Inclusion Policy

Inclusion Policy

Policy Statement

My Online Schooling believe that all children and young people are entitled to an education which adapts to their individual needs effectively. We believe our pupils should be celebrated for their differences and supported with any barriers to their learning. Providing a fully inclusive environment for all pupils involves encouraging diversity, removing barriers and accepting individuality.


  • To ensure equality of opportunity for all pupils at My Online Schooling
  • To eliminate discrimination and prejudice against children facing barriers to their learning
  • To clarify the role and responsibility of all staff in ensuring the inclusion of pupils at My Online Schooling
  • To involve parents/carers at every stage in plans to meet their child’s needs

Roles in our School Community

A fully inclusive environment requires a school-wide culture supported by all staff. Teachers work with pupils to establish a safe and effective learning environment and differentiate accordingly. Gifted and talented pupils, those requiring extra support in their learning, and pupils with English as an additional language are all provided with the support and tools to achieve their learning potential. Non-teaching staff work with parents and pupils to establish the individual needs of each pupil, and ensure the necessary procedures are put in place from enrolment onwards. The Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator identifies pupils requiring further support, and liaises with parents, teachers and pupils to ensure all pupils are able to learn without barriers. The Director of My Online Schooling oversees the inclusivity of all staff members and ensures the responsibilities outlined here are maintained.

Inclusive Practices

  • Teachers differentiate classes depending on student ability
  • Regular staff training on common conditions and issues found in our classrooms
  • Flexibility around year level allocations
  • We aim to accommodate and support all pupils at My Online Schooling regardless of any additional support needs
  • Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator is available to all parents, pupils and staff
  • Online counselling available for pupils requiring this service
  • Calm, non-disruptive environments provided in every classroom conducive to all of our pupils’ needs

Parent/carers Inclusion

Parents/carers are invited to read the Inclusion Policy which is available at all times. Support is provided for parents/carers at all stages of the enrolment process and throughout their child’s learning with My Online Schooling, and they are invited to contact the school at any time. The Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator is available to provide advice and support to parents/carers and can liaise with teachers to ensure their child’s needs are met. Parents/carers are notified if concerns are raised about their child and are invited to work with all staff to ensure any issues are rectified.