How We Teach offers a complete education of excellence for primary and secondary pupils from KS2 to iGCSE.

The internet and technology plays a significant part in all our daily lives – in education, it is no different. The power of bringing people and knowledge together through online teaching has the potential to really change the educational prospects for many young people.

What is online teaching and how does it work?

There are many similarities between traditional schools, that have physical classrooms, and online schools. At we employ exceptional, experienced teachers who deliver lessons in a very similar way that they would in a traditional classroom. Students can see and hear their teacher, ask questions, make comments, watch videos, work with their peers and use a range of powerful interactive features. All this is from the comfort of their own home, anywhere in the world, free from disruptions and distractions. All lessons are taught live in ‘real time’, just as they would be in a traditional school.

What if my child misses a lesson?

All lessons are recorded and can be viewed again at any time. This is certainly a feature not available in traditional schools and it makes it great for revising work and preparing for examinations.

What do I need?

You will require a PC or Mac with up to date software, a reliable broadband connection, a headset with microphone. iPads and Android tablets may also be used to access lessons.

What about the class sizes?

Classes will not have more than fifteen students. Small classes allow more a more individualised approach to learning, free from disruption.

What will my child’s classroom look like? uses state-of-the-art ‘Electa Live’ software as part of the virtual classroom. Here, students will have their own login details, allowing them to access scheduled live lessons, as per their individual timetable. The range of features available to students is incredible, and the power of the virtual classroom allows them to interact and learn in a way previously impossible in traditional classrooms. The small class size allows teachers to answer questions instantly, review students work in ‘real time’ and give individualised feedback. Other features allow students to work in ‘breakout rooms’ to collaborate with their peers, view presentations, videos and interactive models set my their teacher.

How do you enrol?

Follow the ‘enrolment’ link below to complete the online contact form. One of our representatives will get back in touch with you right away to discuss the possibilities for your child. We can arrange a call or offer a free demonstration of the ‘Electa Live’ software. Your child’s education is paramount, therefore we at understand that you may have a range of questions that need answered. Our friendly team are always on hand to provide support and assistance.

Will be child be set homework?

At MyOnlineSchooling.coml we aim to make all student’s experiences similar to that of a traditional school. As there are no classroom disruptions and moving from class to class, the teaching day is shorter as teachers can fit more into the time available. This therefore allows students more time for homework and self-study. uses learning management system, PowerSchool where teachers can set homework, projects, material and tasks for students. Students submit their work to their teacher, who in turn will mark work and provide formative feedback.

How many terms are there?

Our school consists of three terms and dates coincide with the term times of traditional schools meaning plenty to time to enjoy the holidays with friends!

What about fees?

Moreinformation about fees can be found in the ‘fees’ section of the website. aims to provide an outstanding education, taught by exceptional teachers making this a highly cost-effective choice for your child’s education. Fees are to be paid online prior to each teaching term, upon which your child will be issued with a username and password, allowing them access to Electa Live and PowerSchool.