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Online education sounds like a radical concept to many people, especially for those who got by in the traditional school environment. We’re here to put your mind at ease and to show you just how beneficial our approach to education can be for your child.

Put simply, My Online Schooling offers an alternative to the traditional one-size-fits-all learning style you’ll find in classrooms all over the world. Instead, it’s a flexible pathway that combines the power of the internet with the proven quality of the English National Curriculum. The result is a 21st century approach to education: accessible, engaging and effective, no matter what your background or location across the globe.

We know that mainstream education is mainstream for a reason – for many pupils and their families, it’s a great option. But we also know that the traditional approach doesn’t meet the needs of everyone. Perhaps your child has the kind of Special Educational, medical or mental health needs that keeps them from going to school in person. Maybe you live abroad or move regularly, and your child needs a more flexible option that’s still based on the English National Curriculum. There are all sorts of reasons why a non-traditional, non-standard approach can deliver better results.

Discover how online education provides a pathway to greater possibilities in a range of different circumstances and situations below:

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