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We know that the online schooling approach is new to some, but we’re happy to show you how it works. Take a look at some of our lessons in action and if you have any queries, please just get in touch.

Year 10 Maths - Simultaneous Equations

Step inside this Year 10 online Foundation Maths class, and experience what it is like to be a pupil at My Online Schooling. In this lesson, our Maths teacher, Tom Carter, explains how to do a simultaneous equation to pupils.

Year 4 French - Rooms in a House

In this lesson, our French teacher, Parissa Card, guides pupils through a listening activity. Here is the link to the video mentioned in the lesson, so you can follow along at home:

Year 12 Maths - Proof by Induction

In this lesson, our A-level Maths teacher, Mark Cassidy, teaches pupils how to complete a proof by induction. This lesson provides a good indication of how are A-level classes are structured.

Year 9 Science - Investigating Speed

Join one of our Year 9 Science classes as they complete a practical experiment on speed! Our Science teacher, Lauren Galligan, demonstrates the scientific method in this lesson on measuring speed.