Free Homeschooling Resources

Free Homeschooling

Learning Resources
For Your Child


If your family has been affected by the recent school closures due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, My Online Schooling are here to support you and your child with a variety of free learning resources.

During this uncertain time, it’s important to establish some form of daily routine, so we hope that these resources can help contribute to your child’s homeschooling each day.

To access all of our free learning resources, please click the link below.

All resources are broken down into each of the Key Stages and within those you will see the associated year group’s ‘Home Learning Pack’. Select the home learning pack you wish to view, and download.

For some further tips and advice for families during this challenging time, please also see our recent blog ‘Coping as a family in lockdown’.

My Online Schooling's

Take Home
Learning Kit

Staying Busy During Half-Term

Half-term is here! We are aware that for many of you, this break will be a bit different with the ongoing global situation. In light of this, our amazing teachers and staff have created a holiday take home kit full of engaging and fun learning activities to keep you busy!

Please feel free to download our FREE learning kit below:

Watch Our Free

Facebook Live Lesson

Looking for a little educational boost in your new homeschooling routine?

We recently ran some free lessons, live on our Facebook page, and they are now also available to watch here. The lessons are 30 minutes long and suitable for children in both Key Stage 2 and 3 to get involved in.

We will be offering a number of other free live lessons on Facebook, so head on over to our page and follow My Online Schooling  for updates!


Year 5 Maths: Fractions

Join us for this free Year 5 Maths lesson, where teacher Miss Taylor focuses on fractions, teaching us what exactly a fraction is and how to add and multiply them.

Year 6 Maths: Algebra - Solving Equations

In this Maths lesson, Mrs Imbush teaches us Algebra, and how to solve equations, with a little help from her dog Custard!

Year 6 History: The Tudors - Queen Elizabeth I

In this Year 6 History lesson, Mrs Lady teaches us about the Tudors and Queen Elizabeth I, focusing on the importance of her role in English history and the wider world.

Year 7 Science: Solids, Liquids & Gases

Miss Thompson teaches us about the different properties of solids, liquids and gases and changes of states between them.

My Online Schooling

Health and Wellbeing
At Home

Health and Wellbeing Counselling Session - Coping as a Family During Lockdown

In this session, our Health and Wellbeing Manager, Ella, chats with our Counsellor, Findlay, about some of the pressures of lockdown. They discuss questions sent in from our parents and pupils, and offer strategies and advice to manage some key areas of concern. Amongst these are how to deal with family conflict when in lockdown, and how to deal with emotions such as anger, disappointment and worry during this time. If you feel your child is an enrolled pupil, and would benefit from more individual support, please get in touch to enquire about the Health and Wellbeing package we provide, and 1-1 counselling sessions we offer. Find more information on these services here -

Relaxing Yoga Flow with Helen from Lotuslily Yoga

Need some time to de-stress during a busy day ahead? Join our free 30 minute yoga class, where Helen Singleton from Lotuslily yoga, takes you through a relaxing flow. 🧘 Helen is a qualified and experienced Edinburgh-based yoga teacher who is passionate about sharing the gifts of yoga, no matter what level of experience you have. Whether you're a pupil, sibling, parent or teacher - all are welcome! Join us and take some time to stretch, re-charge and energise while you work and learn from home 🏠 🙏

Our Teachers' Recommended

Learning Resources

For Homeschooling

We have compiled a list of some useful homeschooling resources, recommended by our teachers, that will help support your family when homeschooling day to day.


BBC BiteSize

BBC Bitesize have now launched online lessons, offering three new lessons each weekday, including videos and activities for Primary aged 3, through to Post School 16+.

They also have a free online learning scheduleto help you plan your child’s homeschooling for the week.

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl  is a site packed full of useful tips and activities to help parents support their child’s education. You will find lots of free reading activities, including some maths resources too, for Year 6 and below.


Pluralsight is an online platform that offers over 350+ computer science courses for children aged 13 and over. Their courses cover major technology topics such as software development, IT operations, cyber security, UX/creative design, and project management. They are currently offering their courses free of charge for the whole of April, so it’s the perfect time for pupils to up-skill in this area.

P.E. with Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks, otherwise known as “The Body Coach“, is a British fitness coach. He is a huge advocate for promoting the importance of exercise, and using it as a tool to help us feel happier, more energised and optimistic.

During this uncertain time, it’s important that we keep active and motivated, that’s why Joe is now offering daily live P.E. lessons on YouTube. Joe’s P.E. workouts are fun and designed to get the whole family involved.

Your family can join Joe’s P.E. class every morning at 9am, Monday to Friday. Just follow the link here to subscribe to The Body Coach TV  YouTube Channel, and join Joe every weekday for some fun workouts.

Dekko Comics 

Dekko Comics turn education into pure entertainment, covering a variety of topics across the Key Stage 2 Curriculum.

Using a combination of visuals, storytelling and humour, their comics help engage a wide audience of children, and they have proven to be especially helpful for children with dyslexia, autism, ASN and more.

Dekko Comics is all about turning education into pure entertainment, helping to break down any motivational barriers and also make it a lot more accessible to children who struggle with conventional teaching structures and methods.

They have over 144 comic teaching stories, plus extra materials, and they are now all available online for FREE during the COVID-19 period. Take a look at Dekko Comics here. 

The Full

My Online Schooling

Our school provides a full-time British education online to all children of school age. We believe that all young people deserve access to a quality education, which is why all of our teaching is based online. In doing so, we have opened the doors for pupils worldwide to study the highly accredited English National Curriculum, as well as to receive International GCSE and A-Level qualifications to show for it.

We are in the fortunate position to be able to offer a full, interactive curriculum education that can be accessed online.

To find out more about our online school and how we can support your child at this time, please enquire below.