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When classes are done for the day, getting involved in one of our After School Clubs offers a great way for pupils to pursue hobbies, get to know friends and learn more about the subjects they love. These clubs are tailored to Junior and Secondary pupils and run once once a week for an hour for one term. Best of all, they’re completely free for any pupil already enrolled with us.

As long as they fit in with their timetable, your child can register for up to three clubs of their choice per term.

If your child is enrolled with us and would like to join our clubs and societies, then please take a look at the ones currently running and complete the registration form on the parent portal.

Junior After School Clubs

A whole hour dedicated to getting your body moving and active! Pupils will have opportunities to play games, learn about fitness and engage in creating their own circuits!

Pupils will delve into crafting and learn various techniques to create their own masterpieces

Booklovers will come together to discuss their favourite books, analyse and share ideas on the chosen texts and continue to develop their love of reading and literature.

Pupils will learn the basics of Bridge, learning the structure and priority in a deck of cards, the conventions and calls in bridge, and have fun playing the game with their peers.

Pupils will learn the basics of chess, with many opportunities to develop their skills in live play.

This club trains pupils to excel at expressing themselves, public speaking and how to make compelling arguments. Pupils will enjoy learning the skills and practicing in their teams.

Pupils will learn about the fundamentals of film making and turn to various genres of film for inspiration throughout the term.

Pupils will explore different composers and artists and discuss trends, taste and express their opinions.

Pupils will learn the fundamentals of sign language and practice the language with their peers.

*Please note, Sign Language Club is currently only available from Term 3.

Wellbeing Club is a positive, open and supportive space where we learn about and discuss issues and topics regarding our health, mental health and wellbeing. You will learn positive strategies to manage your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing in your daily life. We’ll also be discussing a range of topics that affect young people today, such as managing anxiety, stress and depression, as well as how to overcome challenges and build a positive self image. 

Secondary After School Clubs

Are you buzzing about books? Then this is the club for you! In Book Club, we will read together as a group and talk about your favourite books, authors and genres. You will learn to love and appreciate books and all things reading, while developing those all-important critical and analytical skills. We will read and talk about a range of genres from fiction and fantasy to science-fiction, mystery and more – come along and join the fun! 

Are you interested in technology and want to build practical skills while having fun? Then join Coding Club!

In Coding Club, we’ll be playing games to learn the basics of how to code and start to develop our own games and apps. Coding Club is welcome to all pupils regardless of your experience level.

Welcome to Creative Writing Club! In this club, we will be learning about different kinds of creative writing, whether it’s fiction, descriptive writing, journalistic writing or reviews. We’ll learn how to develop exciting stories, complex characters, engaging book/film reviews and much more. This club will help you hone your writing skills and fulfil your creative potential, as well as discover all the different forms creative writing can take.

Debate Club will give pupils a fun way of developing their logic, critical thinking and speaking skills. Pupils will learn how to form and present a persuasive argument, while learning more about global affairs. Pupils will debate on a variety of current event topics as well as more fun, lighthearted topics.

In Film Club, we will focus on different genres of film such as action, adventure, thriller, comedy, science-fiction and fantasy. We’ll consider what makes a good film and how to write a great film review. We will also be looking at the history of film from its very beginning up to the present day, how to write a screenplay as well as watching sections of films to discuss their merits.

In Green Club, we will share ideas about the changing planet. We will discuss everything environmental, from animals to the oceans to the atmosphere.

Green Club aims to be proactive in making our planet a better place for everyone. We will plan activities that can be carried out at home, then discuss ways to impact the wider community, and finally decide how we can change the whole world! So if you have a passion for the environment, come to Green Club and make new friends with like-minded people. Together we can make the planet a better place!

The NFL Club is a chance to discuss the ins and outs of the National Football League. If you are a fan of American football or are eager to learn more about it – then this is the club for you! There is open for all pupils, and there is no previous knowledge of American football required.

The club will provide an opportunity for pupils to reflect on the latest news, events and big plays while socialising with other interested students – depending on numbers the club may also feature some fantasy football like competitions and other activities as well.

Do you find yourself thinking of all sorts of extra questions in your Science lessons? Would you like to spend more time looking at real-life examples of science in action? If so, Science Club is for you! Each week we will look at a different big question, such as: 

How do fireworks work? 

Why do some animals look so strange?

What are magnets? 

You’ll get a chance to use some of the knowledge you have gained from your Science lessons and build your critical thinking skills while having fun exploring new and interesting topics.

In this club, pupils will explore old myths, legends and folktales from around the world through oral tradition. Pupils will learn techniques for remembering long stories through mind-mapping. This transferable skill will support students with their memory in all subject areas.