Adventure weekend

Join us for our

Adventure Weekend

Our adventure weekends offer the chance to get outdoors, make some friends, meet our teachers and connect with other families. Above all, it’s a great chance to have some fun.

It’s a great get-together, complete with confidence-building outdoor challenges and team-building games which, in past trips, has included everything from abseiling, zip-wiring and giant swinging, to learning how to fence, build a buggy and shoot a bow and arrow in archery.

It’s important that every pupil feels like they’re part of our thriving community. By coming along to one of our adventure weekends, your child gets the chance to enjoy some of the vital social aspects of school life – getting to know peers, other pupils and teachers.

I liked the giant swing best because it was really exciting and also archery because I got better at it the more go’s I had. I learned new skills in buggy building, like how to tie different kinds of knots.

Buggy Building

Katie, Year 7

The giant swing was my favourite activity. It was really fun, and I challenged myself by swinging from the top.

adventure weekend Oct

Dakota, Year 8

My favourite activity was the zip-wire because it reminded me of the time I did a zip-wire in America. I was really excited to come on the Adventure Weekend, and now I’ve made new friends.

Adenture Weekend Ethan

Ethan, Year 9

I liked Cluedo and the zip-wire best. I loved the thrill of being up high on the zip-wire. We’ve made a friend group now.

Zip wire Abbie

Abbie, Year 7

My favourite was the giant swing and I also enjoyed the Cluedo game because it let us explore the area and it was really fun. The Adventure Weekend engaged us in really fun activities.

Alexa adventure weekend

Alexa, Year 5

Katie had a great time! (Once she got over her initial wobbles and I was able to leave). Thank you so much. She made 3 lovely friends who she really felt she connected with (Katie said 2 of them had Aspergers too) and for the first time she felt like she’d met folk who were ‘just like her’ and thought the same way so she didn’t feel so odd and out of place. I am really grateful to you all, and Tom, Rebecca and Zoe especially.

Adevnture Weekend

Morag, Year 7