Behaviour Policy


It is a primary aim of My Online Schooling that every member of the school community feels valued and respected, and that each person is treated fairly. We are a caring school, whose values are built on mutual trust and respect for all. The school’s behaviour policy is therefore designed to support the way in which all members of the school can work together in a supportive way. It aims to promote an environment in which everyone feels happy, safe and secure.

The school expects every member of the school community to behave in a considerate and respectful way towards others.

This policy aims to help young people grow in a safe and secure online environment, and to become positive, happy and responsible members of the school community.

The school recognises and promotes good behaviour, as it believes that this will develop an ethos of kindness and cooperation. This policy is designed to encourage good behaviour.

Role of the Headteacher

It is the responsibility of the Headteacher to implement the school behaviour policy consistently throughout the school.

The Headteacher supports the staff by implementing the policy, by setting the standards of behaviour, and by supporting staff in their implementation of the policy.

The Headteacher keeps records of all reported any incidents of misbehaviour.

The Role of the Teacher

It is the responsibility of class teachers to ensure that the rules of the online classroom are enforced in their classes, and that everyone behave in a responsible manner during lesson time.

The class teachers in our school have high expectations of the children with regard to behaviour, and they strive to ensure that all young people work to the best of their ability.

The teacher must be a role model for the children and treat each child fairly, and enforce the classroom code consistently. The teachers treat all children in their classes with respect and understanding.

The class teacher should ensure that the Headteacher is aware of repeated low level negative behaviour which in turn will be communicated to parents.

The class teacher reports to the Headteacher who will communicate to parents and carers about the progress of each child in their class, in line with the whole-school policy.

The Role of Parents and Carers

The school collaborates actively with parents and carers, so that young people receive consistent messages about how to behave at home and at school. We expect parents and carers to support their child’s learning, and to cooperate with the school.

It is the responsibility of parents and carers to ensure that their child is properly supervised during lessons if required. It is the responsibility of the parent and carer to ensure that their child turn up on time for each lessons and that they are well prepared with their device suitably charged and in good working order.

School Rules

  • All pupils must behave in a respectful, considerate and kind manner when they are in classrooms. They must listen to and take direction from their teacher when in class.
  • Disruptive or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated on any level. If a child demonstrates behaviour that the teacher deems to be unacceptable or inappropriate they will be given a verbal warning. Upon the third verbal warning the child will be removed from the classroom for the remainder of the lesson. A report will be sent to the Headteacher and the parent or carer. If disruptive behaviour becomes a regular occurrence the Headteacher may ask the pupil to leave the school.
  • Pupils are expected to participate actively in lessons and complete tasks to the best of their ability. Teachers will provide encouragement and we expect pupils to try their very best.
  • Homework must be completed to a high standard by the agreed due date. If there is a problem or delay to this, the Headteacher or School Manager must be informed who will communicate this to the teacher.
  • Students must use the Common Room feature appropriately. This feature is secure and moderated by the Headteacher and School Manager. The school operates a zero tolerance policy for any kind of bullying, offensive language or inappropriate discussions are allowed, and no personal details should be given out.  Discussions with other students should always be positive, supportive, and kind.
  • Students must be punctual to lessons and enter the classroom at least 5 minutes before the lesson commences. If a child is more than ten minutes late to a lesson, the lesson may be cancelled. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that their device is charged, has a good internet connection and is in good working order. Parents and carers should support their child with this.