Health & Wellbeing Policy

Health & Wellbeing Policy

Policy Statement

My Online Schooling believes the mental health and wellbeing of pupils and staff is a priority. Promoting understanding and acceptance of mental health conditions, as well as advocating positive actions to increase and maintain wellbeing, is an important part of helping our pupils achieve their educational and personal potential. We believe everyone should be provided with, or directed to, the support needed to implement the necessary strategies for any mental health issue in order to limit its impact on learning.


  • To ensure My Online Schooling promotes wellbeing throughout all learning experiences
  • To provide support and training for teachers working with young people experiencing mental health issues
  • To encourage pupil and staff wellbeing through understanding and support
  • To increase understanding and awareness of common mental health conditions
  • To promote healthy and positive lifestyle choices conducive to achieving good mental health and wellbeing

Roles in our School Community

At My Online Schooling, all staff have a responsibility to create an environment where pupils feel that their health and wellbeing is considered and supported. All staff take part in monthly training led by the Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, which addresses the most common mental health conditions we see in our online classrooms. Teachers provide pupils with a curriculum which discusses, explores and accepts differences in people, and pupils feel able to be themselves.

The Health and Wellbeing Coordinator works with parents, pupils and staff to offer support and to increase understanding of mental health issues. We offer education on positive wellbeing practices through running workshops, 1-1 sessions and PHSE studies. The Health and Wellbeing Coordinator is responsible for ensuring teachers and administrative staff have a good understanding of signs to look for in pupils or colleagues, which may indicate a decline in mental health (see below).

  • Physical signs of harm that are repeated or appear non-accidental
  • Changes in eating/sleeping habits
  • Increased isolation from friends or family, becoming socially withdrawn
  • Changes in activity and mood
  • Lowering of academic achievement
  • Talking or joking about self-harm or suicide
  • Abusing drugs or alcohol
  • Expressing feelings of failure, uselessness or loss of hope
  • Changes in clothing, e.g. long sleeves in warm weather
  • Secretive behaviour
  • Repeated physical pain or nausea with no evident cause
  • An increase in lateness or absenteeism


Parents/carers are invited to revisit the Health and Wellbeing Policy and contact the Health and Wellbeing Coordinator with any questions or concerns. Support is provided for parents/carers at all stages of the enrolment process and throughout their child’s learning with My Online Schooling, and they are invited to contact the school at any time if they have concerns about their child’s health or wellbeing. The Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator is available to provide advice and support to parents/carers and can liaise with teachers to ensure their child’s needs are met. Parents/carers are notified if concerns are raised about their child, and are invited to work with all staff to ensure any issues are rectified.