Academic Support Groups

Our Academic Support Groups are designed to raise attainment in Maths and English for all pupils. These groups are open to all pupils who are enrolled in English and Maths courses. The sessions give pupils an opportunity to ask questions, clarify learning from previous classes and consolidate their existing knowledge. The sessions are run weekly and they are one hour long. These classes are completely free of charge.

KS2 English Support  – Friday Period 8 with Ella Hall

Year 7 English Support – Thursday Period 8 with Emma Gammack

Year 8/9 English Support – Thursday Period 9 with Ella Hall

iGCSE English Support – Wednesday Period 8 with Emma Gammack

KS2 Maths Support – Thursday Period 8 with Ella Hall

KS3 Maths Support – Monday Period 8 with Philip Hulson

iGCSE Maths Support – Tuesday Period 8 with Philip Hulson

History Club – Wednesday Period 8 with Victoria Downes

Coding Club – Monday Period 8 with Mariet Cheetham 

Period 8: 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Period 9: 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Clubs and societies are free for all enrolled pupils. Please complete the registration form below to join the clubs or groups that you would like to. Please note that pupils are only able to enrol in Maths and English Support Groups if they are enrolled in the respective subjects. Please check that the schedule fits in with your existing timetable.