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We know that the online schooling approach is new to some, but we’re happy to show you how it works. Take a look at some of our lessons in action and if you have any queries, please just get in touch.

Year 9 Science - The Solar System - Teacher Thea Davis

Step inside this Year 9 online Science class, and experience what it is like to be a pupil at My Online Schooling. Our Science teacher, Thea Davis, explains to pupils, the science behind our solar system!

Year 10 English Language - Teacher Ash Guzowski

In this lesson, teacher Ash, takes this Year 10 English Language class through the meaning, purpose and expectations of using 'transactional writing'.

Year 8 History - Capitalism vs Communism - Teacher Gareth Nelson

In this Year 8 History class, teacher Gareth talks pupils through the difference between Capitalism and Communism, giving examples of both, and asking pupils what they think both terms mean.

Year 7 Design Technology - Trainer Design - Jenny Nelson

In this Year 7 Design Technology class, Teacher Jenny talks through what exactly a 'orthographic drawing' is, and shows the pupils how to pull all the elements of the design process together into a presentation, that showcases the development of their trainer design.

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