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At My Online Schooling, we have a fantastic community of pupils and parents. The chance to improve their future is why we exist. So, for educators like us, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the progress our pupils have achieved or hearing about the difference that online education has made in their lives.

A few of our pupils and their families have been kind enough to share their stories – watch the videos below to hear about their experience with us at My Online Schooling.

The Clarke's Story

Alex's Story

Meet the Woon Family!

Meet the Woon family - a family living in Taiwan, soon to be moving to the United Kingdom. Annie and Callum chose My Online Schooling for their children for the British Curriculum, which they feel allows them to have a smoother transition between countries. Keifer enjoys studying at MOS because of the kind teachers and Kasey is currently learning about time and stories. As a family, The Woons enjoy the flexible timetables and the extra time they get to spend doing other fun activities.

Meet the Irwin Family!

Meet the Irwin family - a family on wheels! Currently located in Kilpisjärvi, Finland, they decided to make the switch from home education to My Online Schooling. Amelia and Brett love that they can now separate home life from school life and have the flexibility to travel as a family in their RV while getting a full-time British education. Gabriel enjoys studying at MOS because of the flexible lessons and always helpful teachers.

Meet the Martin Family!

Meet the Martin family - a story about a family originally from New Zealand, currently living in Scotland. Elizabeth enjoys the flexible and controlled environment, where she can have a warm drink and a comfortable space to study in to help her focus on her lessons. Daniel enjoys getting to know new people all around the world and making friends. Rachel and Benjamin value the opportunity to be more involved in their children's education.

Meet The Camacho Family!

Meet the Camacho family - a family living in Mexico in their stunning wild animal park. Maria and Gregory chose My Online Schooling for their children because of the British Curriculum and flexible timetables. It gives them an opportunity to become a mobile family. Ferran, Lander and Amara enjoy the extra time to spend doing the activities they love, such as skateboarding and catching frogs! They are also excited to make new friends from all around the world.

Meet the van Dijk Family!

Meet the van Dijk family - a family living on the sunny island of Mallorca, Spain. They chose My Online Schooling because they wanted to provide Ginger with the education she deserves and because at MOS she has the chance to do her International GCSE in History. Ginger enjoys the flexible schedule that provides a calm and less stressful environment, helping her to focus on her studies.

Meet the Hangan Family!

Meet the Hangan family - an international family from Russia and Romania currently living in Spain. They decided to switch Maria to My Online Schooling due to the flexible timetable and online lessons, since it helps them to be more flexible with their travels! At MOS, Maria enjoys having the opportunity to study what she likes and have more time to focus on other interests, such as her professional gymnastics career.

My online schooling has been an absolute blessing for our son. He was struggling with the growing pressures at day school so that by the end of each term he was stressed and depressed. We discovered MOS and his whole world changed. He is now thriving and enjoying learning. The subjects he is particularly good at he can study at a more advanced level as he is not limited to his age level. As a result he is now happy and has the desire to learn and explore subjects in depth.

Year 9 Pupil

Astrid, Year 9 Parent

“We are very pleased with our daughter’s progress with MOS since starting in January. At mainstream school, she was missing a lot of lessons due to daily panic attacks, but these have almost completely stopped, and her anxiety is much improved. She has ADHD, so the fact that the lessons are recorded, and there is an online homework calendar helps with her self organisation, and although she still needs our help on that front, we are seeing an improvement in the quality and quantity of her work, her test scores, and reports. Most importantly, she is happier and more confident. We are delighted to have had MOS available as an option when she was no longer able to attend school. The teaching is of high quality, and she looks forward to lessons for the first time in years. MOS may have been our “Plan B”, but it’s very far from being second best.”


My Online Schooling Parent

Our daughter had a difficult school experience, mostly because of bullying. It was heart breaking to watch our bright, bubbly and happy girl who loved learning turn into a withdrawn, sad one who could not cope.

We feel blessed to have stumbled upon My Online Schooling. We were initially sceptical as we weren’t sure whether our daughter would cope in a virtual classroom. We need not have worried. In no time at all, she was able to type, complete homework online, use PowerPoint and complete a Wiki project. The more we see, the more confident that it is setting the children up with skills they will need for the future, and more so than mainstream schools.

Far more important than her academic progress are the strides she made in her self-esteem. She loves getting up in the morning for school, and the amazing school trip to the Lake District was the highlight of her term. She is once again the happy, fun-loving child we know and love. We could not be more pleased.

Alexa Mills

Caroline Mills, Year 5 Parent

We decided to join My Online Schooling because we had emigrated and we weren’t sure of the area we were moving to. Because we come from South Africa where the kids start school a year later than the kids in the UK, both Noah and Jesse were behind a little in their learning. Having them in an online school really helped so much as it is more focused to each child’s needs.

My children both love My Online Schooling so much and I can highly recommend this school. The teachers are amazing and are great with the kids. Lessons are made fun and the team have been wonderful in assisting us with everything.


Natalie and Jason Wright, Year 4 and Year 7 Parents

I chose online schooling because I wanted my child to receive a broad and balanced curriculum from excellent teachers. I wanted him to have homework that was set and marked by teachers so he would be accountable to them and not just his mum!

My child lacked motivation before starting with My Online Schooling. He’s now more confident and keen to learn. He is 2 years advanced in Science but needs more help in his literacy. His timetable is adapted to personalise his unique needs. The school is very efficient and flexible. The team are very approachable and understanding so it is so easy to contact them with any concerns.

When we go to Italy later on during term time he can still do his lessons and not miss out! When he does miss a lesson due to illness or a pre-planned event, he can catch up with the recorded lessons.

I am so happy that I chose this online school rather than others.


Beverly Jessup, Year 6 parent

My son is really enjoying learning with My Online Schooling. The lessons are engaging and well-organised, and it is fascinating to see how all the children are able to participate in learning: a far cry from the class of 30 he left behind. He was miserable at school for years and this has been transformational for him, thank you!

Teenage boy using laptop on couch at home

Erica, Year 9 Parent

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