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In the UK, children are not obliged by law to attend school, but if they don’t, then they must receive a suitable education at home. In the past decade, the number of families choosing this route has grown substantially, with a 65% increase meaning there are now around 37,000 pupils learning at home. My Online Schooling plays a vital role for many families who have chosen to home educate their children. We take the reins, delivering full-time education that follows the English National Curriculum. Lessons are taught live by fully qualified, experienced teachers, while our team is on hand to plan out each child’s timetable, based on their chosen subjects. In many ways, we operate like a mainstream school:

Pupils follow the English National Curriculum

Qualified teachers deliver engaging lessons

Homework is set and marked by teachers

Pupils take part in collaborative classroom learning and independent self-study

We provide feedback to help pupils progress in their learning

Pupils can sit International GCSE and A-Level examinations

There are a wide range of subjects on offer

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Of course, the added benefit is the biggest difference between our approach and a mainstream school: your child can learn at home, or anywhere else with a stable internet connection. We merge the high standards of traditional British schooling with the flexibility and security of home education, providing your child with an education that fits your family’s lifestyle. For parents, the result is living without the pressure of planning lessons, motivating your child and providing the structure of a school day. For pupils, the result is an engaging learning experience designed to help them fulfil their potential. To find out more about our approach, or about enrolling your child, please get in touch.

We are both incredibly grateful to everyone at My Online Schooling. My son hated school and although his time with you was short the teaching experience was always positive and encouraging and very unlike what he had grown used to. He went into every iGCSE exam calm, well prepared and tried his best. He got the results he needed to go to the college he has always wanted to go to and is now in his second week and loving it. We would both like to say a big thank you to everyone at My Online Schooling and wish you all the very best for the future.

Father Helping Son With Homework In Kitchen

Year 11 Parent

I chose online schooling because I wanted my child to receive a broad and balanced curriculum from excellent teachers. I wanted him to have homework that was set and marked by teachers so he would be accountable to them and not just his mum!

My child lacked motivation before starting with My Online Schooling. He’s now more confident and keen to learn. He is 2 years advanced in Science but needs more help in his literacy. His timetable is adapted to personalise his unique needs. The school is very efficient and flexible. The team are very approachable and understanding so it is so easy to contact them with any concerns.

When we go to Italy later on during term time he can still do his lessons and not miss out! When he does miss a lesson due to illness or a pre-planned event, he can catch up with the recorded lessons.

I am so happy that I chose this online school rather than others.


Beverly Jessup, Year 6 parent

One of the advantages of online schooling is the spare time can be used to pursue hobbies. Edward spends a lot of his spare time with his music, he plays at Violin 1 in three full symphony orchestras, plus many other events.

Edward Dancey

Keith Dancey, Year 9 Parent