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Meet our teaching team

Teachers have a profound impact on each of us. We understand just how important the role our teachers have, so we ensure that our team includes only qualified, experienced and passionate professionals who are committed to making every lesson an engaging and exciting experience for your child.

Meet the members of our teaching team:


Anne-Marie Taylor

Junior Years

I gained my degree in Children’s Development and Learning, then went to teach in a primary school, where I taught in both Year 4 and Year 5. During this time, I was also the head of both Maths and Science. In addition to teaching in school, I have tutored many children in Year 6 in the lead up to their SAT exams. 

I chose to specialise in Children's Development and Learning for my degree, as this is an area that I think is of great importance. Throughout my teaching career, I have taught a number of children who have had additional support needs. I was inspired to begin teaching online through a friend of mine, whose daughter was struggling with school. I began to research alternatives to mainstream school and learned about online teaching. I wanted to be able to support children, like my friend’s daughter, who find mainstream school difficult.

My aim is to help pupils develop a love for learning, and to build their confidence so that they can achieve their goals.

When I’m not teaching, I’m usually spending time with my husband and two children. We love going on walks with our labradoodle, Lucy.

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Carly Brosnan

Junior Years

My love of teaching started in 2010 when I traveled to China to teach in language schools and international schools. A 4-month trip turned into 5 years because of the love I got from being able to teach and make a difference. After 5 years in China, I returned home to England and got my PGCE in primary education. Since then, I have taught in schools in London, Manchester and the Peak District, teaching all primary years.

I have spent my summer holidays volunteering in deprived schools in India and also hosting foreign exchange students and teaching English as a second language.Throughout my teaching career, I have been able to become a foster carer and look after children with complex emotional needs and have tutored and mentored many children with special educational needs.

I believe online teaching can help all children regardless of any educational or health needs and can be accessed by children all around the world who may not have good quality education in their area. No child should be left behind. My aim is to instill confidence into each child I teach. I aim to teach resilience and to be able to face any challenge that comes their way.

When I’m not teaching, you can find me up a wall rock climbing, skiing, playing football or hiking with my border collie.

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Ash Guzowski


I’ve been teaching English and Media Studies to pupils between 11 and 18 years old for more than five years. My career began in rural Cornwall, working with students who often had limited experiences of the world outside the county, and I worked to help them gain a valuable understanding of wider society. From there, my work has taken me to Buckinghamshire and on to Wales.

I am passionate about helping young people to understand and critically engage with the world around them through analysis. My own teaching philosophy is built around creating positive memories – that’s when we remember best. That’s why I always work to make lessons interesting and engaging, while I always strive to adapt my teaching style to suit the students’ needs. I also believe it is really important to emphasise and build on students’ successes, using verbal praise and rewards to help them understand their strengths.


Sarah B


I have a degree in English from the University of London, together with Qualified Teacher Status and a National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders, which I finished recently. I have more than 20 years’ experience as a teacher, having worked in state and independent schools, teaching English to all ages from Year 4 to 13.

During my teaching career, I have taught pupils with a wide range of abilities and additional needs, and completed regular training in all aspects of SEN and mental health. I have always been child-centred in my teaching, wanting the best for every child in my lessons.

In my lessons, I aim to equip students with the skills that they need to be able to read, write, speak and think in the modern world. My goal is to introduce them to a world of fantastic literature, inspiring them to be readers for pleasure for life. I feel that online education offers something genuinely different and definitely needed for an increasing number of children who are struggling in other forms of education.

Outside of work, I love walking my dog or enjoying time with my family in the countryside or by the sea. You can also find me reading fiction, watching films or singing with my choir!


Emma G


I have degrees in both Psychology and Professional Writing, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education (English, Psychology and Drama). I’ve been teaching since 2006, beginning in Melbourne, where I taught English and Psychology at a high school. I then spent five years teaching in London, before moving to Edinburgh where I taught English at both mainstream and alternative schools.

I’ve spent much of my career in roles focused on pupils with Special Education Needs. For six years I taught students excluded from mainstream education and I also spent two years as a Support for Learning teacher in the Scottish education system. These roles gave me experience of working with young people who had difficulty accessing mainstream education for various reasons, including mental health and other additional support needs. Because of that experience, I’m now extremely sensitive to individual needs and I know just how important is to build relationships with young people, so they feel comfortable in my class and in school as a whole.

I was drawn to My Online Schooling because it offered a chance to get involved in a new way of teaching as part of the future of education, as well as giving me the chance to support young people who have difficulty accessing mainstream education. I have a love for reading and writing, so I’m passionate about sharing it through the medium of English education.

In my spare time, I enjoy writing romantic comedies, reading and eating chocolate-based goods.

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Alison Evans


As well as a degree in English and a masters in Victorian Literature, I have a PGCE which gave me Qualified Teacher Status in 2005. My career since then has included roles teaching at primary level and in further education, at a college where I taught GCSE and A level English Language and Literature. I have also worked as a private tutor, tutoring home-educated pupils with a variety of additional needs, as well as working online tutoring students in Asia. I’ve also worked as an exam marker at GCSE and A level for the last 13 years, so I have an expert understanding of how students can improve their grades.

In my lessons I aim to encourage my pupils to engage with the rich variety of literature that we have, and discover a writer or genre that inspires them. I believe that online education is a brilliant tool to give pupils access to an education that may be better suited to their needs.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, the theatre, visiting art galleries, watching movies and walking my two dogs.

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Caroline Moore


My qualifications include a CELTA, Certificate In Education and Degree in Language and Communication. For 3 years, I taught English to mixed ages and abilities in Taiwan and Tunisia where I thoroughly enjoyed engaging the children, teenagers and adults. I have taught English in Further Education for 9 years to pupils aged 14 plus, including ones with additional needs. I am currently also a GCSE examiner, which gives me a detailed insight into the exam board's requirements.

Many of the children and young people I have taught struggled in traditional school for a variety of reasons. This has given me a greater sense of awareness and empathy for those who have difficulties with their mental well-being, and other additional needs. I believe wholeheartedly in viewing things frоm the pupils' perspectives, and developing a strong rapport with them to increase their confidence in English.

My interest in online education increased through working with young people who found the academic and social side of school life to be very challenging. I am extremely passionate about teaching English online as I feel this is now the future of teaching and learning, with its opportunities to enhance the interaction between teacher and pupil without the distractions you’d find in a ‘brick and mortar’ classroom.

My aim is to transfer my high standards of teaching to an online environment and to maximise the English abilities of my students in a comfortable learning environment.

When I’m not teaching, I love spending time with my family, running and keeping fit. I have two children who keep me very busy!

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Jill Saunders


I completed a BA (Hons) degree in English and History at Exeter University and then my PGCE at Plymouth University. I have now been teaching for 15 years. I was employed in the FE sector for a number of years and taught a wide range of age groups. I believe the oldest person I taught was a lady in her 89th year who wanted to do creative writing to keep her mind active!

Throughout my teaching career I have been a rep for a teaching union and this has given me the opportunity to get involved with Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - something that I am passionate about. Being disabled myself, I know that everyday can be a challenge for all sorts of reasons. During my time on the National EDI committee I was able to propose and was successful in persuading the union to follow the Social Model of disability. This is a far more 'user friendly' model of disability and ultimately should make life far more accessible across the UK. I was fortunate to give talks and go to many conferences on this subject and met some very inspiring people, working tirelessly around all of the EDI strands.

During my years of teaching I have undertaken many CPD workshops and conferences around SEN and Mental Health. I have used this knowledge with my students, and am always keen to find a way that works with each individual pupil. Learning isn't one size fits all. I would hope that the teaching our learners have will enable them to fulfil their dreams; whether that is to run a major international company or being a stay at home parent helping their children with their work. A good education is something that can help everyone. I never stop learning, which is why teaching excites me so much.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, teaching meditation and writing poetry.

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Sivaroobini Kalaimani

English and History

I have a Bachelor's degree in Classics and Ancient History, and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education. I have taught secondary school History in Singapore, and did some general relief teaching as well. I have also taught English as a Second Language at a small private school for international students. It was an incredibly rich, rewarding experience and I learned a lot, since ESL is so different from traditional English education with native speakers. 

I am very active in the Society for Creative Anachronism - an international living history club focusing on the pre-1605 world. Within the club, I have taught members various skills such as sewing Viking clothes and Greek clothes, basic sword-fighting, event organisation, medieval European dancing, cooking a variety of historical recipes, and even basic Latin. I also educate members on Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity principles, and associated accessibility issues.

My teaching degree did offer a focus on how to be inclusive of the various pupil needs in the classroom, which I found immensely valuable and have incorporated into my practice. Within my hobbies, I also work to promote inclusivity as well as awareness of mental health issues and requirements, accessibility for physical disabilities such as EDS and learning/developmental disorders such as ASD and dyslexia, etc.

I was drawn to teaching online because of my passion for accessibility and inclusivity. I admire the focus on bringing quality education to pupils who, for various reasons, require this option over brick-and-mortar schools. I also think that it is important for education to meet the needs of the 21st century. Through teaching, I hope to help my students become informed, active, compassionate global citizens, with the ability to read and think critically as they engage with the world.

In my spare time, I cook and bake a lot, playing with both historical and modern recipes. I also love J R R Tolkien, and engage actively with the fandom. I play Dungeons & Dragons with friends, sew historical clothing, and recreate Viking life with the SCA.

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Julie Gent


I have BA, PGCE, CertTESOL and QTLS qualifications, and have taught across every stage of education: Primary, Secondary, Further Education and Adult Education. Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work in various parts of the world, including the UK. Having worked in senior management with a pastoral focus, I appreciate how important it is for schools to provide equality of opportunity for all students.

Mainstream school does not always cater for the needs of all students and does not always fit all profiles of learner. Online schooling can bridge this gap. My aim is to make a positive difference for the young people I teach. I want them to realise that there is always someone to listen to them and encourage them to realise their ambitions.

In my free time, I enjoy walking, reading, keeping fit and travelling.

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Deniz Oksuz


My degree is in Beng Computer Engineering (1st class honours). I hold a PGCE and QTS in teaching Mathematics (11-18) and recently acquired CELTA. I have been tutoring (IGCSE and EAL) for the past couple of years. I have previously worked as an IT technician in an infant school. During this time, as well as my IT duties, I have also taught IT to pupils on a timetable basis. I also run ICT and science clubs. I enjoyed this experience so much that I decided to become a teacher. I worked in both private and public schools. During this time, I have also delivered bridging maths lessons to Year 6 pupils in order to help them succeed at secondary maths. Having completed my Computer Engineering degree, I have facilitated Cambridge Nationals ICT lessons. In addition, I was a co- tutor to Year 8 and Year 12 form group. I have worked as a form tutor for Year 12 pupils, guiding them through their university/apprenticeship application processes. I attended many training sessions, including child protection, online safety and coaching.

Having a technological background, I believe the future of teaching and learning is online. It is quite exciting to see children from all over the world who come under a virtual roof to get their education. As I currently live outside of the UK, being able to work from home as well as being able to teach the UK curriculum in English is what drew me to teaching online.I would love to inject the same passion I have for maths to pupils in my class. Everyone can do maths and it is fun! I would also like to create a positive environment for pupils to strive in where they feel comfortable and confident with a “can-do” attitude.

In my spare time, I enjoy sewing (there is so much maths in sewing), having coffee by the seaside, playing volleyball, traveling with my husband and two children and keeping up to date with educational and technological developments - and never stop learning!

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Najia Memon


I have a Professional Graduate Certificate in Education in Post-compulsory Education from the University of Bedfordshire. I have also done a MSc in Psychological Approaches to Health and Management and am now a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society. Currently, my research publication on ‘Educational Psychology’ is in process.

As a positive and motivated teacher, I am committed to providing pupils with a dynamic and interesting learning environment in which they can grow and develop. I am familiar with various curricula (AQA, Pearson, OCR) and I thrive on keeping on top of the latest resources and developments within the teaching sector. I seek to encourage students to enjoy extra-curricular activities and study groups, which I believe instils them with self-directed lifelong learning. While teaching at the University of Bedfordshire, I played an essential role in developing and conducting research study groups for senior students. I am also qualified as a Psychology Lecturer, which allows for flexibility across a range of subjects. I also have 2 years’ experience as a support worker in Bedfordshire and Luton Mind, where my work was based on counselling people with mental health problems. During this time I have witnessed how I have contributed to an improvement in the lives of several families.                                                                                     

Online teaching provides greater flexibility to address varying learning styles and use different technologies. It is easy to encourage participation from pupils who may not actively participate in traditional classroom settings; with online instructions and a wealth of technology at our fingertips, we can make classes more interesting and engaging.

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Mark Cassidy


My teaching career began with me delivering lectures and seminars during the third year of my undergraduate degree at the University of East Anglia to support students across the university with the maths component of their various courses. I then worked in a school as a subject specialist, supporting non subject specialist teachers in the subject knowledge to deliver KS3 and KS4 Mathematics. I have also worked as a data analyst and software engineer for the Northern Ireland government, and hold a certification from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Python software development.

Having completed my PGCE, I worked in a specialist Science and Maths school. My role was to deliver Maths/Further Maths A-level and KS3 Maths. Alongside this I supported pupils with various needs (e.g. autism) to prepare for life at university. I have a huge amount of experience working with pupils with individual support needs. I pride myself on my ability to build strong professional relationships in order to help young people achieve their best. I live in a rural area of Northern Ireland, so teaching online allows me to continue doing the work I love from home.I enjoy giving back to society. Through mathematics, I am helping to equip our pupils with the skills they need to seek out a future of their own.

When I’m not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two young sons (Liam is 3 and Rory is 6). Beyond that I design and build furniture. I enjoy the challenges of engineering, designing and creating.

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Chris Dowd

History; Mathematics

I have a BA Hons in Primary Studies with QTS. I have been teaching since 2006 in primary education from Year 3 up to Year 6. I have taught in both rural and inner city schools.I used to work in accountancy and so I have always been working with numbers, hence why I like teaching maths and problem solving.

I have a positive outlook to life; I believe that when a mistake is made there is an opportunity to learn from it. In lessons, giving pupils time to work out answers helps them to build confidence and self esteem which are very important in helping them grow and develop. It is important to me to build a positive and honest relationship with everyone that I teach.

I believe online schooling offers pupils the opportunity to learn in a fun and engaging way. I want to help my pupils be the best they can be in this digital age. I want to work at the cutting edge of education to be a part of this new and exciting way of learning.

My aims as a teacher are to be interested, motivated and to teach with humour. I want to learn along with my pupils here at MOS, helping them to develop their own individuality, identity and confidence through our learning journey together.

Outside of the virtual classroom, you’ll find me going on walks with our dog, Narla, meeting friends and family, exploring the world, keeping fit, DIY, going to the cinema, eating out, reading books, watching comedy or a movie, or listening to music and relaxing.

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Tetyana Saltevska

Economics & Business Studies

With a PhD degree in Economics, I have been teaching economic disciplines since 2009 at university and privately, including Management, Marketing, Economics,  History of Economic Thought and Business Studies. As a docent of Kharkiv National University, I conducted lectures, seminars, prepared courses, took part in the collective work of my department on writing a book “Economic Theory” and was an examiner. I wrote economic articles and took part in many conferences.

By preparing my lessons creatively and using many learning aids like quizzes, role play games  etc., I keep the pupils deeply involved in the learning process. I also give a lot of importance to creativity in my classroom and encourage students to come up with interesting ideas. Teaching online is fun for me and I try to create the same atmosphere for my pupils during a lesson. I want to help pupils gain confidence and learn effectively.

Teaching has helped me to develop good leadership and management skills, has broadened my knowledge of teaching techniques and strategies to get better results, and to find the best way to help my students in any aspect.

Outside of teaching, my main hobby is French. I like reading French books and watching old French films.


Findlay Headden

School Counsellor; Anxiety Management

I am an experienced, COSCA-registered counsellor focused on children and young people, with a background in education and family support. After graduating with a Geography degree from the University of Glasgow and working in a variety of after-school and childcare environments, I trained and qualified as a primary teacher at the University of Edinburgh. My time in teaching left me with great respect for the profession, and also confirmed that it wasn’t for me. Instead, I have found that my strengths lie in supporting individual children through challenges they may be facing in their life beyond the classroom.

As a result, I moved into a more pastoral role with the former Sick Kids Friends Foundation, supporting the children and families of the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh. While there, I completed my Diploma in Counselling specialising exclusively in counselling children and young people.

I have been developing my practice as a counsellor ever since, first in the community and then in schools across central Scotland. Using a range of therapeutic approaches, I aim to build healing relationships with children and young people based on trust, openness and understanding. I work in partnership with families and teachers to ensure children and young people are heard and supported, for as long as they need it.

My wife and I have two small children, which doesn’t leave me with much leisure time, but when I can I enjoy reading non-fiction, watching and discussing films with friends, exploring the Pentland hills near our home, and skiing as often as I possibly can.

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Susan Miller

Computer Science

I qualified to teach secondary school education with a Postgraduate Certificate (PGCE) specialism in Information Communication Technology (ICT) in 2006.  I learnt and taught Python while teaching the OCR GCSE Computing course in my first teaching job in a secondary school when it was introduced into the national curriculum. During this time I also qualified via Oracle Academy to teach Oracle SQL and PL SQL to Sixth Form students as part of the BTEC in ICT course. I also taught Year 5 and Year 6 students as part of summer school. I have continued to teach python and computer science courses from other examining boards in other secondary schools.

To broaden my skills, I taught myself ‘JavaScript,’ ‘CSS’, ‘Java and Java Server Pages’. I then wrote an introduction to Java course and taught it at one of my local colleges as part of their adult education programme. Since then I have gained experience teaching degree students in 2004 at one of my local colleges on their Computing foundation degree course and at one of my local universities teaching ECDL to their degree Business students.

Throughout my teaching career, I have taught pupils from all backgrounds and with varying conditions. I have attended several continuous professional development programmes focusing on how to teach and support students with SEN and medical needs. In my time as a supply teacher I have worked in pupil referral units and a special school.

I have a passion for computer science and programming as well as continuously improving and crafting my skills. My aim is to enthuse students about computer science and help them not only to achieve excellent results in the subject but also to show them how computer science skills can aid them in achieving success in other subject areas.

In my free time, I enjoy designing and making my own jewellery, sewing, drawing, knitting, improving my guitar and violin skills or learning to play the piano.


Anna Kirwan


I have an Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering, and obtained my PGCE in Secondary Mathematics in 1999. Since then, I have taught in a range of educational establishments, teaching and mentoring pupils over many different mathematical qualifications at varying levels. Since 2005, I have worked as a GCSE Examiner in both Mathematics and Statistics. As a teacher, I make it my priority to always make sure that I am aware of all my pupils’ needs. I do this by ensuring I am up to date with the relevant training, and always approach every child as an individual.

I feel that online schooling is an exciting new aspect of education that is growing at the moment, and I am excited to be a part of it. Through my teaching, I hope to make a positive difference in my pupils’ experience of learning Maths.

Outside of the classroom, I love spending time with my family.

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Lauren Galligan

Co-Head of Science Faculty

After I graduated with a masters in Chemistry, I spent some time working in research before I went on to complete my PGCE. My love for Science lies primarily with the environment and energy generation. In my view, it is important for young people to have a well-rounded understanding of the main scientific issues that are flooding the news, such as climate change and drug development – to name just a few.

I see teaching as a chance to inspire students to actively learn about new developments within Science all over the world and to get involved in their own individual ways. I love to get my students to take part in group discussions and to foster their enthusiasm for topics they are passionate about.

Promoting equal opportunities for all my pupils is something that’s particularly important to me. My ultimate aim when it comes to teaching is to stimulate and provide pathways for all pupils to achieve their full potential.

When I’m not teaching, I enjoy arts and crafts, dance and being with animals. I’m currently learning to speak French and to play the guitar too!


Dr Thea Davies

Co-Head of Science Faculty

Having spent many fantastic years working as a research scientist, and after becoming a parent, I decided my future lay in education and I trained to become a biology lecturer. So, since 2006, I’ve taught science and maths at primary and secondary schools, in further education colleges and in university. Today, as well as working with My Online Schooling, I also work part-time with Cardiff University.

I spent eight years working at the University of South Wales, where I taught on the Initial Teacher Training Secondary Science programme – experience that gave me a real insight into the most effective teaching strategies in secondary science education.

I also have a wealth of experience working with children and adults with additional learning support needs, and I also spent many years working with learners who may need support accessing education as a result of physical disabilities.

I live with my family in the Wye Valley, on the English-Welsh border. I enjoy spending time in the countryside with my children and dogs.

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Nicola Walker

KS2 Reading, Writing & Dyslexia Support; Social Stories

I qualified as a primary school teacher at Lancaster University in 1999 and taught in KS2 classrooms in London and the North of England. I very quickly realised I wanted to support children with additional needs and went on to achieve a postgraduate certificate in Autistic Spectrum Disorders from Manchester Metropolitan University. I began work in a special school for pupils with MLD. After a break to start a family, I returned to work in North Yorkshire, working with and supporting students with autism and SEMH needs while also supporting their families and teachers. 

My experience also includes training to deliver parenting programmes to families with a child with a diagnosis of ASC. I also recently set up and led a nurture group within a local primary school. I have taken advantage of CPD opportunities to develop my knowledge and skills over the years and have built up a bank of resources and interventions which can be used to support individuals and groups with SEN to progress not only with their learning but also with their social and emotional development. 

I understand how difficult the school environment can be for some students with additional needs. I feel MOS provides the opportunity to support and engage individuals in an alternative way while personalising their learning experiences. I aim to achieve a learning environment where pupils feel supported and understood, where they can not only make progress with their learning but also develop socially and emotionally and have their additional needs met. 

When I am not teaching I love spending time with my family and our new puppy Fynn. I love being outdoors - running, cycling and walking are my favourite activities. I also enjoy travelling and visiting new places.


Emily Peters


I began training to teach in 2015, and started teaching on the Salaried School Direct course at LJMU in Liverpool, which was really interesting as I was able to learn on the job. I found the hands-on approach to learning really beneficial - as they say, you can't learn to swim by reading a book! I still believe in "learning by doing" which I use in the classroom regularly. I also taught for a year on the Isle of Man before moving back to a school in Liverpool.

My first degree was a BSc in Marine Biology and Oceanography, which involved the physics of the sea. It interested me as I am very passionate about the environment. Eventually I became more interested in physics, and began to re-train when I started my teaching course. I gained my Physics PGCE in 2017. Now, I am finishing my masters, an MSc in Space and Technology. One day I would love to have a PhD in Physics!

I'm well trained to help a variety of SEN and EAL needs. In addition, I'm very empathetic and have a good understanding of mental health conditions. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of teaching online, and the small intimate class sizes. As somebody who suffers with a chronic illness, I understand that working to a more relaxed timetable in the comfort of your own home can really help you to stay calm and do your best. 

As an advocate of STEM and WISE, I hope to inspire the next generation to consider a career in science or technology, especially young women who are hugely under-represented in many areas of science.

Outside the classroom, you can usually find me walking dogs and enjoying nature, playing the guitar or enjoying a video game. I have been learning to code and one day plan to finish making my very own game!

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Emma Thompson


I have a BSc in Biology, a PGCE and a Master’s Degree in Education. I also have my Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification. I have 7 years’ teaching experience, mostly as a high school Science teacher, however I have also had experience teaching both online and classroom Maths and ESL teaching. I also had an amazing year teaching English as a Second Language in Vietnam.

Throughout my 6 years’ teaching in high schools, I taught high proportions of SEN pupils, and pupils experiencing different challenges with their mental health. I also spent a year volunteering at a SEN school before I began my teacher training. During my time as a high school teacher, I was promoted to Able, Gifted and Talented Student Coordinator. Over the course of my teaching career, I’ve also enjoyed running after-school gardening clubs and tutoring both GCSE Science and A-Level Biology. 

I’ve found that teaching online provides the unique opportunity to be able to focus more fully on teaching and learning, eliminating most of the distractions I was used to experiencing in physical schools. My primary goal in the virtual classroom is to help build my pupils’ confidence in their own abilities, and spark a curiosity and love for Science. 

In my own time, I enjoy spending time outdoors, or indoors learning a new type of craft.

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Mariet Cheetham

Computer Science

My education journey started in sunny South Africa, where I went to school and University. I then worked there for a few years in a Primary School, where I set up a computer lab. In classes and after school clubs, I taught the pupils basic IT skills, then in the evening I taught adults an IT course.

As well as my Qualified Teacher Status, I have a degree in Post School Education and another in Office Management and Technology. I have a real passion for Computer Science, as I feel it is such an important skill to have, especially in this day and age. As Steve Jobs once said: "everybody should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think."

In 2005, I embarked on my journey to work in England as an IT teacher. In the time since, I've worked in a variety of schools and colleges, teaching IT, Business Studies, Computer Science and Maths. After 13 years of teaching in mainstream schools, I have worked with a variety of different pupils, all with their own unique needs. I have learned how to adapt my teaching to suit my pupils needs and try to build lessons that will engage and challenge them but most of all be relevant.

My job as a teacher is to enable my pupils to think and challenge themselves. The idea that I can be part of the educational journey for a pupil that can't attend a traditional school is amazing. My aim is to give my pupils possibilities, self belief and the skills to solve problems. Working for My Online Schooling also lets me to work around my busy family life.

In my spare time, I love learning new programming and software skills. I also like spending time running, walking and growing my own vegetables.


Sam Palmer

Geography, PSHE

Geography is my primary passion. It began around 15 years ago, when I was introduced to speleology – the study of caves – and I soon became a cave mine leader, instructing groups around local cave systems.

After I graduated in Geography from Bath Spa University, I moved to Spain and trained as a teacher, achieving my Professional Graduate in Education in 2009. There, I taught English for the Spanish Military and for businesses like Santander and Siemens, before I joined Dexway, a specialist in language education that help thousands of people learn new languages. I also completed an English teaching certificate and submitted my dissertation to the speleology journal Cave.

Now, with My Online Schooling, I like to bring a creative style into the classroom, finding interesting ways to help pupils engage with Geography. In my classes, pupils have been asked to “Bake their States” in a module on the USA, while older students have explored sampling strategies using Smarties. Above all, my aim is to make pupils feel comfortable and supported in an environment where they can express themselves while growing in confidence and ability.

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Christine Williams


I graduated in 1999 with a BSc (hons) in Environmental Management at Manchester Metropolitan University. I then progressed onto achieving a PGCE in Post Compulsory Education and Training at the University of Huddersfield and recently achieving another PGCE in Secondary Geography at Manchester Metropolitan University. I have been teaching for the past 17 years in Sixth Form and Further Education Colleges. In between my teaching career, I have worked as a Home Tutor, Distance Learning Tutor, and a Standards Verifier for BTEC Levels 2 and 3 Business and Examiner for BTEC Level 3 Business for Pearson Edexcel.

I am equipped to support My Online Schooling pupils through encouraging active learning, providing pupils with choices in all kinds of scenarios, providing models to activities, applying proven strategies, encouraging pupil participation, teaching pupils to self manage and be independent, and reinforcing skills that are valued by families.The main reason that I was drawn to teaching online is the ability to focus and pay more attention to individual pupils. Teaching in a traditional classroom setting can be distracting, which results in pupils losing interest. 

My main aim through teaching is to see the smile on pupils’ faces when they unexpectedly understand a new skill. It is to see pupils, who think they can’t do something, suddenly realise that all things are possible, and to share knowledge that pupils may not know, learning new things along with my pupils. I want to inspire the next generation to have a true passion for Geography with constantly keeping up to date with issues arising around the subject.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy new challenges, socialise with family and friends and read books based on crime and real life stories. My main passion would be to travel the world and explore new cities and cultures.

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Carlos Ortuño


¡Hola! I’ve been teaching more than almost 10 years, both online and at various schools, both in Spain and the UK. I got my first taste of teaching when I was studying Modern Foreign Languages at the University of Murcia – I did part of my degree at Manchester Metropolitan University, where I first taught Spanish as a foreign language.

From there, I gained my Qualified Teacher Status in London, then found the opportunity to be a scholar with the British Council, working to promote language learning in the UK. Since then, I’ve also taught Italian and English as a foreign language too. As someone who loves learning languages, I can see the learning process from my students’ perspective, which really informs the way I teach. I focus on developing their main language skills, helping them find ways to express their ideas, while trying to awaken their interest in Spanish culture.

I’m always looking to drive my own professional development – I think it’s vital for any teacher. So, I’m not only a member of various language learning associations, but I’m also studying a masters in Online and Distance Learning with the Open University and I’m doing further training to teach English as a second language. It’s all helping become a better teacher, finding new methods and approaches for my role with My Online Schooling.

When I’m not teaching – and when I’m not learning languages myself – I love to spend time in nature, as well as travelling and listening to music.

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Marianne Kavanagh


Bonjour! I am an experienced French teacher, translator and storyteller. Having gained my degree in 1999 and PGCE in 2003, I spent eight years working in both primary and secondary schools in the UK. I also trained in teaching English as a foreign language and have taught adults and children at home and abroad.

More recently, I studied for a masters in translation and have worked as a freelancer on academic, commercial and legal texts. I’ve also brought the two sides of my career together, by training to become a Translation Skills workshop facilitator for The Stephen Spender Trust – going into schools to teach translation skills to primary and secondary aged children.

I am also a storyteller from the oral tradition, so I go to various events and workshops across the UK to tell stories. If you can keep an audience quiet as they listen to a story, you can do the same for a virtual classroom of 15 children!

My focus is very much on keeping language learning fun and fluid, allowing children to explore and express their creativity with language.


Parissa Card

French & Spanish

I am a qualified and experienced ex-Head of Department, Head of Year, Principal Examiner for OCR, Student Mentor (for future generations of teachers), and Private Tutor educating children and adults for the past 20 years. I have a Post certificate in Education (MFL) and a BA (1st) French Literature and Linguistics. I have recently set up my own language tutoring Facebook page called Superlingo, and I teach French, Spanish, and Persian from Year 4 upwards.

As a Head of Year for 210 students, I was responsible for pastoral care, and their academic progress. I was also involved in planning and presenting CPD sessions to colleagues regarding differentiation, behaviour management, and pace & challenge, which are all important when teaching students with different backgrounds. After teaching for 20 years in the classroom environment, I decided to take a new route, and I chose online teaching as it was a new experience, and there were fewer disruptions and more concentration on teaching.

As a polyglot able to speak 5 languages fluently, and 3 others at a variety of levels, I would like to share my passion and enthusiasm for languages with my pupils and transform their language learning journey into a positive and rewarding experience.

I my own time, you’ll find me learning Turkish, concentrating on my own business, browsing the web for new teaching ideas, reading educational blogs, shopping, mosaic art, and spending time with my dogs, Bailey and Maisie.

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Andrew Lowe


It was at secondary school that I first discovered my love for Latin and the Classics. I was lucky enough to have some outstanding teachers who encouraged me to further my studies of Classics up to university level. There, I graduated with a BA in 2012, and a postgrad diploma in 2014 – which I converted into a masters in 2018.

I first started teaching at a sixth form college in 2013, teaching Classical Civilisation at A Level. Since then, as well as teaching, I have examined for both major exam boards – giving me an invaluable insight into what markers are looking for from pupils. Now, I’m delighted to be bringing Latin teaching into the 21stcentury with My Online Schooling.

Outside the (virtual) classroom, I’m fortunate enough to live in a place within easy reach of the countryside and the Pennines, so you can often find me walking in the local area. Although, I have to confess, I’m a bit of a fair-weather walker!