Health and Wellbeing


Health and Wellbeing
Of our Pupils

At My Online Schooling, we take great care to support our pupils in both their education and health and wellbeing. Our Health and Wellbeing Manager, Ella Hall plays a key part in this. Ella looks after our pupils’ mental health and well-being – making sure they have the support to achieve their full potential. Working closely with parents and teachers, Ella helps them tackle any issues they’re having, while also providing assessment and counselling for pupils who need additional support.

Ella explains below why it’s important to look after our pupils health and wellbeing, and the support we can provide.


Our Pupils' Wellbeing

Think about the last time you had a cold, or had an asthma flare up. Or perhaps when you twisted your ankle, or scratched your knees falling over. What did you do? Did you drink hot lemon with honey to soothe your throat? Did you put a plaster or bandage on your injury? Maybe you stayed on the couch, wrapped in a duvet, and binge watched Netflix.

These are all examples of our physical health going through tough times. Similar to this, we also experience better and worse periods of mental health through our lifetimes. However, whereas we are often taught how and encouraged to take care of our physical health, taking care of our mental health is sometimes not given the same importance.


Support For Your Child

At My Online Schooling we understand that the mental health and wellbeing of our pupils has a direct impact on their ability to reach their educational potential. My role as Health and Wellbeing Manager is to ensure all of our pupils and their families are supported and given the understanding and care they need.

Some of the ways I offer support for our pupils and their families are;

  • Providing advice on mental health before and during enrolment
  • Working closely with teachers to make adjustments for individual pupils requiring extra support
  • Being the first point of contact for parents concerned about the mental health of their child
  • Managing incidents which occur in or out of the classroom
  • Running a Wellbeing Club for pupils to attend (available to enrolled pupils. Sign up below)
  • Offering counselling support sessions for pupils

Health and Wellbeing Manager
Ella Hall

Starting my career as a teacher, I saw first-hand how mental health issues in young people can have a devastating impact on their lives, and the lives of their families. This motivated me to return to university, studying for an MSc degree in Psychology, followed by an MSc degree in Forensic Psychology. Throughout this time studying, I also undertook training in dyslexia and autism, and trained as a crisis counsellor for a mental health charity.

Outside of work and study, I love taking my dog, Luna, on long hill walks followed by lunch in a cosy country pub. I also enjoy travelling, finding hidden beaches, and practicing yoga in beautiful places!

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If your child is a pupil at the school, and you would like to discuss how we can support them in their health and wellbeing, then please get in touch by emailing

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