Asia Pacific Enrolment Application

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Applying to enrol

We’re delighted that you want to be part of our school. But before you fill in the form, please make sure that you only apply once you’ve made the final decision to join us, and that you fully understand the fees you’ll need to pay for your selected course and subjects. You can find all the details about our fees under our Fees page.


If there's anything you need to know about our school or what we offer, please get in touch.

Enrolment Fee

Please note that there is a non-refundable, one-off enrolment fee of $400 for every pupil, which you'll need to pay before your child can start lessons.

If You Would Like To Proceed With Enroling Your Child
Then Please Complete This Form:

Our intake dates for academic year 2020/21 are as follows:


  • Monday 7 September; cut-off Friday 21 August
  • Monday 21 September; cut-off Friday 4 September
  • Monday 5 October; cut-off Friday 18 September
  • Monday 19 October; cut-off Friday 2 October
  • Monday 2 November; cut-off Friday 16 October
  • Monday 16 November; cut-off Friday 30 October
  • Monday 30 November; cut-off Friday 13 November
  • Monday 14 December; cut-off Friday 27 November


  • Monday 4 January; cut-off Friday 18 December
  • Monday 18 January; cut-off Friday 1 January
  • Monday 1 February; cut-off Friday 15 January
  • Monday 22 February; cut-off Friday 5 February
  • Monday 8 March; cut-off Friday 19 February
  • Monday 22 March; cut-off Friday 5 March
  • Monday 19 April; cut-off Friday 2 April
  • Monday 3 May; cut-off Friday 16 April
  • Monday 17 May; cut-off Friday 30 April
  • Monday 31 May; cut-off Friday 14 May
  • Monday 14 June; cut-off Friday 28 May
  • Monday 28 June; cut-off Friday 11 June
  • Monday 12 July; cut-off Friday 25 June

Enrolment Application Form

*Please note that ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’ is the parent’s name that is required first.