Moving to Singapore? – 5 Tips for British Families

April 1, 2019

Singapore is a popular living destination among people from the UK, with around 50,000 British expats currently living there. ...

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The benefits of an online English National Curriculum education for children in Scotland

March 13, 2019

While educational standards in Scotland have been historically impressive, they have experienced a steady decline in recent years, leaving ...

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How online education can support families who are home-schooling in the UK

March 5, 2019

According to a recent BBC survey carried out last year, there has been a 40% increase in numbers of ...

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How to give your child a British education online for expatriates living in Hong Kong

February 25, 2019

This Blog will cover: Education in Hong Kong British Expats in Hong KongOnline education 6 reasons to consider online ...

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How to give your child an outstanding British education as an expat in Malaysia

February 19, 2019

Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant and upcoming destination for British expats pursuing a career abroad. With the iconic Petronas ...

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How to give your child a full time British education from Australia

January 23, 2019

With the costs of international schools remaining high, many British Expat families are choosing to educate their children from ...

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Ten ways you can support your child to study independently from home

January 17, 2019

Many of our students are excellent independent learners, with good self-study skills. Learning to manage your own time, do ...

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A homeschooling parent’s complete guide to an online British education in Australia- your FAQ’s answered here

January 15, 2019

Are you moving to Australia as a British Expat? If you are moving to Australia as a British expat, ...

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The Benefits of Homeschooling your Child

November 9, 2018

How can homeschooling help children build wellbeing, self control, and emotional intelligence? Distractions in Traditional Schooling Noisy, disruptive classrooms ...

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