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More than 5 million Brits live overseas. For many of them, school means an international school that offers a ‘British experience’, with a curriculum that prepares pupils for exams like GCSEs or A-Levels. In fact, there are over 2,000 of these schools around the world, following the English National Curriculum so their pupils are prepared for life back in the UK when they return.

But it comes at a price, and it’s rising – with a 1.9% increase in the last year. Today, the average cost of international schooling is around £11,900 per year, with some demanding £30,500. My Online Schooling offers a cost-effective alternative.

With ever-faster broadband speeds and ever-greater access, together with huge advances in technology in just a few years, online education is now a practical and effective path for your child’s development. What started as ‘distance learning’ now offers a host of benefits at a reasonable cost. Our approach offers the same features you’ll find in a traditional classroom in an international school:

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Hear from mother Jet and Y10 pupil Ginger

Face-to-face teaching by a qualified and experienced teacher focused on your child’s best interests

The opportunity for guided self-study with materials provided by a teacher

A quiet, disruption-free and safe environment

The opportunity to ask a teacher questions and seek clarification for reinforcement

Direct feedback from the teacher on your child’s progress

School reports sent home each term

Lessons designed and delivered around the English National Curriculum

Preparation for exams

Access to a range of interactive IT systems that support learning

Regular help and support from our Management Team

Put simply, it’s an approach to education that delivers the same key aspects of learning, with the added advantage of being accessible from anywhere in the world – and all for a fraction of the cost of international school fees. Your child attends live lessons, taught by qualified teachers and following the English National Curriculum, preparing for exams which they sit at a local centre which you can find in over 120 countries.

If you’d like to find out more about how online education can work for you, please get in touch.

My Online Schooling was a lifesaver for my daughters when we lived in the Middle East and needed to continue their British Curriculum education. The classes are well thought out and fun for the children, assignments are good and clubs are well organised. Thank you!

Little Asian girl studying from home with laptop

Katy, Parent

MOS has been a wonderful solution for us as we transitioned from South Africa to the UK curriculum and the school has excellent online resources to facilitate a great classroom and school experience which engages and involves the pupils, and encourages social interactions.

Boy using laptop while drawing a sketch on book at home

Year 5 Parent

We decided to join My Online Schooling because we had emigrated and we weren’t sure of the area we were moving to. Because we come from South Africa where the kids start school a year later than the kids in the UK, both Noah and Jesse were behind a little in their learning. Having them in an online school really helped so much as it is more focused to each child’s needs.

My children both love My Online Schooling so much and I can highly recommend this school. The teachers are amazing and are great with the kids. Lessons are made fun and the team have been wonderful in assisting us with everything.


Natalie and Jason Wright, Year 4 and Year 7 Parents

At the moment, we live in Bahrain. We are a travelling family: my husband’s job takes us all over the world and it is really hard to search for good schools every 2-3 years, especially in a country where you have no idea how things really work.

My Online Schooling allows us to keep our son in the same school, with minimal changes even if we move to another country next year, which makes all of our lives so much easier! We also have the luxury of knowing that he is receiving a British standard education, and if he is excelling in a subject, he can be moved up a year group in that subject only.

Image of boy surfing Internet on laptop-computer for school homework

Bernadett Bajari-Rooze, Year 7 Parents