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Free Homeschooling

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During these uncertain times, we know how important it is for children and young people in particular to maintain a sense of consistency and normality. If you are a family or teacher that has been affected by school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, My Online Schooling are here to support you and your children/pupils in getting the best out of this period of home-based teaching and learning.

Our team have collected and created a variety of free resource pages by age group, as well as links for teachers and family health & wellbeing below. You can find more general educational resources and advice below these links​.

Follow the links below to access our free resource pages:


Home Learning Support
for Schools and Families

Get Help with Technology*

The UK government are currently offering support for schools who are facing disruption to teaching and learning due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Schools, trusts and local authorities can apply for a variety of support options, including:

  • internet access for disadvantaged pupils
  • devices such as laptops/tablets
  • funding/support for setting up digital learning platforms
  • free training and support for effective use of technology

*Please note, individual parents, carers and pupils are not able to apply for the above scheme. Families should contact their school for help with accessing remote education.

Responding to ‘I can’t do it’ – tips for parents

At My Online Schooling, we know that independent learning plays a vital role in children and young people’s academic development. From time to time, though, they may require some support to help boost their confidence and complete the task at hand.

We’ve created the following parent support poster which includes tips on how to support your child if they’re struggling with their independent learning or homework assignments.

Our Teachers' Recommended

Learning Resources

For Homeschooling

We have compiled a list of some useful homeschooling resources, recommended by our teachers, that will help support your family when homeschooling day to day.

Learning Resources provide a huge variety of free, fun and engaging downloadable activity sheets and games suitable for KS2 and under. Their website also includes useful tips for parents, weekly homeschooling planners and much more.

Oak National Academy Virtual School Library 

Oak National Academy have partnered with the National Literacy Trust to create a Virtual School Library which is completely free to access. Each week, they feature a popular children’s author/illustrator to provide  free books, exclusive videos and reading recommendations.

BBC BiteSize

BBC Bitesize have now launched online lessons, offering three new lessons each weekday, including videos and activities for Primary aged 3, through to Post School 16+.

They also have a free online learning scheduleto help you plan your child’s homeschooling for the week.

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is a site packed full of useful tips and activities to help parents support their child’s education. You will find lots of free reading activities, including some maths resources too, for Year 6 and below.


Pluralsight is an online platform that offers over 350+ computer science courses for children aged 13 and over. Their courses cover major technology topics such as software development, IT operations, cyber security, UX/creative design, and project management. They are currently offering their courses free of charge for the whole of April, so it’s the perfect time for pupils to up-skill in this area.

P.E. with Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks, otherwise known as “The Body Coach“, is a British fitness coach. He is a huge advocate for promoting the importance of exercise, and using it as a tool to help us feel happier, more energised and optimistic.

It’s important that we keep active and motivated when schooling from home. During lockdown Joe offered daily Live P.E. lessons on YouTube. Joe’s P.E. workouts are fun and designed to get the whole family involved.

Dekko Comics 

Dekko Comics turn education into pure entertainment, covering a variety of topics across the Key Stage 2 Curriculum.

Using a combination of visuals, storytelling and humour, their comics help engage a wide audience of children, and they have proven to be especially helpful for children with dyslexia, autism, ASN and more.

Dekko Comics is all about turning education into pure entertainment, helping to break down any motivational barriers and also make it a lot more accessible to children who struggle with conventional teaching structures and methods.

They have over 144 comic teaching stories, plus extra materials, and they are now all available online for FREE during the COVID-19 period.

Rhyming Multi-Sensory Stories offers a range of free resources to support children with Special Education Needs, including a library of FREE downloadable multi-sensory stories & poems and blogs with SEND homeschooling tips and ideas.

Multi-sensory stories immerse the listener by telling a story using words and sensory stimuli (story props). The stories include prop guidance, all featuring low budget items that can be found around the home and classroom. Exposure to sensory stimuli, (story props), engages the learner with new experiences to calm and alert their sensory system in a safe, therapeutic and fun environment helping them to understand the world around them.

All stories are adapted to meet a range of abilities and needs from curious pre-schoolers to teenagers with complex needs.

The Full

My Online Schooling


My Online Schooling provides a full-time British education online to all children of school age. We believe that all young people deserve access to a quality education, which is why all of our teaching is based online. In doing so, we have opened the doors for pupils worldwide to study the renowned English National Curriculum, as well as to receive International GCSE and A-Level qualifications to show for it.

We are in the fortunate position to be able to offer a full, interactive curriculum education that can be accessed online.

To find out more about our online school and how we can support your child at this time, please click the ‘Enquiry Here’ button.