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Our Teachers’ experience
of online education

We’re proud of the team we’ve brought together at My Online Schooling. Our teachers are not only well-qualified professionals and passionate advocates for the benefits of online education – they’re also experienced educators, with a proven track record in supporting children’s academic and personal development.

See what our teachers say about online education:

I’ve really enjoyed working with the MOS staff and student body. Today we are all so used to communicating online that it is easy to forget that most of us haven’t actually met in real life. This also translates to the classroom, where sensible discussions mix with humorous exchanges in a manner familiar to any teacher – but actually in a far more favourable (for the teacher) ratio than you would expect of a regular classroom setting.

One of the things I have enjoyed the most is watching the friendships develop between pupils, and seeing the banter and the inside jokes begin to take hold – a clear marker of the confidence and mutual rapport amongst the students. When I was a teenager, the internet was very new and cyber-bullying was not even a topic of conversation. This was an area of interest for me, when joining an online school as complete as MOS, and so particularly refreshing reality is the pupils awareness of the importance of online etiquette. From my experience of their supportive and friendly attitudes to each other, they could put many online-adults to shame. I think that is probably a product of the environment that they have been brought up in, and the greater awareness we now have about safeguarding online behaviour, but most definitely it is a credit to them each individually as well.

Alongside the flexibility for a teacher of an online classroom, and the way this makes use of the near-infinite resource of the internet, the enthusiasm and work ethic of the pupils is the part of MOS that I enjoy the most. I am looking forward to being a part of the further development of the school, and of course of all the pupils’ futures.

Joe Butler-Biggs

Joe Butler-Biggs, Secondary Teacher, Asia Pacific School

MOS would have to be the best most supportive teaching and learning environment I have encountered in all my 10 years in the teaching profession. The school culture is one of teamwork and collaboration. It has also been a most rewarding experience getting to know young people who are living globally and learning uniquely with a wide range of circumstances.

I am loving a workplace where pupils and teachers uplift each other, think dynamically and bring new meaning to pupil centered learning.


Angela Saltalamacchia, Primary and Secondary Teacher, Asia Pacific School

The pupils who are undertaking online schooling through MOS are unique, intrepid young people. It is my pleasure and honour to be able to truly tailor an education in the Arts to their individual needs. The MOS staff support me in every way to do this, and together I feel confident we are creating the most powerfully relevant and engaging educational environment possible for our pupils and parents.

Sarah Lady

Sarah Lady, English and History Teacher, Asia Pacific School

Teaching online is a fantastic opportunity to keep growing professionally; it involves new challenges, and to face them is very satisfactory. During this time, I have worked to adapt my teaching style to the online system, and seeing the result of these improvements keeps me motivated to continue learning skills, and thus, become a better teacher. One example is that the more I control the teaching platforms, the more engaging my lessons become for the pupils.

In addition, this way of teaching helps me to keep all my materials more organised and accessible from different places and allows me to have a more individualised communication with my pupils.

In general, teaching online gives me the opportunity of combining my two passions: doing the job that I love and travelling.


Noelia Freire, Spanish Teacher, Asia Pacific School