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Nurturing Friendships

School Events
At My Online Schooling

We are delighted to host a variety of regular events for our pupils and their families. Our events enable pupils and families to connect with one another outside of the classroom.

Read below to find out more about our regular events for Junior School, Secondary School and our Whole School below:

Junior School

The Junior School Assemblies are held every Wednesday at 11am GMT. Our assemblies bring together our school community as one to share and celebrate: our school values, our Above & Beyond nominations, significant events and achievements both inside and outside of school. We also welcome external speakers into our assemblies as often as possible, for example STEM Ambassadors and representatives from charities such as Young Carers.

When a pupil joins My Online Schooling Junior School, they will be allocated into one of the following Friendly Faces groups:

  • Challenger Chat-Time
  • Enthusiastic Endeavours
  • Enterprise Exchanges
  • Discovery Discussions

Developing social interaction is so important to us within the Junior School and every fortnight after assembly on Wednesdays, we are delighted to give pupils the opportunity to socialise and collaborate with their peers across Years 3-6 in their Friendly Faces sessions. 

In addition, pupils are given a further opportunity to chat and play games with their class peers in our Friendly Faces Fifteen sessions, which take place in the last lesson each week (PSHE) for 15 minutes.

We are always so proud of pupil outcomes and achievements at My Online Schooling. With ILA celebrations, we provide opportunities for families to come together during the final week of every half-term and share pupil progress and success in a special online classroom celebration. We ensure we extend our invite to these showcase celebrations to wider family located across the globe, such as our Bring Your Grandparent to School Day.

Our Above & Beyond Award is given to pupils who have been nominated by their class teachers every fortnight. Nominations may link to our values, Respect, Empower, Thrive, attitudes to learning, collaborative working or an excellent piece of work produced. Pupils receive a celebratory certificate and special mention in assembly and are invited to attend a special Hot Chocolate with the Head session to celebrate their nomination.

Committed to developing strong home and school partnerships, the Junior School is delighted to offer parents and carers face to face Zoom consultations in Term 1.2 and in Term 2.2 with their child’s class teacher. The purpose of these meetings is to strengthen positive home and school relationships, share details about pupil progress and next step targets and enhance parental support at home

Our aim is to foster a curiosity and independence in our pupils that sets them up for lifelong learning. Our Junior teaching team has put together fantastic resources located in our Subject Hubs, accessible to all Junior pupils, where pupils can spend time independently exploring and learning about topicsthat link to the curriculum and find resources which both support and extend their learning. Pupils can delve into such resources in our English, Maths, Science, Humanities, PSHE and Computing Subject Hubs.

We are dedicated to sharing ideas, strategies and resources with our parents/carers to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to support learning at home and we are delighted to host two curriculum events every year to support both English and Maths home learning.

A fabulous monthly drop-in opportunity for families to come together for a coffee and chat with the school principal and the heads of school, offer parental voice and suggestions for next steps in school and a forum for parents to get to know each other socially

Secondary School

Every half term, the Secondary Leadership Team hosts a whole school assembly. We often invite engaging guest speakers or experts to share their experiences, broadening pupils’ cultural understanding and making them aware of career prospects.

When a pupil joins My Online Schooling Secondary School, they will be allocated into one of the following school houses:

  • Challenger
  • Endeavours
  • Enterprise
  • Discovery

Every half term, pupils meet with their houses. These meetings are run by form tutors from various year groups, giving pupils the opportunity to meet teachers from throughout the school. In house meetings, pupils learn about spiritual, moral, social and cultural topics that broaden their understanding of the world, with perspectives from both older and younger pupils.

A pupil’s form group is their year group and house. Pupils will have 6-8 form meetings per term hosted by their form tutor. This is time for pupils to socialise with other members of their year group and receive frontline pastoral care from their form tutor. Form tutors move up year groups each year, so a pupil’s form tutor will be consistent during their time at My Online Schooling.

We recognise that registering for examinations can be a daunting process. For this reason, our Secondary Leadership Team hosts interactive information sessions to provide families with all of the information they require to register for examinations and answer any remaining questions regarding the examination processes.

After pupils in Years 11 and 13 finish their examinations, My Online Schooling facilitates our Next Steps programme to engage pupils with dynamic sessions and activities to enhance their prospects for their next steps. Pupils will have the opportunity to work with careers advisors and participate in our Entrepreneurship programme.

At the end of the academic year, we hold a graduation ceremony for our Year 11 and Year 13 pupils to mark their achievement in completing Key Stage 4 or Key Stage 5. The graduation ceremony individually highlights pupils and their accomplishments, and is an opportunity for pupils to reflect on their experience with My Online Schooling.

A fabulous monthly drop-in opportunity for families to come together for a coffee and chat with the school principal and the heads of school, offer parental voice and suggestions for next steps in school and a forum for parents to get to know each other socially

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