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When classes are done for the day, getting involved in one of our After School Clubs offers a great way for pupils to pursue hobbies, get to know friends and learn more about the subjects they love. These sessions run once a week for an hour, and they’re completely free for any pupil already enrolled with us.

So, as long as the after-school sessions fit in with your child’s timetable, they can get stuck into as many as they’d like.

If your child is enrolled with us, and would like to join our clubs and societies, then please take a look at the ones currently running and complete the form below.

  • Alison Evans
  • Monday, Period 9
  • All year groups welcome

Welcome to Creative Writing Club! In this club, we will be learning about different kinds of creative writing, whether it’s fiction, descriptive writing, journalistic writing or reviews. We’ll learn how to develop exciting stories, complex characters, engaging book/film reviews and much more. This club will help you hone your writing skills and fulfil your creative potential, as well as discover all the different forms creative writing can take.

  • Emma Gammack
  • Wednesday, Period 9
  • All year groups welcome

In Journalism Club, we will be examining what makes a good news story by looking at the news of today – whether its newspapers, online articles or TV broadcasts. Budding journalists will learn how to research, investigate and develop articles about topics that pique their interest while learning the basics of journalistic writing. 

  • Victoria Downes
  • Friday, Period 8
  • All year groups welcome

Welcome to History Club! This year we will be travelling through time to look at the fascinating, weird, wonderful and sometimes funny periods in history. This year, we’ll be beginning our journey way back in ancient Greece. Here, we will be exploring mythological creatures, interesting artefacts and amazing events from that period.

  • Ella Hall
  • Monday, 4-4:30pm
  • All year groups welcome

Wellbeing Club is a positive, open and supportive space where we learn about and discuss issues and topics regarding our health, mental health and wellbeing. You’ll will learn positive strategies to manage your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing in your daily life. We’ll also be discussing a range of topics that affect young people today, such as managing anxiety, stress and depression, as well as how to overcome challenges and build a positive self image. 

  • Alison Evans
  • Tuesday, Period 9
  • All year groups welcome

In Film Club, we will focus on different genres of film such as action, adventure, thriller, comedy, science-fiction and fantasy. We’ll consider what makes a good film and how to write a great film review. We will also be looking at the history of film from its very beginning up to the present day, how to write a screenplay as well as watching sections of films to discuss their merits.

  • Anne-Marie Taylor
  • Wednesday, Period 8
  • Recommended: Year 4 – Year 9

Some people really don’t like Maths… but I love it! Although, that wasn’t always the case. I used to dread Maths lessons when I was at school, until I began to understand – and that’s when my love for Maths began. In Maths Club, we’ll be making maths fun with games, challenges, teamwork and discussions. Whether you’re a Maths lover or hater, this club is all about enjoying Maths while furthering your understanding at the same time. 

  • Sarah Lady
  • Wednesday, Period 2
  • All year groups welcome
  • This club is run by our Asia Pacific school

Cartooning Club aims to help pupils of all ages discover and develop their own artistic style. We’ll be doing this with the guidance of Hermann Lauss, an established Adelaide cartoonist and graphic designer. Over the course of the school term, each pupil will collect a folder of inspirational material and work steadily towards creating their very own single panel cartoon. Throughout the process we’ll experiment with different cartooning styles and techniques, with an underlying theme of self-discovery.

  • Emma Thompson
  • Thursday, Period 9
  • Recommended: Year 4 – Year 9

Do you find yourself thinking of all sorts of extra questions in your Science lessons? Would you like to spend more time looking at real-life examples of science in action? If so, Science Club is for you! Each week we will look at a different big question, such as: 

How do fireworks work? 

Why do some animals look so strange?

What are magnets? 

You’ll get a chance to use some of the knowledge you have gained from your Science lessons and build your critical thinking skills while having fun exploring new and interesting topics.

  • Sarah Bilton
  • Wednesday, Period 9
  • Recommended: Year 4 – Year 7

Are you buzzing about books? Then this is the club for you! In Book Club, we will read together as a group and talk about your favourite books, authors and genres. You will learn to love and appreciate books and all things reading, while developing those all-important critical and analytical skills. We will read and talk about a range of genres from fiction and fantasy to science-fiction, mystery and more – come along and join the fun! 

  • Online resource – No live lesson
  • Can be accessed at any time
  • All year groups welcome!

Do you want to be a pro keyboardist typing at 70 words per minute? Typing Club is an interactive and engaging online resource that teaches pupils how to type. By joining Typing Club, pupils will be able to improve their typing skills while playing games and completing fun challenges. Sign up today to access My Online Schooling’s Typing Club account! For more information on Typing Club, click here.