Independent Learning Policy

Independent Learning Policy

Policy Statement

My Online Schooling recognises the vital role that independent learning plays in a pupil’s overall learning experience.

We use the phrase ‘Independent Learning’ instead of ‘homework’ intentionally to emphasise that these activities are essential to success in My Online Schooling courses. As recorded lessons are primarily lecture-based, independent learning activities are designed for pupils to practise, strengthen, and apply the skills that are developed during lessons.

It is important that there is consistency across the school to ensure teacher and pupil expectations are clear. Effective independent learning involves well-designed assignments that engage and challenge pupils. Pupils are supported by high quality teaching and learning in live lessons and accessible recordings. Accordingly, this policy should not be seen in isolation, but as part of the larger teaching and learning strategy at My Online Schooling.

Assignment Standards

The quality of a pupil’s success with independent learning is dependent on the quality of the assignment itself. It is the primary responsibility of the class teacher, but ultimately the school’s senior leadership to ensure that independent learning assignments meet the standards outlined below.

  • Meaningful, purposeful, and engaging
  • Appropriate for the level of the subject being studied
  • Linked to the curriculum and achievable independently
  • Planned with care and consideration to the learning objectives of the course
  • Conscious of pupil’s time. Teachers should aim for assignments to be completed in:
    • KS2: approximately 30-35 minutes
    • KS3: approximately 45 minutes
    • KS4/iGSCEs: approximately 1 hour
    • KS5/A Levels: approximately 1.5 hours

Roles in the School Community

  • Develop and assign activities aligned with the standards listed above
  • Upload assignments to PowerSchool in a timely manner
    • Where possible, it is best to upload assignments before the start of the school day
  • If required, deliver substantive feedback to pupils in a timely manner
    • Ideally feedback should be given to pupils within at least 1 week of the assignment due date, however, this is dependent on the nature of the task
  • Feedback should be easily accessible for pupils and parents
  • Ensure pupils have access to resources (e.g. classroom recordings) so they are able to complete assignments independently
  • Monitor completion of independent learning assignments with the intention of incorporating this into termly reports
  • Do your best with each piece of work
  • Complete your learning assignment and hand it in on PowerSchool on time
    • Typically, assignments will be due 1 week after the work is assigned, however, this is dependent on the nature of the task
  • Before you ask for help if you find the independent learning task too difficult, consider the three B’s — Brain, Book, Buddy
  • Use recorded lessons or resources provided by your teacher to complete your learning assignment
  • If you know that you will be submitting your independent learning assignment late, you should message your teacher on PowerSchool to let them know
  • Utilise the Parent Portal on PowerSchool regularly to monitor your child’s progress and assignments
  • Support your child by helping them to plan and manage their time wisely
  • Help your child establish a routine, setting aside time for independent learning tasks to be completed and ensuring that it is seen as a priority
  • Offer encouragement, help and advice to your child without completing the assignment for them
  • Encourage your child to meet deadlines

Possible Sanctions

Independent learning is a crucial part of the My Online Schooling learning experience. Not completing assignments will have a negative impact on the quality of pupils’ education. For this reason, we are implementing the following sanctions for incomplete assignments:

  • Each independent learning assignment that is not handed in on time will result in a deduction of 1 house point
  • Consistently not completing independent learning assignments will impact negatively on a pupil’s ‘approach to learning’ grade
    • Every 5 un-submitted assignments will limit the possibility  of achieving the higher ‘approach to learning’ grades
  • Parents will be notified via termly reports of consistent un-submitted assignments