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Lesson Timetables
from 8am until 5pm

We have a timetable of over 1000 live lessons every week, running from 8am until 5pm (BST/GMT) – with sessions kept aside for Academic Support Groups and After School Clubs. While our school is growing and welcoming more pupils all the time, our classes sizes will be staying the same. That’s because we believe that small classes offer a better learning experience for all our pupils. It’s something we feel strongly about, so we’re actively hiring more teachers and adding more lessons into our timetables to help keep our classes stay to a maximum of 20 pupils.

We don’t stream our classes by ability. So, whether your child is in class A, B, C, D or E, they’ll cover the same content at the same pace as any other class on that subject in that year group.

Can I choose my child’s timetable?

Yes! Before enrolling your child in the school, you will have the opportunity to select your child’s class sections to build a personalised timetable that works for them via our Subject Selection Portal. This is done prior to submitting your child’s enrolment application and enrolment fee.

You’ll be shown a total calculation of tuition fees once you have completed your child’s subject selection in the Portal. Please note that no payment is required at this stage – this is just to give you an indication of cost prior to proceeding with enrolment.

Class sections are populated on a first-come-first-served basis. Class sections with limited or no availability will be indicated within the Portal.

Want to know what a typical My Online Schooling pupil timetable looks like? Click the drop-downs below to see sample timetables for each Key Stage:

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Timetable KS2 Year 4Timetable KS2 Year 5

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Timetable KS3 Year 7Timetable KS3 Year 8

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Timetable KS4 Year 10Timetable KS4 Year 11

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Timetable Key Stage 5Timetable Key Stage 5

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How to select subjects in Subject Selection Portal

Watch this video to learn how to use Subject Selection Portal to choose your child’s subjects and build a personalised timetable that works for them.

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