Are lessons taught live?
Yes, all lessons are taught live between the hours of 8am and 3pm Monday to Friday.

Can I access lessons from overseas?
Yes, as long as you are able to take part in the lessons in your timezone. All lessons are delivered at British GMT.

How does my child sit exams?
We will support you to enrol your child in the nearest exam centre to wherever you live. There are thousands all around the world in over 120 countries.

Can you start mid-way through the term?
Yes, you can start anytime.

What happens if my child misses a lesson?
All lessons are recorded so your child can view lessons back at any time.

I can not afford the fees, is there financial support available?
Depending on your circumstances there may be funding available. You will need to speak to your child’s school or Local Education Authority about this. Some children are supported through the school currently.

Will my child be set homework?
Yes, our teachers set one piece of work for every lesson taught. It should take them between 40 mins to one hour to complete this. The work is submitted back to the teacher for marking.

Is there a discount for enrolling siblings?
Yes, we offer a 15% discount for two or more children enrolled within the same family.

Is there the opportunity for social interaction?
Yes, we have an virtual common room where the children can work together to take part in projects or topics that they are interested in. We have an annual meet-up too and we are planning on whole school trips soon!

How will I know about the progress of my child?
We run termly progress assessments, send home termly comprehensive school reports and have an opportunity for face to face parent-teacher consultations twice a year.

What equipment do we need?
You will require a strong, stable internet connection, a headset with built in microphone and a tablet, desktop or laptop computer.