Exceptional teaching from anywhere in the world

Wherever you live or are travelling to, you have complete and full access to the British Curriculum and outstanding teaching from our team of experienced professionals. Access live lessons via a laptop, tablet or smart phone from any corner of the globe. Examinations can be sat at your closest examination center. 

Individualised learning

We recognize that no two student share the same. We learn in different ways and at different paces. At are treat every student as an individual and create a personal learning plan to suit their each individual need. We provide regular parental feedback on the progress of students and we are always on hand to offer advice or support in relation to students learning and progress.


Disruption free learning offers an alternative pathway to traditional education. Through our state-of-the-art virtual classrooms, teachers are able to deliver engaging, interactive lessons without the class room disruption that may be prevalent in traditional schools.Students at can therefore turn their focus purely to their academic study.


Interactive virtual classrooms

Our state-of-the-art virtual classrooms allow for interactive teaching and learning from our exceptional and experienced teachers. You will see, hear and be able to interact with your teacher through our daily live lessons. All lessons are recorded and can be viewed back at any time, making it perfect if you miss a class or are preparing for and examination.

Academic focused puts the main focus on academic achievement. We teach the English National Curriculum allowing student to enroll for examinations at a place of their choice. Online learning allows students to solely focus on the academic aspect of their learning in a disruption free environment. 


Small class sizes

Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 15 students meaning there is more time for interaction between teachers and students. Feedback on learning is always given by our teachers and they are there with students, every step of the way.