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Applying to enrol

We have received an unprecedented number of new enrolments for our September 2020 intake dates, therefore enrolments are now currently closed for Term 1.

The next intake date is the 2nd of November 2020, and the cut-off for enrolment applications is the 25th September 2020.

If you are interested in enrolling for this date, or would like further information about the school, please complete our enquiry form below and you will be sent further details.


If there's anything you need to know about our school or what we offer, please get in touch.

Enrolment Fee

Please note that there is a non-refundable, one-off enrolment fee of £180 for every pupil, which you'll need to pay before your child can start lessons.

Start Date

We have regular intake dates for new pupils spread throughout the school year, so your child won't need to wait too long. You can find out when the next intake is on our school calendar.

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Our intake dates for academic year 2020/21 are as follows:

Term 1 

  • 7 September 2020 (Cut off: 14 August 2020) CLOSED
  • 28 September 2020 (Cut off: 31 August 2020) CLOSED
  • 2nd November 2020 ( Cut off: 25 September 2020) OPEN

Term 2

  • 4 January 2021 (Cut off: 4 December 2020)
  • 1 February 2021 (Cut off: 8 January 2021)
  • 22 February 2021 (Cut off: 29 January 2021)

Term 3

  • 19 April 2021 (Cut off: 26 March 2021)
  • 10 May 2021 (Cut off: 16 April 2021)
  • 14 June 2021 (Cut off: 21 May 2021)

Enquiry Form

For updates on new enrolment intake openings, and further information about the school, please register your interest by completing our enquiry form below.

Our enquiries team will be in touch with further information regarding the school.