High standards at reasonable cost

School fees

At My Online Schooling, we’re committed to providing high standards at a reasonable cost. We believe that we offer an accessible, engaging education at a fraction of the cost of many private or international schools.

The cost of My Online Schooling covers a wide range of services and benefits:

  • Live virtual classroom teaching
  • All coursework set and marked
  • Teacher support outside of hours
  • Termly assessments
  • Termly progress reports
  • Administration
  • After School Clubs
  • Academic Support Groups
  • Special Education Needs and Well-Being Support

Enrolment Fees

at My Online Schooling

In addition to the tuition fees listed below, there is a one-off Enrolment Fee of £180 per pupil.

Discounts and Support

Paying our Fees

For those with a UK bank account, we ask that you pay fees by Direct Debit every month, over 10 months – there are no fees payable over the summer holidays in July and August.

For parents living overseas, we ask for fees to be paid every term by invoice.

For enrolment fees and any termly or annual payments, we will send you an invoice, which can then be paid by credit/debit card or PayPal.

Multiple Subject Discount

We offer a 15% discount off your total fees if you enrol your child in 7 or more classes at KS2, KS3, 5 or more at KS4 (International GCSE) level, or 3 or more classes at KS5 (A-Level). So the more comprehensive your child’s education is with us, the more value we offer.

Sibling Discount

We offer a 15% discount when you enrol two or more children from your family. The discount will then come off the fees for your second child (and the third, or fourth, etc.), so it pays to keep My Online Schooling in the family.

Financial Support

If you need financial support to pay our fees, your Local Education Authority or mainstream school may be able to help, depending on your location, income and other circumstances.

Key Stages Subjects and Fees
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