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Meet our teaching team

Teachers have a profound impact on each of us. Beyond our parents, they are perhaps the most influential figures of our childhood, inspiring and guiding our development for the years ahead. We understand just how important the role our teachers have, so we ensure that our team includes only the very best – qualified and experienced professionals who are committed to making every lesson an engaging and exciting experience for your child.

Meet the members of our teaching team:


Angela Saltalamacchia

Primary Years

After receiving my Bachelor of Primary Education degree, I spent two years as a teacher in a new community of learners, before going on to lead the Health and Physical Education Department – where I wrote and delivered the curriculum from year 1 up to year 10.

I then travelled to Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, where I delivered the 'You Can Do It' initiative, which was designed to build resilience, confidence, organisation and a cooperative attitude in young people. When I came back from Western Australia, I worked as a Humanities teacher in years 8 and 9, as well as teaching STEM periodically.

Throughout my teaching career, I’ve spent most of my time working with children facing mental health issues, including severe cases of trauma. Working in a variety of different roles has allowed me to adapt and evolve my skills to children’s unique needs, interpreting their social and emotional requirements quickly, then tailoring my approach to suit. Now, I aim to give pupils knowledge, confidence and the ability to ‘learn how to learn’, paving the way to ultimately develop into happy, active global citizens.

When I’m not teaching, I am focused on being a parent to my toddler, while I also enjoy exploring different natural environments, observing wildlife and learning about agricultural techniques for a sustainable future of food.

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Bethany Jamieson

Primary Years

I studied at the University of Stirling in Scotland, and graduated with a BA Hons in Primary Education with a specialism in The Environment. In 2016, I began my educational career as a newly-qualified teacher. I taught a variety of stages, teaching all areas of the curriculum and motivated and stimulated children by encouraging learning through experiences. In addition, I led a variety of extra-curricular activities - Pupil Council, Junior Tour Guides, Home Learning Club. I also worked to embed ‘continuous provision’ within my setting and attended and delivered workshops in ‘Play is the way’ and ‘Learning through play in the Early Years’ conferences. I effectively planned literacy interventions to close the poverty-related attainment gap and for the delivery of the Poverty Equity Fund. 

I gained significant experience in working with children with additional needs and managing a number of Additional Needs Assistants throughout my previous post. I also participated in a number of career-long professional learning courses relating to additional needs and health and well-being.

After teaching for almost three years, I made the decision to travel to experience new places and cultures. Teaching online was extremely appealing to me as it allows flexibility while providing me with the opportunity to pursue my educational career. Furthermore, teaching online is a new, modern challenge which I am motivated by! My aim is to provide children with positive learning experiences, through planning stimulating, active and exciting lessons.  

In my free time, I love to travel, exercise, walk my dog and spend time with friends and family!


Jo-Lee Kennedy


I was educated in country Victoria, and completed my tertiary education at LaTrobe University in Melbourne, where I earned my Bachelor of Science degree. I also have a Diploma in Education. Since then, I have had the pleasure of working as a teacher for over 30 years, and have experience teaching all kinds of pupils with varying different needs. 

I decided to pursue teaching online, as I liked the idea of working in a less formal way with pupils. It also gives me the flexibility to continue to do what I love when I eventually move country next year. I am passionate about Science, and what to share that passion with my pupils. One of my favourite aspects of teaching is getting to know the pupils individually. 

In my spare time, I like spending time with my husband - sometimes on the back of his motorbike! I also love yoga, knitting, walking my two dogs Julius and Violet, and spending time with my new granddaughter, Astrid.


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Rose ter Borg

Science and Biology

I have a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Ecology and Biodiversity and Marine Biology. I also achieved a Postgraduate Diploma of Science in Marine Biology and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching. Since then, I have enjoyed working in secondary schools for six years. 

I have worked closely with students and their families who have a range of different needs. I was drawn to online teaching because of the potential for meeting the needs of individual pupils in unique and varying situations and circumstances. I believe online learning is an excellent tool to facilitate this.

I am enthusiastic about supporting pupils to become self-motivated and capable learners. I enjoy engaging pupils with Science and getting them excited about the subject, and encouraging them to develop an understanding of scientific processes and concepts.

In my free time, I enjoy scuba diving, rock climbing or reading a good book. 

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Rachel Morris


I studied Exercise and Health Science at the University of Western Australia, and then went on to complete a Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education (Physical Education, Health and Science). I worked as a Science teacher in Perth, WA for a year before moving to a regional town in the south west where I continued teaching as a relief teacher, taking on a variety of subject areas. I was very lucky to be involved with many outdoor education camps - taking pupils canoeing, mountain bike riding and hiking. This has been a highlight of my teaching as it gave me an opportunity to really connect with pupils outside of the classroom.

I strongly believe that creating a safe learning environment where pupils can feel empowered to share their thoughts and ideas is essential for pupil success and enjoyment, regardless of their socioeconomic background, family dynamics or cultural upbringing. I am a very patient and empathetic person who loves teaching and I strive to create these safe learning environments. I want my pupils to be comfortable being themselves and know that I will provide them with the support they need to achieve success.

Teaching online appealed to me initially because I found dealing with behaviour management in a traditional school setting to be frustrating and tiresome, and it really took away my enjoyment of teaching. I want to really engage pupils in the content they are learning and have fun in the process. Teaching online gives me the exciting opportunity to teach pupils from all over the world and be involved with an online, global community.

In my personal life, I love doing things with my fiancé such as exploring hiking trails in the south west, visiting wineries, going to quiz nights and relaxing in the evening watching our favourite TV shows. I also love making paper quilled crafts and birthday cards for family.

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Samantha Lal

Biology & Computer Science

I have been teaching since 2013 where I taught a range of subjects from Geography and History to Business Studies, Legal Studies and Economics. I have a Bachelor of Teaching and a Bachelor of Arts degree from ACU and I have a Bachelor of Policing from UWS. I have taught many pupils experiencing Mental Health and SEN, who have needed some extra guidance and support in their learning. I always ensure that my lessons are pupil-oriented and inclusive and I try to make learning as engaging and fun as possible.

With online teaching, I find that there is more time for pupils to engage with the lesson and ask questions and this environment also creates a safe space for pupils who have anxiety issues to be able to voice their opinion and converse with the class and build these skills to overcome these issues.

I aim to create an inclusive learning environment where pupils feel safe to engage with their learning, and with their peers, and create a positive outlook toward their schooling. No matter how a pupil chooses to learn, whether it be online schooling or mainstream schooling, I want any pupil that enters my online classroom to feel inspired by the subject and look forward day to day to being a part of the My Online Schooling community.

In my spare time, you’ll find me spending time with my family (we love to cook together!), reading and going to the beach.


Kate Breen


I spent more than 8 years teaching in Sydney after I graduated with degrees in Art Education and Master of Art and Design. In that time, I’ve covered all key areas in primary schools and tutored students in the visual arts, numeracy and literacy in high schools, as well as offering private tuition, so I’ve taught pupils from kindergarten all the way up to year 10.

I’ve also worked in various support roles in and around the education sector – from childcare worker and learning support assistant to science laboratory assistant and tutor in a high school.

For much of my career, I’ve worked with children disadvantaged socially, physically or emotionally. As well as supporting children effected by anxiety, depression, high and low functioning ASD at Ronald McDonald House, I’ve volunteered with both Hammondcare and the World Vision Kid’s Hope program, supporting children and helping a stroke victim socially and emotionally through the medium of visual arts.

Online schooling gives me a vehicle for supporting pupils in a new, more accessible way. My aim is to help pupils become the best versions of themselves, focusing on strengths and interests to achieve their academic goals.

In my free time, I enjoy walking my dog Max along the beach. Right now, I’m attempting to teach him how to surf!

Joe Butler-Biggs

Joe Butler-Biggs

English, History, Science and Maths

I’ve been a tutor since 2007, working in a wide range of home-schooling, long-term residential and international teaching roles. I’ve taught children as their sole educator responsible for a whole curriculum, together with working as a specialist as part of a team.

As well as being the Creator and Coordinator of the Tutor Training Programme for the London Academy of Tutors, I’ve worked as a specialist tutor in numeracy and literacy with the Dyslexia Teaching Centre in London.

Throughout my career, I’ve spent thousands of hours teaching students with Special Education Needs and other learning-affecting cognitive profiles, including depression and anxiety. As such, I’ve worked with a lot of pupils who did not find mainstream schooling suitable – from children taken out of the school environment to pursue promising careers, to children feeling less in control.

One pupil felt unable to speak for months, but I always find a way – eventually – to get them to make a teacher’s favourite sound: the triumphant ‘oooh’ that comes when meaning clicks into place. Whoever the pupil, whatever their needs, I teach with compassion and patience as a priority. When the mind is calm, it is curious.

I’m now building on my experience by studying for a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Interventions for Dyslexia and Literacy with Dyslexia Action Online – adding to my BSc in Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method.

During any down time, you can find me studying, reading or listening to audiobooks, playing chess or practising yoga.

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Jonathan Sargent

Computer Science

I have three degrees in Education, including a Bachelor of Education, a Graduate Diploma of Education and Master of Education. Over the course of my teaching career, I have enjoyed time teaching in different locations, including Germany, Japan, China and Australia. During this time, I have also participated in many SEN professional development programmes. Having always had at least one SEN student in most of my classes over the past 20 years, I am well equipped to meet the needs of pupils who require additional support.

As an IT teacher, for me, teaching Computer Science online is the next step in teaching. This is a medium of teaching that I have been doing in my bricks and mortar classrooms to some extent, and now the challenge is to teach completely online. My aim is to enable my pupils to achieve their very best.

In my free time, I enjoy cycling, travelling and learning (especially foreign languages).

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Neel Shah


I have Bachelor degrees in Psychology, Indonesian and Mathematics, and a Master of Teaching degree in Secondary Mathematics and Indonesian. My aim, through teaching, is to help create equal opportunity for those who may not have access to quality education. I had been helping out my cousins from America with their Maths issues, and they found it very useful. It also helped me improve my skills with online screen-sharing programs. The time went so quickly, and with all the features of online learning (such as integrating graphs, interactive screened-whiteboards), the depth to which you can explore mathematics through online learning is amazing!

I am a very approachable person, which I believe is key when it comes to effective teaching. I believe that establishing rapport with my pupils early on is critical. Knowing my pupils is my highest priority, and therefore I always plan or seek assistance with managing and supporting pupils’ well-being, or helping a gifted and talented person progress. 

My goal is to help my pupils love mathematics as much as I do, and to use the skills learned to apply in the real world. I want to be able to teach our future generations who will one day be driven to find cures, create medicines and solve architectural problems with an increasing world population. This is a real privilege for me. 

When I’m not in the virtual classroom, you can usually find me spending time with my fiance, surfing, at the gym or watching stand up comedy. I also enjoy a daily 5km walk.


Sarah Lady

English and History

After I graduated in History and English, I found an interest in working with at-risk teens. So I went back into the classroom to study for a diploma Youth Justice, which led me into a role at Adelaide's youth prison. While there, I organised mental health training for myself and the staff. It was extremely valuable, offering insights around which we could tailor our teaching programmes. It made a huge difference in our ability to build relationships with students, boosting student engagement as a result.

In that time, I gained a Senior Certificate in Mental Health First Aid, which taught me that the pressures on children living with mental health issues often require specialised learning plans, to help them cope with the stress of a world that can overwhelm them.

I’ve experienced online education for myself, so I know about the options it offers to people in a range of different circumstances and situations. I see teaching as a process of building trust through open, warm, honest interactions. My classrooms are full of humour, insight and potential!

My hobbies include eating cheesecake and playing guitar, but not at the same time. I also play lead guitar and sing in a punk band – it's very good therapy!

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Shaun Kay

Geography & Business

I have a Graduate Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Sport Medicine. I also have a Cert IV in Training and Work-Place Assessment, and I am a trained Meditation and Yoga Facilitator.

I love working with pupils to help shift to more positive and emotionally stable states using a range of strategies I have mastered over the years. I was an anxious young man who once struggled with anxiety and depression myself, so I am sensitive to the needs of young people who may be going through similar challenges during school. I have spent years studying education, mindsets, the mind and mental health in order to help others to live a mentally well and joyful life. 

With online teaching, I love having the ability to work closely with pupils from all over the world. I also like that it gives me the flexibility to teach in various locations, where I can be in flow and present. My primary goal as a teacher is to empower my students with education and wellness so that they, in turn, can have a positive influence on their community.

In my own time, you’ll likely find me meditating or playing in the ocean!


Marianne Kavanagh


Bonjour! I am an experienced French teacher, translator and storyteller. Having gained my degree in 1999 and PGCE in 2003, I spent eight years working in both primary and secondary schools in the UK. I also trained in teaching English as a foreign language and have taught adults and children at home and abroad.

More recently, I studied for a masters in translation and have worked as a freelancer on academic, commercial and legal texts. I’ve also brought the two sides of my career together, by training to become a Translation Skills workshop facilitator for The Stephen Spender Trust – going into schools to teach translation skills to primary and secondary aged children.

I am also a storyteller from the oral tradition, so I go to various events and workshops across the UK to tell stories. If you can keep an audience quiet as they listen to a story, you can do the same for a virtual classroom of 15 children!

My focus is very much on keeping language learning fun and fluid, allowing children to explore and express their creativity with language.

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Sarah Evington-Smith


Bonjour and hello! As a dual sector teacher who is specialised in French and English, I am passionate about language learning and the opportunities that it brings to students of all ages. Having lived for the last twenty years in French speaking countries - notably France, Switzerland and Canada - I currently teach students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 in Australia.

Having completed French language studies at La Sorbonne University in Paris, I went on to finish a Bachelor of Arts degree in French which compliments my Bachelor of Education (K-12 Teaching). While I am specialised in language teaching as well as being Primary trained, I have recently embarked on a Masters of Technology in Education which, as part of the My Online Schooling Team, ties my interest in online education to my passion for second language acquisition. Added to this, having also taught French to tertiary education students and working professionals, I have experience and expertise in tailoring my teaching practice to meet the learning needs of pupils in order to reach quality educational goals through pupil-centred approaches.

Outside of the classroom, my interests lie in world cuisine (in which I indulge during my trips to Europe), tennis and Burmese cats.


Noelia Freire


I love teaching languages – it’s something I’ve been doing since I was in college. While studying, I had the opportunity to teach English to children using different dynamic activities and games. From there, I found a role teaching children and teenagers at a private English school. I even taught during the summers, teaching English to international students in language camps in both the UK and Spain.

After I graduated in English Literature and Linguistics from the University of A Coruña in 2015, I went on to complete a master’s in English as a Foreign Language at the University of Santiago de Compostela, before studying Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at the Cervantes Institute. Then, to complete my journey to becoming a teaching professional, I completed an online MA in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from the University Camilo Jose Cela.

I have worked with pupils from a wide variety of different backgrounds and with different needs, including many with Special Educational Needs. I believe the best way to teach any pupil starts with getting to know them, before adapting myself to their unique styles of learning. I enjoy using interactive teaching tools, short tasks, music, visual materials and peer work in my classes.

Being part of the teaching staff at My Online Schooling allows me the flexibility to enjoy the job I love in different locations, and to provide high-quality teaching to those who cannot attend traditional schools. I’m passionate about the Spanish language, so it’s something I aim to share with my pupils.

Beyond the classroom, my other passions include travelling, learning new languages, cooking and spending time in nature. a role teaching children and teenagers at a private English school.