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Meet our teaching team

Teachers have a profound impact on each of us. Beyond our parents, they are perhaps the most influential figures of our childhood, inspiring and guiding our development for the years ahead. We understand just how important the role our teachers have, so we ensure that our team includes only the very best – qualified and experienced professionals who are committed to making every lesson an engaging and exciting experience for your child.

Meet the members of our teaching team:

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Bethany Jamieson

Junior Leader of Teaching & Learning

I studied at the University of Stirling. My BA Hons in Primary Education with a specialism in the environment has been hugely advantageous in preparation for my teaching career. It provided me with strong subject knowledge in learning for sustainability, science, social studies and outdoor learning.

After graduating, I spent three years teaching in Scotland where I taught Primary 2, 2/3 and Primary 6. I then decided to move to Australia to travel and enhance my teaching career further. In Australia, I was an Early Childhood Teacher in an Early ChIldcare Centre and in a Montessori School. It was in Australia that I also found My Online Schooling! I worked as a Key Stage 2 teacher whilst travelling and living in Sydney. I returned to Scotland and have continued to teach with My Online Schooling. I teach across Key Stage 2 and am now the Science Subject Leader for the Junior School! I have carried out Facebook Live Lessons and Taster Sessions for prospective pupils. I currently run the Junior School assemblies, Well Being Club and Fitness Club.

I am of the opinion that learners have the right to receive an education appropriate to their needs and abilities. I have had lots of experience of working with children with additional needs, giving me a deep knowledge and understanding of the barriers they can face on a daily basis. I am very passionate about the wellbeing of children and hope to support children of all backgrounds to develop their skills for learning, work and life.

I was drawn to teaching online having listened to colleagues discuss the profound impact of online schooling. I was inspired and looked to provide children who found the alternatives to online schooling very challenging with a positive learning experience. I think it can provide children with an innovative and unique experience!

Outside of school, you’ll usually find me spending time with friends and family or walking my dog!

Jodie Ford

Junior Leader of Humanities

My career in education began as a Teaching Assistant where I worked with students of all needs and abilities to ensure they were supported and had access to all areas of education. Then, I trained to be a Primary School Teacher, gaining my PGCE with QTS which led to me teaching in England and then in Scotland where I moved with my husband. I have experience in teaching Years 2 to 6. My undergraduate degree is in Media Studies which I have always had an interest in and feel it is applicable to teaching as it is important for students of all ages to be aware of media messages. Media is also such a useful and diverse medium which can have many benefits in an educational setting.

My teaching career began with me working with students with varying needs and abilities which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am passionate about schools being inclusive and have a keen interest in encouraging positive mental health both inside and outside of the classroom. In this diverse society, it is important that positive mental health is promoted to ensure everyone feels supported and listened to.

I was drawn to teaching online as I was looking for a new adventure in my teaching career and was very interested in the idea of a virtual classroom, reaching students from all over the world, bringing people together and sharing our diversity. My aim as a teacher has always been to ensure all students feel they are heard, understood and loved. No matter your background, ability or needs you deserve access to education to ensure you have the opportunities to reach your own goals in life.

Outside of school I love arts and crafts, especially knitting which I find fun and therapeutic. Living in Scotland means I have many beautiful walks on my doorstep which I enjoy exploring. I read as much as I can and believe it has endless benefits, linking creativity, positive mental health and knowledge.


Kate Breen

Junior Classroom Teacher

I spent more than 8 years teaching in Sydney after I graduated with degrees in Art Education and Master of Art and Design. In that time, I’ve covered all key areas in primary schools and tutored students in the visual arts, numeracy and literacy in high schools, as well as offering private tuition, so I’ve taught pupils from kindergarten all the way up to year 10.

I’ve also worked in various support roles in and around the education sector – from childcare worker and learning support assistant to science laboratory assistant and tutor in a high school.

For much of my career, I’ve worked with children disadvantaged socially, physically or emotionally. As well as supporting children effected by anxiety, depression, high and low functioning ASD at Ronald McDonald House, I’ve volunteered with both Hammondcare and the World Vision Kid’s Hope program, supporting children and helping a stroke victim socially and emotionally through the medium of visual arts.

Online schooling gives me a vehicle for supporting pupils in a new, more accessible way. My aim is to help pupils become the best versions of themselves, focusing on strengths and interests to achieve their academic goals.

In my free time, I enjoy walking my dog Max along the beach. Right now, I’m attempting to teach him how to surf!

Peta Armstrong

Junior Classroom Teacher

I have a Bachelor of Education (Prep to Year 12), with Majors in Physical Education and Information technology. I studied for 4 years at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia and have had experience teaching in a variety of schools within Victoria.

Throughout my time as a teacher I have taught students from varying backgrounds, religions, cultures and and with varying needs. This has provided me with the understanding and knowledge to provide a nurturing, respectful, safe and supportive classroom environment catering my planning and teaching for a diverse range of needs.

I was drawn to teaching online as I needed a new challenge in my teaching career. Being able to teach students and work with teachers from all around the world really appealed to me, along with the technology that goes with being able to teach online. Mutual respect is a personal moral that I was brought up with and I continue to live by this every day, especially in my classroom; where all children are treated fairly.

I aim to provide engaging learning opportunities for all children, catering for their individual needs and empowering them to strive for excellence in all areas of the curriculum, whilst catering for their individual needs. I also aim to better my teaching skills and knowledge by taking on constructive feedback and continually learning from other teachers and professionals in the field and abroad.

In my free time I enjoy travelling, shopping, going to the beach,  bodyboarding, swimming, walking my dog and spending quality time with my family and friends. You can also find me watching a movie, trying different foods and playing board games with my daughter.

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Ash Guzowski

Head of English

I’ve been teaching English and Media Studies to pupils between 11 and 18 years old for more than five years. My career began in rural Cornwall, working with students who often had limited experiences of the world outside the county, and I worked to help them gain a valuable understanding of wider society. From there, my work has taken me to Buckinghamshire and on to Wales.

I am passionate about helping young people to understand and critically engage with the world around them through analysis. My own teaching philosophy is built around creating positive memories – that’s when we remember best. That’s why I always work to make lessons interesting and engaging, while I always strive to adapt my teaching style to suit the students’ needs. I also believe it is really important to emphasise and build on students’ successes, using verbal praise and rewards to help them understand their strengths.

Sharan Kaur


I have a BA in English and a Post Grad Dip in Education (Secondary). I also have a CELTA which equips me to teach English to non English speakers. I attained my degree from the National University of Singapore and have been teaching for the last 20 years.

I'm well-versed with online teaching and interacting and engaging students online. I also have experience working with students with dyslexia and ADD and ADHD. I believe online teaching and learning is the way forward. It is innovative and provides students with options which they may not have otherwise. My overall aim through teaching is to allow students to reach their potential and, most importantly, to enjoy learning.

Outside of the classroom, you’ll usually find me watching Korean dramas, baking/cooking and reading.

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Rhiannon Butler

English, Drama & PSHE

I have over 10 years’ experience as a secondary school teacher of Drama and English in the UK. My qualifications include Bachelor of Arts: Education Secondary Drama,  QTS and a CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching). 

In my first two years as a qualified teacher I worked in the school’s SEN department supporting a range of students with additional needs. As a parent of a child with an SEN, I have researched and promoted positive ways to engage SEN students in all areas of education and started a parent support group at my child's primary school in order to assist other parents and the school with additional resources and training. Mental health is also an area I am interested in and I believe Drama can be a very effective tool in exploring and educating young people about these issues. I have experience in running workshops exploring issues like relationship problems, depression and anxiety. I believe children's mental health is very important in order to allow them to feel good about themselves and build healthy relationships - I try to promote this through all areas of my teaching.

I believe online education offers pupils many opportunities that they wouldn’t have at mainstream school. I also feel that it offers greater quality of interaction between the teacher and pupil, and allows for feedback to be more efficient. Online learning is also the best way to be able to accommodate the pupils’ different learning styles.  

When I’m not teaching, you’ll find me spending time with my family and taking our dog for walks. I love cooking, reading and pilates.

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Sivaroobini Kalaimani

English and History

I have a Bachelor's degree in Classics and Ancient History, and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education. I have taught secondary school History in Singapore, and did some general relief teaching as well. I have also taught English as a Second Language at a small private school for international students. It was an incredibly rich, rewarding experience and I learned a lot, since ESL is so different from traditional English education with native speakers. 

I am very active in the Society for Creative Anachronism - an international living history club focusing on the pre-1605 world. Within the club, I have taught members various skills such as sewing Viking clothes and Greek clothes, basic sword-fighting, event organisation, medieval European dancing, cooking a variety of historical recipes, and even basic Latin. I also educate members on Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity principles, and associated accessibility issues.

My teaching degree did offer a focus on how to be inclusive of the various pupil needs in the classroom, which I found immensely valuable and have incorporated into my practice. Within my hobbies, I also work to promote inclusivity as well as awareness of mental health issues and requirements, accessibility for physical disabilities such as EDS and learning/developmental disorders such as ASD and dyslexia, etc.

I was drawn to teaching online because of my passion for accessibility and inclusivity. I admire the focus on bringing quality education to pupils who, for various reasons, require this option over brick-and-mortar schools. I also think that it is important for education to meet the needs of the 21st century. Through teaching, I hope to help my students become informed, active, compassionate global citizens, with the ability to read and think critically as they engage with the world.

In my spare time, I cook and bake a lot, playing with both historical and modern recipes. I also love J R R Tolkien, and engage actively with the fandom. I play Dungeons & Dragons with friends, sew historical clothing, and recreate Viking life with the SCA.

Tom Carter

Head of Mathematics

I have a first class degree in Economics and a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics. I have been a teacher for fifteen years and I've been head of maths at My Online Schooling for the last two years. I previously worked for ten years in a large state secondary school followed by three years at a charity that runs a school for students that have been excluded from mainstream school. I served in the army for three years with the Royal Engineers, but I left to attend university where I studied Economics.

I've taught with great success at a specialist school that provided education for students with emotional and behavioral difficulties. I have extensive experience in helping students that are struggling with their mental health and I have great sympathy with the challenges they face. I was drawn to online teaching as the ability to provide an education to a group of students that for whatever reason are unable to attend mainstream school is of great interest to me. The impact that I can have on their education and life chances is a very rewarding use of my time.

Through teaching mathematics, I aim to improve the numerical confidence of my students and to open their minds to the possibilities and potential that life can offer. I want all of my students to thrive during their time at My Online Schooling. Whenever they join us and for whatever reason I want them to grow in confidence and believe that they can have a productive and fulfilling life.

When I am not teaching I am spending time with my wife, three boys and our Labrador called Chewy (short for Chewbacca).

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Emma Crosby

Head of Science

I have a BSc in Biology, a PGCE and a Master’s Degree in Education. I also have my Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification. I have 7 years’ teaching experience, mostly as a high school Science teacher, however I have also had experience teaching both online and classroom Maths and ESL teaching. I also had an amazing year teaching English as a Second Language in Vietnam.

Throughout my 6 years’ teaching in high schools, I taught high proportions of SEN pupils, and pupils experiencing different challenges with their mental health. I also spent a year volunteering at a SEN school before I began my teacher training. During my time as a high school teacher, I was promoted to Able, Gifted and Talented Student Coordinator. Over the course of my teaching career, I’ve also enjoyed running after-school gardening clubs and tutoring both GCSE Science and A-Level Biology. 

I’ve found that teaching online provides the unique opportunity to be able to focus more fully on teaching and learning, eliminating most of the distractions I was used to experiencing in physical schools. My primary goal in the virtual classroom is to help build my pupils’ confidence in their own abilities, and spark a curiosity and love for Science. 

In my own time, I enjoy spending time outdoors, or indoors learning a new type of craft.

Jocelyn David


I am a qualified teacher of mathematics, science and physics. Throughout my career I have taught students who had been assessed as having SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities). Some of my students with emotional and behavioural disorders have completed their studies with honours in spite of their difficulties because I taught them with an end in mind - "to bring out their best self." I also am experienced in carrying out the Education, Health of Care (EHC) Plan for individual students through collaborative efforts with a Multidisciplinary Team. I attended meetings with this team to formulate or update the EHC Plan for each child annually.

Teaching online is of particular interest to me because of the vast opportunity to meet students from different cultures and nations. As I teach them, I also learn much from their culture! Most of the students doing online studies are quick to adapt to the fast-changing ICT, hence it is easier to get them engaged in various online educational resources.

I aim to help my pupils achieve their educational goals by developing their academic and essential skills. I will use my rich knowledge and experience in the areas of maths and physics applications to equip my pupils with sound knowledge and understanding of physics, science and maths and prepare them for their university studies and future careers. I will integrate with my lessons what I have learned from my previous training and studies on nuclear science and technology, space science, and Nondestructive Testing, to widen and deepen the knowledge of my students.

When I’m not teaching I love cooking! I love it when my family enjoys eating their meals.

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Mariet Cheetham

Head of Computer Science

My education journey started in sunny South Africa, where I went to school and University. I then worked there for a few years in a Primary School, where I set up a computer lab. In classes and after school clubs, I taught the pupils basic IT skills, then in the evening I taught adults an IT course.

As well as my Qualified Teacher Status, I have a degree in Post School Education and another in Office Management and Technology. I have a real passion for Computer Science, as I feel it is such an important skill to have, especially in this day and age. As Steve Jobs once said: "everybody should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think."

In 2005, I embarked on my journey to work in England as an IT teacher. In the time since, I've worked in a variety of schools and colleges, teaching IT, Business Studies, Computer Science and Maths. After 13 years of teaching in mainstream schools, I have worked with a variety of different pupils, all with their own unique needs. I have learned how to adapt my teaching to suit my pupils needs and try to build lessons that will engage and challenge them but most of all be relevant.

My job as a teacher is to enable my pupils to think and challenge themselves. The idea that I can be part of the educational journey for a pupil that can't attend a traditional school is amazing. My aim is to give my pupils possibilities, self belief and the skills to solve problems. Working for My Online Schooling also lets me to work around my busy family life.

In my spare time, I love learning new programming and software skills. I also like spending time running, walking and growing my own vegetables.


Sam Palmer

Co-Head of Humanities

Geography is my primary passion. It began around 15 years ago, when I was introduced to speleology – the study of caves – and I soon became a cave mine leader, instructing groups around local cave systems.

After I graduated in Geography from Bath Spa University, I moved to Spain and trained as a teacher, achieving my Professional Graduate in Education in 2009. There, I taught English for the Spanish Military and for businesses like Santander and Siemens, before I joined Dexway, a specialist in language education that help thousands of people learn new languages. I also completed an English teaching certificate and submitted my dissertation to the speleology journal Cave.

Now, with My Online Schooling, I like to bring a creative style into the classroom, finding interesting ways to help pupils engage with Geography. In my classes, pupils have been asked to “Bake their States” in a module on the USA, while older students have explored sampling strategies using Smarties. Above all, my aim is to make pupils feel comfortable and supported in an environment where they can express themselves while growing in confidence and ability.

Gretchen Ivey

Co-Head of Humanities

I have degrees in History, Spanish and my Secondary Education qualification from the USA. I have been a teacher for 29 years. I have had the pleasure of teaching around the world in international schools as well as in the UK. I also have training in SEN. 

I thoroughly enjoy the online teaching and learning environment, and also value the ability to do the job I love from home. My aim is to encourage my students in their study of History and Humanities. To me, the cornerstone of effective learning is respect - students need to be respected first and foremost in order to be empowered to thrive.

When I am not teaching, you’ll find me caring for my rescue birds, working on my allotment, improving myself physically through martial arts, or competing in Eskrima - a martial art from the Philippines. I am also a passionate creative writer.

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Leyla Malic

Business Studies

I have a Bachelor of Business degree, a Diploma of Financial Services, and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (P-12).

Effective teachers promote positive learning, spark learner enthusiasm and provide strong foundations for lifelong learning. As a teacher, I accomplish this by ensuring that I set high expectations for all my pupils in terms of both standard of learning and behaviour. I find ways to differentiate the curriculum and method of instruction in order to ensure learning occurs for all my pupils, no matter what level they’re at. The moment I log into my online classroom displaying enthusiasm, excitement and clearly expressing to pupils that they can all succeed is the moment they are motivated to learn. 

I want my pupils to notice my genuine love of lifelong learning as a teacher, and be the kind of teacher I would want to have as a pupil. Effective teachers have the ability to enable even struggling pupils to experience success by demonstrating trust, respect and empathy. I extend myself and my core values outside of the classroom by taking interest in my pupils as individuals. 

There is something extremely gratifying about imparting information to my pupils and working with them to ensure they understand, not only concepts, but practical applications as well. I enjoy teaching online, as one is able to follow pupils' progress more closely. Online classes are highly interactive and learning materials can be accessed anywhere.

When I’m not teaching, I enjoy travelling, swimming, and playing tennis.

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Carlos Ortuño

Head of Languages

¡Hola! I’ve been teaching more than almost 10 years, both online and at various schools, both in Spain and the UK. I got my first taste of teaching when I was studying Modern Foreign Languages at the University of Murcia – I did part of my degree at Manchester Metropolitan University, where I first taught Spanish as a foreign language.

From there, I gained my Qualified Teacher Status in London, then found the opportunity to be a scholar with the British Council, working to promote language learning in the UK. Since then, I’ve also taught Italian and English as a foreign language too. As someone who loves learning languages, I can see the learning process from my students’ perspective, which really informs the way I teach. I focus on developing their main language skills, helping them find ways to express their ideas, while trying to awaken their interest in Spanish culture.

I’m always looking to drive my own professional development – I think it’s vital for any teacher. So, I’m not only a member of various language learning associations, but I’m also studying a masters in Online and Distance Learning with the Open University and I’m doing further training to teach English as a second language. It’s all helping become a better teacher, finding new methods and approaches for my role with My Online Schooling.

When I’m not teaching – and when I’m not learning languages myself – I love to spend time in nature, as well as travelling and listening to music.


Noelia Freire


I love teaching languages – it’s something I’ve been doing since I was in college. While studying, I had the opportunity to teach English to children using different dynamic activities and games. From there, I found a role teaching children and teenagers at a private English school. I even taught during the summers, teaching English to international students in language camps in both the UK and Spain.

After I graduated in English Literature and Linguistics from the University of A Coruña in 2015, I went on to complete a master’s in English as a Foreign Language at the University of Santiago de Compostela, before studying Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at the Cervantes Institute. Then, to complete my journey to becoming a teaching professional, I completed an online MA in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from the University Camilo Jose Cela.

I have worked with pupils from a wide variety of different backgrounds and with different needs, including many with Special Educational Needs. I believe the best way to teach any pupil starts with getting to know them, before adapting myself to their unique styles of learning. I enjoy using interactive teaching tools, short tasks, music, visual materials and peer work in my classes.

Being part of the teaching staff at My Online Schooling allows me the flexibility to enjoy the job I love in different locations, and to provide high-quality teaching to those who cannot attend traditional schools. I’m passionate about the Spanish language, so it’s something I aim to share with my pupils.

Beyond the classroom, my other passions include travelling, learning new languages, cooking and spending time in nature. a role teaching children and teenagers at a private English school.

Rachel Adams

Head of Art & Design

Graduating from University with a BA (hons) Graphic Design degree, I pursued my passion for creativity within the design industry, fulfilling a range of roles, from leading teams of creatives to meet client briefs by produce outstanding outcomes, to art directing photo shoots internationally. Having achieved many of my creative industry career goals, the appeal to share my experiences and passion with younger people led to a change of career and the completion of my PGCE in Secondary Education.

I have been fortunate to teach a range of year groups and qualifications including A-Level, GCSE, BTEC and Diploma. Now having been teaching for more than 12 years, I am passionate about sharing my industry knowledge to create a commercially aware curriculum in Art and Design Technology, which nurtures and develops outstanding and skilful students to contribute to the global creative and digital world that we now live in.

Throughout my teaching career I have built a range of skills and completed valuable training to support and engage SEN students, students with a range of abilities and a variety of personal challenges. I have many years’ experience as a Form tutor and Mentor and care greatly about supporting my students.

Online schooling is such a privilege to be a part of with our children and families. Teaching pupils from all over the world gives every lesson a rich, varied and stimulating environment in which all students have the freedom to engage and shine. Whilst ensuring progress and learning, I strive to achieve a friendly online classroom where pupils feel relaxed and able to enjoy a calm, creative environment, with support and a sense of humour! I love the everyday challenge that teaching brings and feel great pride in my students and their work. My aim is that all students thrive and use their education to achieve their aspirations and live a successful, rewarding life.

At home, I live in a small village on the outskirts of Liverpool in the UK and I love to spend time with my family, walking and enjoying the outdoors with my children, photography, reading and genealogy.

Laura Hendry

Additional Support Needs Coordinator (ASNCo)

I have a certificate in teaching pupils with specific learning difficulties, a PGCE Secondary French and German and BA Hons French and German. I trained as a French and German teacher in 1998 and taught for two years in a boarding school in Perthshire, Scotland, before moving to Bedford to work in a selective Independent School, where I gradually became involved in supporting pupils with Additional Needs. I then trained in 2006 to teach, and subsequently to assess, pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties. 

In 2015 I became SENCo, leading a department of two dyslexia support teachers, two specialist teachers and one Learning Support Assistant. Together we supported pupils with a variety of Support Needs including dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and ASD. I am also a trained yoga and teen yoga teacher, which I believe helps me in supporting pupils with ASN.

Having gained some experience over the past year supporting pupils and their families remotely, I realised how effective this form of teaching and learning can be and how it suits some pupils better to learn from home. I am passionate about making education accessible for all and hope to support our pupils to allow them to achieve their potential.

I like to spend my free time with family and friends or climbing, doing yoga, reading and going for walks by the sea.