Debating Club – Monday 4-5pm with Ella Hall






In our debating club we will discuss a range of current issues, such as the impact of ‘fake news’, as well as historical issues such as, ‘who was to blame for The Cold War?’. Students will learn strategies to help them verbalise their opinions and ideas, and improve their public speaking skills through regular debates within the club.

Storytelling and Poetry – Wednesday 2:30-3:30pm with Marianne Kavanagh 





Come and discover the ancient tales of our ancestors. You will learn myths and legends from England, Scandanavia, Russia, Central Europe and Native America and learn memory techniques so that you can become a “myth carrier” and retell the stories to your friends and family. These old stories carry much wisdom and insight and can help us to open up our own rich imaginations.

Creative Writing Skills – Monday 3-4pm with Ash Guzowski







Want to be the next JK Rowling, Eoin Colfer or Suzanne Collins? Or just want to get more readers on your blog? If you’d like to improve your writing skills, learn how to edit your work and to take a piece from an idea right through to the finished product, join us for Creative Writing Skills Club!

Got Science? – Tuesday 3-4pm with Sam Palmer






Calling all mad scientists! Have you ever wanted to carry out mad experiments and experience the magic of Science at first hand!

Then maybe try Got Science? Our very own Science club is for you! Come join us each week to experiment and experience the practical side of science. Make sure you cover your desk in plastic first as this could get messy.

From making balloon rockets to experiencing Newton’s first law to making static powered ghosts. Come on, let´s do science!

Clubs and societies are free for all pupils. Please complete the registration form below to join one or more!