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School Enrolment
Please only complete this Enrolment Application Form once you have made the final decision to join My Online Schooling and that you fully understand the fees payable for selected course and subjects. Details about our fees can be found under Curriculum and Fees.


If you would like to make an enquiry about our school and what we offer, you can do so here.

Enrolment Fee

There is a non-refundable £80 enrolment fee for every pupil. This will be payable after submission of the School Enrolment Form.

Start Date

Pupils can start at any time of the year.  The £50 enrolment fee must be paid before commencing lessons.

Enrolment Timeline

Monday 1Monday 1Tuesday 1Wednesday 1Thursday 1Monday 2 – Offical Start DateMonday 3
Submit Enrolment Application Form before 12 noon UK timeYou will receive an Enrolment Confirmation form with your fees and details of how to set up paymentPayment must be set up by 4pm UK timeProvided payment has been set up, you will receive an email explaining how to log in to our systems and giving details about your induction/orientation sessionYou and your child will attend a preliminary induction session with one of our teachers to get acquainted with our systems and to prepare for your first day of lessons with usDaytime: Students have first lessons with us (depending on timetable)
Evening: Students attend a secondary induction session with one of our teachers to work through any questions encountered through the day
Evening: Optional follow up induction session to work through any remaining technical concerns

Notice to Withdraw

If you decide to leave our school, you must give at least 28 days notice in writing to the Head Teacher at