Home Schooling

Home schooling in the UK has seen a 65% increase in the past six years, meaning that some 37,000 young people in the U.K. are educated at home. Currently in the U.K. there is no legal requirement for a child to attend school, however if they don’t, they must receive an education at home.

Online education aim to provide those young people with access to a curriculum, taught by experienced teachers. Access to a curriculum means that students can prepare to take examination, or should they wish to do so, they will be able to ‘slot back in’ to school life if and when they choose to return to a traditional school.

Online schooling operates in many similar ways to traditional schools. These similarities include:

  • Pupils follow the National Curriculum

  • Qualified teachers teach engaging lessons

  • Homework is set and marked by teachers

  • Students take part in collaborative classroom learning as well as independent self-study

  • Formative feedback is provided for students to allow them to progress in their learning

  • Pupils are able to sit examinations if they wish

  • There are a wide range of subject choices

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