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How to give your child a full time British education from Australia

With the costs of international schools remaining high, many British Expat families are choosing to educate their children from home.

My Online Schooling provides a full time secondary British Education, following the National Curriculum and iGCSE. Qualified teachers teach students in small classes in real time, supporting their learning

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Ten ways you can support your child to study independently from home

Many of our students are excellent independent learners, with good self-study skills. Learning to manage your own time, do your homework, and go back over tricky topics are essential skills to take forward into both higher education and adult life. It can however be tricky to make the move and… Read More

My Online Schooling Australia
A homeschooling parent’s complete guide to an online British education in Australia- your FAQ’s answered here

Are you moving to Australia as a British Expat?

If you are moving to Australia as a British expat, it’s likely that you’ve been giving your child’s education some serious thought. A complete online British education is becoming an increasingly popular way for students to continue to excel, in

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