Disruption free learning

U.K. class sizes are now amongst the biggest in the developed world. The number of secondary school children in England being taught in classes with 36 or more pupils has trebled in the last five years.

Recent analysis has found that in every region in England there have been cuts in school spending. In 2016 there were 17,780 state secondary school children  being taught in classes with 36 or more pupils. This is the highest number for a decade.

Rising class sizes may have some impact on classroom disruption in U.K. schools. Ofsted recently analysed school inspection data and say some pupils could be losing up to an hour of learning each day – or 38 days a year due to classroom disturbances.

Their analysis drew up some of the causes of classroom disruption, as cited by teachers. These are:

  • Disturbing other children (38%)

  • Calling out (35%)

  • Not getting on with work (31%)

  • Fidgeting or fiddling with equipment (23%)

  • Not having the correct equipment (19%)

  • Purposely making noise to gain attention (19%)

  • Answering back or questioning instructions (14%)

  • Using mobile devices (11%)

  • Swinging on chairs (11%).

Classroom disruption can have a negative impact on the learning of some pupils. offers an alternative pathway to National Curriculum education through focused, disruption-free online learning from the safety of the pupils own home. Classes are small and are taught by experienced and qualified teachers meaning an end to any classroom disruption. Students are able to ask their teacher questions and collaborate with their peers in ‘break-out’ rooms.

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