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Introducing our

Learning & Wellbeing Support Hub
specialist support for your child


Learning & Wellbeing Support Hub

At My Online Schooling we strongly believe that all children and young people should be able to access an education which works for them. We are therefore excited to announce the creation of our Learning & Wellbeing Support Hub, aimed at providing further targeted support and direct alternatives for pupils with additional needs or challenges.

Classes within the Support Hub will be kept small, with a focus on individual understanding and care. Please see all of our Hub Classes on offer below:

These sessions aim to support pupils who experience anxiety, stress, or worry, and encourage understanding of these feelings. Pupils will be shown strategies to help manage conditions such as Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks. These sessions are run by our School Counsellor.

Our Social Skills sessions aim to help autistic pupils understand the world around them, and explain social and practical situations in an unambiguous, literal manner. We would recommend these sessions to pupils who find social understanding a challenge. These sessions are run by an Autism Specialist.

Role Models is an impact driven education provider who develop social and emotional wellbeing and dynamic thinking in young people through online courses and sessions.

Role Models will offer lessons to Junior pupils on valuable life skills including: Resilience, Collaboration, Leadership, and Creative Problem Solving.

When your child is enrolled in the Role Models class, you will receive an email summary and ‘Top Tip’ after each session, and pupils will be provided with a follow-up activity sheet. Additionally, every 5 sessions, pupils will receive a personalised Role Models certificate!

Two blocks (10 sessions) will be covered each term.

Sessions available:

  • KS2 (Years 3-6)
How to enrol in

The Support Hub

Our Support Hub classes may be accessed independently from our main school, or in conjunction with it. If your child is already enrolled with the school, then you can register for any of the Support Hub classes via the ‘Add Subjects‘ form in your parent portal. Otherwise, to enrol your child in any of the classes, please follow the button below to the ‘Enrolment Application form’.


Support Your Child's
Mental Health

If you notice your child or a loved one is showing any of these signs, there are actions you can take to help them;

  • Ask them if they would like to talk to you or another trusted person
  • Ask them to try and explain how they are feeling, without placing blame or guilt
  • Be supportive and explain they will not always feel this way
  • Make an appointment with your GP to talk through options
  • Counselling/CBT can be effective in some cases
  • Sometimes medication may be prescribed

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