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We’re proud of the team we’ve brought together at My Online Schooling. Our teachers are not only well-qualified professionals and passionate advocates for the benefits of online education – they’re also experienced educators, with a proven track record in supporting children’s academic and personal development.

See what our teachers say about teaching online:

Teaching a language online is obviously quite different from classroom teaching, although we can adapt many of the same materials from the classroom for online teaching. Unlike classroom teaching, where you might only include one game in the lesson and the onus would be to write down new vocab and grammar rules into books, I include plenty of games to keep students’ interest.

Peer-to-peer work via the breakout rooms is also motivating as students tend to want to interact with each other, which is understandable. So I use this to my advantage – only allowing them into breakout rooms when I’m happy that they understand the concept and instructions they need to carry out the roleplay or language game.

Generally this method is proving successful and I’m finding that as the teacher-student relationship grows, that online teaching is more rewarding in some ways than classroom teaching. I can deal with disruptions quickly, while support from the management team is swift and friendly. I feel supported and trusted to manage students learning in this new way and I’m enjoying seeing my pupils grow in confidence and ability.


Marianne Kavanaugh, French Teacher, UK School

Like many of the pupils I teach, my own personal issues made working in a normal school environment too difficult. I joined My Online Schooling because it meant I could carry on doing the job I love without having to face the many challenges that prevented me from doing so previously.

Teaching here gives me other challenges, but they’re the enjoyable kind! I’ve had to adapt the way I teach, which was difficult to begin with, but I enjoyed exploring new methods and activities and I feel I have become a better teacher through doing this. I really enjoy the small class sizes – it allows a much closer relationship with my students and helps me better adapt my teaching to their individual needs.

Other highlights include the flexibility of learning, and the community feel the school has. I’m very proud to work for My Online Schooling, as I know how much the service means to parents and pupils. I’m grateful to be able to work in a place that fits my needs and provides plenty of support.


Lauren Galligan, Science Teacher, UK School


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