Special Educational Needs

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Meeting Special Educational Needs
with Online Schooling

1.2 million school pupils in England have Special Educational Needs, including autism, Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder (ADHD/ADD), dyslexia, or medical needs that affect learning, such as epilepsy or cerebral palsy.

While the education sector has come far – with inclusive policies allowing many pupils receiving extra support within mainstream schools – for some it’s not far enough. At My Online Schooling, we recognise that a traditional classroom may not always be suitable for some young people, and can even create barriers to fully focused learning.


We keep our class sizes small to allow teachers more time and opportunity to provide an individualised learning experience for each of our pupils. By attending online lessons at home, our pupils are in an environment where they feel safe, which allows them to focus and re-build confidence with their learning.

Every teacher on our staff has experience of working with children with Special Educational Needs, so they’re ready to adapt their teaching style to best support your child’s learning. They will not only provide regular feedback on your child’s progress, but they will also be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have surrounding their needs.

We cannot express how impressed we are with the response we received from our son’s teachers. Their understanding of his needs and their suggested ways of supporting him are more than he ever received in both mainstream schools and the Special Education Needs school he attended in the past. We really feel that he is in the right place being at your school and this is a rare and reassuring feeling, so thank you all so much.

Boy sitting at a desk with a laptop and giving a thumbs up

Joanne, Year 9 Parent

My son is 12 and has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, so for him it’s not only hard to get acquainted with new schools, teachers, children, rules, environment every once in a while, but it is almost impossible for him to stay focused and learn in a noisy, over-packed environment.

Children need to feel safe first before they can begin learning and this is what we found with My Online Schooling. He feels safe, because he is at home with mum, but he can also see the teachers, talk to them and to his classmates, just like in a “normal” school. For the first term I sat with him during lessons, but now I only need to remind him to log in on time. He likes it because it gives him more responsibility for his learning, and I like it because I can monitor him and do my job at the same time.


Bernadett Bajari-Rooze, Year 7 Parent