Get organised

Sitting exams

Just like most schools around the world, a big part of achieving qualifications is sitting exams. So, while our pupils can learn online at home, they need to visit a Pearson-Edexcel exam centre for their International GCSEs or a Cambridge International exam centre for A/AS Levels.

We advise that you contact your nearest exam centre as soon as possible to begin the enrolment process. Not all of the centres can offer practical (for some sciences) or oral (for some languages) exams, so it’s worth checking with centres as soon as possible.

Don’t worry – it’s normally a very straightforward process, but we encourage you to leave plenty of time to get organised before the exams commence. This will also help avoid any late fees.

Please refer to our guidance and resources below to assist you in finding a suitable exam centre, and registering your child as a private candidate. Before enrolling at our school, we strongly advise you research the availability of exam centres near your location. Please be aware that if you do not see an option locally, you may have have to travel if there is not an exam centre situated in your location.

If you have any questions about the process please get in touch with our Education team – education@myonlineschooling.com

Exam centres explained

Our step-by-step guide

to enrolling for exams

1. Locate the nearest exam centre that offers the International GCSE or AS/A Levels, with practical/oral exams if needed.

You can also try contacting local schools or colleges to find out if they are registered with Pearson-Edexcel (Year 11/13) or Cambridge International (Year 12) and allow private candidates to enrol.

2. Contact your chosen exam centre and check that they offer the subject at the level you require. (You’ll find contact details through step 1).

Different centres may have different prices, timetables and rules about exams. But any centre will offer advice on special needs or arrangements – including extra time, a reader, rest breaks or a separate room – though they may ask for a GP letter or other supporting document. If you do want to make any special arrangements, it’s best that you start as early as possible.

3. When you’re ready to register, there are a few key details you’ll need to have ready:

  • Your child’s full name, address, postcode and date of birth
  • A telephone number
  • Details of the subjects for which you want to register your child for (see codes below)
  • A Unique Candidate Identifier (UCI) number (if your child has previously taken exams)
  • Your bank details

The centre will then give you all the information you need to make sure that you and your child are comfortable with exam arrangements, along with details on how and when you’ll get their results.


The British Council Overseas
Available In over 90 Countries

The British Council offer exams in over 90 countries across the globe, including International GCSE, AS Level and A Levelexaminations. They work with Pearson and several other UK awarding bodies, to offer these exams internationally.

If you are looking to find an examination centre that offers UK School exams in your country, then follow the link below to the British Council website. Use the ‘Take an Exam‘, search tool, which allows you to select your country of residence, and find out further information on the exam centres offering Pearson examinations near you. From there you will find an outline of the steps to take when enrolling your child as a private candidate.

For further information, please make contact with your local British Council office by searching for your country of residence.

If you would like to discuss further how the British Council can assist with examinations, please book a call with our Education Team.

International GCSEs
International General Certificate of Secondary Education

Designed to be engaging, internationally appropriate and delivering the same standard as GCSEs, International GCSEs provide pupils with the skills and knowledge they will need to successfully progress onto A Levels, university and into employment. International GCSEs are 100% externally assessed, linear qualifications with no coursework – which means all exams take place at the end of the course.

Registration Key Dates

Exam Sitting: Exam Sitting
Start Registration: Start Registration
Register by: Register by
High late fees can be charged from: High late fees can be charged from
Results: Results
Exam Sitting: May/June Exams
Start Registration: November
Register by: January
High late fees can be charged from: February
Results: August

International GCSE Specification codes

These are the subjects we offer at My Online Schooling, together with their ‘specifications’ – the codes for administrators to find the correct paper.

Subject: Subject
Exam Code: Exam Code
Subject: Biology
Exam Code: 4BI1
Subject: Chemistry
Exam Code: 4CH1
Subject: Computer Science
Exam Code: 4CP0
Subject: Double Award Science
Exam Code: 4SD0
Subject: English Language A
Exam Code: 4EA1
Subject: English Literature
Exam Code: 4ET1
Subject: French
Exam Code: 4FR1
Subject: Geography
Exam Code: 4GE1
Subject: History
Exam Code: 4HI1
Subject: Maths A
Exam Code: 4MA1
Subject: Physics
Exam Code: 4PH1
Subject: Psychology GCSE
Exam Code: 1PS0
Subject: Religious Studies
Exam Code: 4RS1
Subject: Spanish
Exam Code: 4SP1
Subject: Business Studies
Exam Code: 4BS1
Subject: Economics
Exam Code: 4EC1

Please note:

4EA1 = English Language A (option A – component 1 and 2)
4MA1 = Mathematics A (foundation or higher tier)

and International Advanced Levels (IALs)

Cambridge International A-levels are internationally recognised qualifications. International A-Levels (IALs) can be sat in the UK or abroad.  IALs are a two year course with the examination sat at the end of Year 13, while IASLs are a standalone qualification sat at the end of Year 12.

Typically, pupils study three or four IAS subjects in Year 12, before taking two or three of these subjects onto IAL in Year 13.

Registration Key Dates

Exam Sitting: Exam Sitting
Start Registration: Start Registration
Register by: Register by
High late fees can be charged from: High late fees can be charged from
Results: Results
Exam Sitting: May/June Exams
Start Registration: November
Register by: January
High late fees can be charged from: February
Results: August

IAS/IA-Level specification codes

Subject: Subject
IAL Code: IAL Code
Subject: Biology*
IAL Code: 9700
Subject: Business
IAL Code: 9609
Subject: Chemistry*
IAL Code: 9701
Subject: Computer Science
IAL Code: 9618
Subject: Economics
IAL Code: 9708
Subject: English Language
IAL Code: 9093
Subject: English Literature
IAL Code: 9695
Subject: French
IAL Code: 9716
Subject: Geography
IAL Code: 9696
Subject: History
IAL Code: 9489
Subject: Mathematics
IAL Code: 9709
Subject: Physics*
IAL Code: 9702
Subject: Psychology
IAL Code: 9990
Subject: Spanish
IAL Code: 9719

* Biology, Chemistry and Physics involve a practical examination in November of Year 13.

Year 13 Examination Codes

Subject: Subject
Exam Code: Exam Code
Subject: Mathematics - UK
Exam Code: 9MA0
Subject: Mathematics - International
Exam Code: YMA01
Subject: History - International
Exam Code: YHI01
Subject: Geography - International
Exam Code: YGE01
Subject: English Literature - UK
Exam Code: 9ET0
Subject: English Language - International
Exam Code: YEN01
Subject: French - International
Exam Code: YFR01
Subject: Spanish - International
Exam Code: YSP01
Subject: Business - UK
Exam Code: 9BS0