (hons) in Environmental Management at Manchester Metropolitan University. I then progressed onto achieving a PGCE in Post Compulsory Education and Training at the University of Huddersfield and recently achieving another PGCE in Secondary Geography at Manchester Metropolitan University. I have been teaching for the past 17 years in Sixth Form and Further Education Colleges. In between my teaching career, I have worked as a Home Tutor, Distance Learning Tutor, and a Standards Verifier for BTEC Levels 2 and 3 Business and Examiner for BTEC Level 3 Business for Pearson Edexcel.

I am equipped to support My Online Schooling pupils through encouraging active learning, providing pupils with choices in all kinds of scenarios, providing models to activities, applying proven strategies, encouraging pupil participation, teaching pupils to self manage and be independent, and reinforcing skills that are valued by families.The main reason that I was drawn to teaching online is the ability to focus and pay more attention to individual pupils. Teaching in a traditional classroom setting can be distracting, which results in pupils losing interest. 

My main aim through teaching is to see the smile on pupils’ faces when they unexpectedly understand a new skill. It is to see pupils, who think they can’t do something, suddenly realise that all things are possible, and to share knowledge that pupils may not know, learning new things along with my pupils. I want to inspire the next generation to have a true passion for Geography with constantly keeping up to date with issues arising around the subject.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy new challenges, socialise with family and friends and read books based on crime and real life stories. My main passion would be to travel the world and explore new cities and cultures.

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Tetyana Saltevska

Economics & Business Studies

With a PhD degree in Economics, I have been teaching economic disciplines since 2009 at university and privately, including Management, Marketing, Economics,  History of Economic Thought and Business Studies. As a docent of Kharkiv National University, I conducted lectures, seminars, prepared courses, took part in the collective work of my department on writing a book “Economic Theory” and was an examiner. I wrote economic articles and took part in many conferences.

By preparing my lessons creatively and using many learning aids like quizzes, role play games  etc., I keep the pupils deeply involved in the learning process. I also give a lot of importance to creativity in my classroom and encourage students to come up with interesting ideas. Teaching online is fun for me and I try to create the same atmosphere for my pupils during a lesson. I want to help pupils gain confidence and learn effectively.

Teaching has helped me to develop good leadership and management skills, has broadened my knowledge of teaching techniques and strategies to get better results, and to find the best way to help my students in any aspect.

Outside of teaching, my main hobby is French. I like reading French books and watching old French films.

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Grant Wolstenholme

Business Studies

I hold a BA in Economics and Economic History and a PGCE. I have been a teacher and leader of Business and Economics education to advanced level pupils for thirty three years. I have also worked as a Sixth Form tutor and Higher Education Advisor and as a Pastoral Leader in both UK and international independent schools. I have also worked as an examiner with OCR and WJEC awarding bodies. Additionally, I have several years experience in British industry as a supply chain manager and as a partner in a business transfer agency.

In my career as a teacher I have worked with students with English as their second language and I have tutored personal health and social education in school and online. I have been responsible for the pastoral welfare of students, and have taken online training courses in safeguarding children, working with vulnerable children and empowering learners. 

I was drawn to teachin online as I believe online school provides greater access to a quality education, and opens up opportunities for students. I wish for every student I teach to reach their full potential and become a whole and complete person.

My favourite things outside of class time are laughing and spending time with my family. I love the outdoors, sports and meeting new people.

Emily Peart


I began teaching English as a foreign language as a private tutor and that motivated me to study the Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Once I had received my teaching qualification, I worked in a variety of schools in London as a supply teacher, before moving to Italy to become a class teacher in Milan. I have undertaken CPD in teaching PSHE through the PSHE Association and in Young People's Wellbeing. I also volunteer at a crisis counselling support charity. Before doing the PGCE at the London Metropolitan University, I studied a BSc in Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University. I am now undertaking a MSc in Health Psychology at the University of Derby.

I am keen to ensure each and every student in my classes is able to access the lesson. I provide a safe space where students can feel comfortable participating, in order to promote learning. I have been drawn to teaching online as I believe it allows many students to access an education they may not be able to access otherwise. Through teaching PSHE, I aim to inspire children to realise the importance of looking after themselves, their peers and their wider community.

When I’m not teaching I am spending time with my friends and family, travelling with my partner or making something such as cakes or candles!

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Carlos Ortuño

Head of Languages

¡Hola! I’ve been teaching more than almost 10 years, both online and at various schools, both in Spain and the UK. I got my first taste of teaching when I was studying Modern Foreign Languages at the University of Murcia – I did part of my degree at Manchester Metropolitan University, where I first taught Spanish as a foreign language.

From there, I gained my Qualified Teacher Status in London, then found the opportunity to be a scholar with the British Council, working to promote language learning in the UK. Since then, I’ve also taught Italian and English as a foreign language too. As someone who loves learning languages, I can see the learning process from my students’ perspective, which really informs the way I teach. I focus on developing their main language skills, helping them find ways to express their ideas, while trying to awaken their interest in Spanish culture.

I’m always looking to drive my own professional development – I think it’s vital for any teacher. So, I’m not only a member of various language learning associations, but I’m also studying a masters in Online and Distance Learning with the Open University and I’m doing further training to teach English as a second language. It’s all helping become a better teacher, finding new methods and approaches for my role with My Online Schooling.

When I’m not teaching – and when I’m not learning languages myself – I love to spend time in nature, as well as travelling and listening to music.

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Marianne Kavanagh


Bonjour! I am an experienced French teacher, translator and storyteller. Having gained my degree in 1999 and PGCE in 2003, I spent eight years working in both primary and secondary schools in the UK. I also trained in teaching English as a foreign language and have taught adults and children at home and abroad.

More recently, I studied for a masters in translation and have worked as a freelancer on academic, commercial and legal texts. I’ve also brought the two sides of my career together, by training to become a Translation Skills workshop facilitator for The Stephen Spender Trust – going into schools to teach translation skills to primary and secondary aged children.

I am also a storyteller from the oral tradition, so I go to various events and workshops across the UK to tell stories. If you can keep an audience quiet as they listen to a story, you can do the same for a virtual classroom of 15 children!

My focus is very much on keeping language learning fun and fluid, allowing children to explore and express their creativity with language.

Marion Boledovic


My education journey started by doing a Master in Law in Nice, France, where I was born. Since then, I have been teaching French in different countries and enjoyed it so much that I decided to build a career in teaching. I did my Postgraduate Diploma in Education in Glasgow and became a French teacher in Scotland. I built a solid experience of teaching French across different settings, including national French Alliances (Hungary, France, Scotland) universities (Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands), secondary schools (The Netherlands, Scotland) and primary schools (Scotland).

I am currently interested in research about merging new technologies and modern languages, for example how to use virtual reality in French lessons. I like to keep myself updated with research in Education and new ways of teaching. We are living in an ever progressing world and I like to feel part of it. 

As a school teacher, I plan my lessons seriously and I engage students in evaluating their own thinking, identifying their common mistakes and allowing scope for improvements. I give students responsibility for their learning: working in groups, adding a competitive edge to projects, and promoting active participation by completing different types of tasks, all of which increased engagement. I always try to use authentic documents whilst teaching. I believe teaching about culture is really important to motivate students.

Outside of work I like to spend time with my miniature pinscher (le plus beau chien du monde), and I enjoy doing a lot of sports especially surfing (although it’s a bit cold here in Scotland), kayaking and cycling. I am also a big foodie and enjoy cooking, especially Middle Eastern food.


Parissa Card

French & Spanish

I am a qualified and experienced ex-Head of Department, Head of Year, Principal Examiner for OCR, Student Mentor (for future generations of teachers), and Private Tutor educating children and adults for the past 20 years. I have a Post certificate in Education (MFL) and a BA (1st) French Literature and Linguistics. I have recently set up my own language tutoring Facebook page called Superlingo, and I teach French, Spanish, and Persian from Year 4 upwards.

As a Head of Year for 210 students, I was responsible for pastoral care, and their academic progress. I was also involved in planning and presenting CPD sessions to colleagues regarding differentiation, behaviour management, and pace & challenge, which are all important when teaching students with different backgrounds. After teaching for 20 years in the classroom environment, I decided to take a new route, and I chose online teaching as it was a new experience, and there were fewer disruptions and more concentration on teaching.

As a polyglot able to speak 5 languages fluently, and 3 others at a variety of levels, I would like to share my passion and enthusiasm for languages with my pupils and transform their language learning journey into a positive and rewarding experience.

I my own time, you’ll find me learning Turkish, concentrating on my own business, browsing the web for new teaching ideas, reading educational blogs, shopping, mosaic art, and spending time with my dogs, Bailey and Maisie.

Maysam Elssadi


I have a university bachelor degree in Arabic literature from Damascus university and a Level 3 award in education and training. I have been teaching Arabic for 11 years; I started in Dubai teaching primary and secondary levels in an international school, then I moved to England and started teaching in an independent school and volunteered in Arabic schools, teaching Arabic to all levels and training the schools' teachers to plan for lessons and use the modern teaching methods to engage learners

My lessons are conducted through a variety of activities such as role-playing. I tailor Arabic teaching methods to suit the needs of all individuals of varying levels of capabilities. I believe in my students’ potential to succeed. I believe that technology is an amazing thing which connects the world. I am an Arabic teacher, and I like to work in this field where I can make a real difference in people's lives. Being able to do this online is an absolute pleasure, so I can reach more people and help them to achieve their potential.

The role of teaching is more challenging and meaningful than anything I have ever done before. I have a natural love for children and I have the desire to work with them and help them to reach their goals.

In my free time, I enjoy swimming, reading and cooking.


Emma G

Head of Psychology & Drama

I have degrees in both Psychology and Professional Writing, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education (English, Psychology and Drama). I’ve been teaching since 2006, beginning in Melbourne, where I taught English and Psychology at a high school. I then spent five years teaching in London, before moving to Edinburgh where I taught English at both mainstream and alternative schools.

I’ve spent much of my career in roles focused on pupils with Special Education Needs. For six years I taught students excluded from mainstream education and I also spent two years as a Support for Learning teacher in the Scottish education system. These roles gave me experience of working with young people who had difficulty accessing mainstream education for various reasons, including mental health and other additional support needs. Because of that experience, I’m now extremely sensitive to individual needs and I know just how important is to build relationships with young people, so they feel comfortable in my class and in school as a whole.

I was drawn to My Online Schooling because it offered a chance to get involved in a new way of teaching as part of the future of education, as well as giving me the chance to support young people who have difficulty accessing mainstream education. I have a love for reading and writing, so I’m passionate about sharing it through the medium of English education.

In my spare time, I enjoy writing romantic comedies, reading and eating chocolate-based goods.

Joanne Hart

Psychology & Sociology

My qualifications include: MSc Forensic and Investigative Psychology; PGCE (FAHE); BSc Psychology; Teaching English as a Foreign Language: TEFL Academy; Intermediate Certificate in Counselling Skills and Intermediate Certificate in Introduction to Counselling Concepts.

I have over 15 years’ teaching experience. I have taught a range of subjects including psychology and sociology to a diverse range of students and I have taught a wide range of age groups. A significant amount of my career was spent working at institutions rated as "Outstanding" by OFSTED. I worked at a sixth form college that was rated as one of the best in the country, at that time. I also worked as head of psychology at a boys grammar school. Many of the students I taught went to Russell Group Universities or went on to study at Oxford or Cambridge. I also taught Sociology at a girls catholic school and have experience working in more challenging institutions. Whilst working at a school that OFSTED rated as "in need of improvement" my A' level students achieved a 100% A* to C pass rate, with 91% of their grades on or above target. I am therefore able to differentiate lessons effectively by providing challenges for the more able students and applying strategies to support those students that require additional support.

I am passionate about people, fascinated by different cultures and intrigued by the power of social influence. This is why I studied psychology, sociology and anthropology at university level and why I spent time living and working abroad in Africa, South America and Asia.

I have supported many students over the years with mental health conditions such as anorexia, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, anxiety and PTSD. I have also supported students with special educational needs such as dyslexia, autism, hearing and visual impairments. I have extensive knowledge of how these conditions can affect the functioning of individuals and the best way to help people who need additional support. Having a masters degree in psychology, counselling qualifications and supporting adults with serious mental health conditions whilst volunteering at MIND has equipped me well to support pupils at My Online Schooling, whatever their needs may be.

My aim is to help students realise that with the right support anything is possible and help them to develop the knowledge and skills they need to achieve.

Outside of teaching you’ll find me spending time with our rescue dogs. They love our daily walks in the countryside, hunting squirrels in the woods, chasing balls and destroying toys, but most of all they love having their bellies rubbed. They have me very well trained!

Rachel Adams

Head of Art & Design

Graduating from University with a BA (hons) Graphic Design degree, I pursued my passion for creativity within the design industry, fulfilling a range of roles, from leading teams of creatives to meet client briefs by produce outstanding outcomes, to art directing photo shoots internationally. Having achieved many of my creative industry career goals, the appeal to share my experiences and passion with younger people led to a change of career and the completion of my PGCE in Secondary Education.

I have been fortunate to teach a range of year groups and qualifications including A-Level, GCSE, BTEC and Diploma. Now having been teaching for more than 12 years, I am passionate about sharing my industry knowledge to create a commercially aware curriculum in Art and Design Technology, which nurtures and develops outstanding and skilful students to contribute to the global creative and digital world that we now live in.

Throughout my teaching career I have built a range of skills and completed valuable training to support and engage SEN students, students with a range of abilities and a variety of personal challenges. I have many years’ experience as a Form tutor and Mentor and care greatly about supporting my students.

Online schooling is such a privilege to be a part of with our children and families. Teaching pupils from all over the world gives every lesson a rich, varied and stimulating environment in which all students have the freedom to engage and shine. Whilst ensuring progress and learning, I strive to achieve a friendly online classroom where pupils feel relaxed and able to enjoy a calm, creative environment, with support and a sense of humour! I love the everyday challenge that teaching brings and feel great pride in my students and their work. My aim is that all students thrive and use their education to achieve their aspirations and live a successful, rewarding life.

At home, I live in a small village on the outskirts of Liverpool in the UK and I love to spend time with my family, walking and enjoying the outdoors with my children, photography, reading and genealogy.

Emily Welham

Art & Design

I have 12 years’ experience teaching Art and Design from Key Stage 1 through to post-16. I have a PGCE Teaching Art & Design, BA Honours printed textiles and surface decoration, and an HND in Graphic design. I have also worked as a freelance artist and textile designer. 

I believe that creating art expands a child's ability to interact with the world around them, and provides a new set of skills for self-expression and communication. Art is a natural way to practice mindfulness. The colours, textures and sounds of creating pull us into the moment. As an art teacher my goal is to foster children’s creativity and help them develop mentally, socially, and emotionally. ‘Creativity is contagious; pass it on’ - Albert Einstein.

I personally feel that online learning is more effective than in-person; students can learn at their own pace and are not affected by classroom disruption. Empowered learners have high self-efficacy, a positive learner identity, emotional intelligence, social awareness and the skills and know-how to take on worthy goals and challenges.  

Outside of My Online Schooling, I am Co-Founder of The Art Bench.

Carlie Down

Art & Design

I have a BA in Fine Art and a PGCE in Art. Through my practice and work in education, I have been able to gain significant experience teaching and supporting students with various SEN and Social and Emotional difficulties which is a career path I have found extremely rewarding. I have worked in both mainstream and schools for students with special needs as well as specialist provisions for students with behavioral issues. I have found that being an art teacher has helped me connect with students and support them on an emotional level as well as academically and because of this I feel I been able to unlock hidden potential.

Teaching online gives me the opportunity to work with young people while still having time to create new art work.I want to show students that art can be used to promote well-being, encouraging social and emotional growth and happiness. This is why through creative and engaging lesson planning, learning can be an exciting experience that students want to be a part of. As a teacher and a parent, I am well aware of how difficult life can be as a young person. This is why I use art as a creative tool in lessons to help encourage and support students to express themselves positively, exploring themes such as emotions and identity in a safe nurturing classroom environment that is inclusive for all.

When I'm not at work I love to combine my two loves, art and my family. I get my daughter involved in painting, illustration and photography and she loves to help me collect materials for new sculptures.

Laura Hendry

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCo)

I have a certificate in teaching pupils with specific learning difficulties, a PGCE Secondary French and German and BA Hons French and German. I trained as a French and German teacher in 1998 and taught for two years in a boarding school in Perthshire, Scotland, before moving to Bedford to work in a selective Independent School, where I gradually became involved in supporting pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. I then trained in 2006 to teach, and subsequently to assess, pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties. 

In 2015 I became SENDCo, leading a department of two dyslexia support teachers, two specialist teachers and one Learning Support Assistant. Together we supported pupils with a variety of Support Needs including dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and ASD. I am also a trained yoga and teen yoga teacher, which I believe helps me in supporting pupils with SEND.

Having gained some experience over the past few years supporting pupils and their families remotely, I realised how effective this form of teaching and learning can be and how it suits some pupils better to learn from home. I am passionate about making education accessible for all and hope to support our pupils to allow them to achieve their potential.

I like to spend my free time with family and friends or climbing, doing yoga, reading and going for walks by the sea.

Untitled design (96)

Nicola Walker

Social Skills & Reading and Writing Support

I qualified as a primary school teacher at Lancaster University in 1999 and taught in KS2 classrooms in London and the North of England. I very quickly realised I wanted to support children with additional needs and went on to achieve a postgraduate certificate in Autistic Spectrum Disorders from Manchester Metropolitan University. I began work in a special school for pupils with MLD. After a break to start a family, I returned to work in North Yorkshire, working with and supporting students with autism and SEMH needs while also supporting their families and teachers. 

My experience also includes training to deliver parenting programmes to families with a child with a diagnosis of ASC. I also recently set up and led a nurture group within a local primary school. I have taken advantage of CPD opportunities to develop my knowledge and skills over the years and have built up a bank of resources and interventions which can be used to support individuals and groups with SEND to progress not only with their learning but also with their social and emotional development. 

I understand how difficult the school environment can be for some students with special educational needs and disabilities. I feel MOS provides the opportunity to support and engage individuals in an alternative way while personalising their learning experiences. I aim to achieve a learning environment where pupils feel supported and understood, where they can not only make progress with their learning but also develop socially and emotionally and have their additional needs met. 

When I am not teaching I love spending time with my family and our new puppy Fynn. I love being outdoors - running, cycling and walking are my favourite activities. I also enjoy travelling and visiting new places.

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