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When classes are done for the day, getting involved in one of our After School Clubs offers a great way for pupils to pursue hobbies, get to know friends and learn more about the subjects they love. These sessions run once a week for an hour, and they’re completely free for any pupil already enrolled with us.

So, as long as the after-school sessions fit in with your child’s timetable, they can get stuck into as many as they’d like.

If your child is enrolled with us, and would like to join our clubs and societies, then please take a look at the ones currently running and complete the form below.

  • Sarah Lady
  • Wednesday, Period 2
  • All year groups welcome
  • This club is run by our Asia Pacific school

Cartooning Club aims to help pupils of all ages discover and develop their own artistic style. We’ll be doing this with the guidance of Hermann Lauss, an established Adelaide cartoonist and graphic designer. Over the course of the school term, each pupil will collect a folder of inspirational material and work steadily towards creating their very own single panel cartoon. Throughout the process we’ll experiment with different cartooning styles and techniques, with an underlying theme of self-discovery.

  • Donald Pedder
  • Monday, Period 10
  • Year 8 and higher
  • This club is run by our Asia Pacific School

Today’s young people will work, live and play in a world that is increasingly digital. They’ll require skills to solve problems that don’t exist yet, they’ll become change makers that build new solutions and community members of an unrecognisable globalised planet.They might become coders, but they might also be data analysts, teachers, social media collaborators, CEOs, lawyers or activists. They’ll work in fields that don’t even exist yet! And they’ll need to know how technology works.Coding and digital skills are fundamental for our changing future. By learning how to code, young people are building digital literacy skills for a changing world. They’re also developing valuable soft skills including logic, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

  • Kate Breen
  • Monday before lessons 8 – 8:45 am AWST
  • All year groups welcome
  • This club is run by our Asia Pacific School

Health and Wellbeing Club is a positive, open and supportive space where we learn about and discuss issues and topics regarding our health, mental health and wellbeing. You’ll will learn positive strategies to manage your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing in your daily life. We’ll also be discussing a range of topics that affect young people today, such as managing anxiety, stress and depression, as well as how to overcome challenges and build a positive self image.