Mental Health


Quality education for children
with mental health conditions

According to the Mental Health Foundation, 10% of children and young people have a clinically diagnosable mental health condition. Some of the most common conditions young people face include anxiety, depression, eating disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), while studies show that LGBT teens are more likely to be struggling with their mental health.

No matter what the particular condition, mental health difficulties can stand in the way of a young person’s learning. Severe social anxiety may make going into a physical school too distressing. Depression can inhibit the ability to complete school work. There are countless examples.

If your child is struggling with their mental health, it’s vital that they have the support they need to pursue an engaging and fulfilling education. We offer the chance to attend live online lessons from your own home.

Alex's Story

So, while you can support your child through their challenges, they can still receive a high-quality education based around the English National Curriculum. We record our lessons, so your child can always catch up if they miss one or two classes, and our team is always ready to offer any support we can – including online counselling and one-to-one tuition.

Our teachers are all fully qualified, experienced in teaching pupils with a variety of different needs and dedicated to ensuring every child feels at ease and engaged in their lessons. Our Head of Wellbeing Vanessa Baker takes a leading role in supporting pupils’ mental wellbeing. She works closely with parents and teachers to help them tackle any issues that may arise.

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My online schooling has been an absolute blessing for our son. He was struggling with the growing pressures at day school so that by the end of each term he was stressed and depressed. We discovered MOS and his whole world changed. He is now thriving and enjoying learning. The subjects he is particularly good at he can study at a more advanced level as he is not limited to his age level. As a result he is now happy and has the desire to learn and explore subjects in depth.

Year 9 Pupil

Astrid, Year 9 Parent

“We are very pleased with our daughter’s progress with MOS since starting in January. At mainstream school, she was missing a lot of lessons due to daily panic attacks, but these have almost completely stopped, and her anxiety is much improved. She has ADHD, so the fact that the lessons are recorded, and there is an online homework calendar helps with her self organisation, and although she still needs our help on that front, we are seeing an improvement in the quality and quantity of her work, her test scores, and reports. Most importantly, she is happier and more confident. We are delighted to have had MOS available as an option when she was no longer able to attend school. The teaching is of high quality, and she looks forward to lessons for the first time in years. MOS may have been our “Plan B”, but it’s very far from being second best.”


My Online Schooling Parent

Leo started secondary school in September. After only two weeks it was apparent that he had not coped well with the transition from primary school. By half term he had become reclusive, emotional, anxious and had regressed, acting a lot younger than his age. We discovered My Online Schooling through a friend and signed him up. The change is phenomenal! Leo loves his lessons, has joined a local football team, is going out with his friends again and has regained his confidence in life and learning. The teachers are patient and kind, Leo never says a bad word about any of them and he really enjoys the whole experience. It is truly the best decision we have ever made. Thank you for giving us our boy back!

Overhead view of a teenage boy doing homework

Kate, Year 7 Parent

I stopped going to school at the beginning of Y9, as it had made me physically and mentally ill. I stopped functioning, no one really knew why including me. Alternative attempts to get me to re-engage with education had failed, and my family were running out of options!

My Online Schooling have been fantastic and very supportive to my needs, although it has had its challenges from both sides. It really has made a difference to me, and I am engaging back into education and enjoying my lessons. The school have been great at giving feedback and finding ways around the problems that you sometimes get, the team really do everything to accommodate. My Online Schooling has given me back my confidence that mainstream school couldn’t give.

Woman taking down notes in diary

Sophie, Year 11 Pupil