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Design and Technology is divided into 4 areas: Food, Textiles, Product Design and Systems and Control and students learn how products are designed and created. In the first term we will be looking at Food and students will learn about food, design and plan meals and think about technology and the future of food. Students will need to learn to use CAD and details of free software will follow later.

When designing and making, pupils will learn to:

  • use research and exploration, such as the study of different cultures, to identify and understand user needs
  • identify and solve their own design problems and understand how to reformulate problems given to them
  • develop specifications to inform the design of innovative, functional, appealing products that respond to needs in a variety of situations
  • use a variety of approaches [for example, biomimicry and user-centred design], to generate creative ideas and avoid stereotypical responses
  • develop and communicate design ideas using annotated sketches, detailed plans, 3-D and mathematical modelling, oral and digital presentations and computer-based tools