Young Professionals

we believe in nurturing every pupil’s potential

A grounded education
for young professionals

If your child has a full-time job, keeping up with their education can be a little tricky. Whether they spend their days performing on the stage, in front of the camera or in the sporting arena, rehearsals, training and travel can make going to a physical school an impossibility.

We know that, no matter what their achievements in a grown-up world, your child’s development and growth will still be one of your top priorities. Online education offers a personalised, grounded and curriculum-led alternative to the mainstream classroom or parent-led home-education.

At My Online Schooling, our flexible approach to subjects means we can create a timetable to work around your child’s busy schedule. Each and every one of our live lessons are also recorded, so even if your child’s schedule changes day by day, they can easily go back and watch them if they miss a lesson or two.

Meet The Hangan Family

Whether your child is a medal winner, tech prodigy or musical maestro, we believe in nurturing every pupil’s potential. That’s why we’re committed to providing the best possible learning experience and the highest quality education – allowing them to pursue their dreams, achieve their goals and excel in their careers.

Being a pupil at My Online Schooling is really helpful as a professional actor because it gives me the freedom to go to castings and when I am working, which can be anywhere, I can take my laptop with me and either be able to still attend my lessons in real time or catch up via the recorded lessons.

Oliver Zetterstrom

Oliver Zetterström, Year 7 Pupil