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Keeping Up with the British Curriculum in Australia

If you’re a British family moving to Australia, your children’s education is likely one of your main concerns. You may be wondering if it’s possible to keep up with the British curriculum in Australia? Or maybe, if it’s even worth it in the first place?

In this blog, we’ll

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Alternative Methods to Mainstream Schooling in the UK
Alternative Options to Mainstream School in the UK

If you are looking for alternative options to mainstream school in the UK, you’re not alone. More and more families like yours are turning away from traditional schooling in favour of different methods of education for their kids. In this blog, we’ll take a brief look at some of the

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Home education overseas
Home-educating overseas: your questions answered

For many families, home-educating overseas is a daunting prospect. There’s a whole list of things to consider when making the decision to home-educate your child, no matter where you live. Throw in a whole new country and the list only gets longer!

But fear not. The decision to home

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Mental Well-being in First-time Expat Teens
Mental Well-being in First-Time Expat Teens

Is your teenager struggling to adapt to life overseas? In this blog, we explore the potential barriers to mental well-being in first-time expat teens and give advice on what parents can do to support them.

Expat Child Syndrome – an overview

Expat Child Syndrome, or ECS, is a

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Singapore City View
Moving to Singapore? - 5 Tips for British Families

Singapore is a popular living destination among people from the UK, with around 50,000 British expats currently living there. If you are a British family moving to Singapore, here are 5 of our top tips for a smoother move to the Lion City.

Establish your home

Finding a place to

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Child doing homework at home
The benefits of an online English National Curriculum education for children in Scotland

While educational standards in Scotland have been historically impressive, they have experienced a steady decline in recent years, leaving many parents dissatisfied with the quality of education their child is receiving.

Public schools in Scotland offer the Scottish national Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), rather than the English National Curriculum

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Young Girl Sitting At Desk In Bedroom Using Laptop To Do Homework
How online education can support families who are home-schooling in the UK

According to a recent BBC survey carried out last year, there has been a 40% increase in numbers of children in the UK being home-schooled within the past three years. Many parents reported feeling dissatisfied with mainstream schooling, stating that British schools nowadays are failing to accommodate children with extra

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How to give your child a British education online for expatriates living in Hong Kong

This Blog will cover:

  • Education in Hong Kong
  • British Expats in Hong Kong
  • Online education
  • 6 reasons to consider online schooling in Hong Kong

The former British colony of Hong Kong is located on the south-eastern tip of China, and houses one of the most densely populated cities in

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How to give your child an outstanding British education as an expat in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant and upcoming destination for British expats pursuing a career abroad. With the iconic Petronas Towers, tropical equatorial climate, the 400 million year old Batas Caves, hidden Hindu Temples, and the buzzing cultural heart of Jalan Alor’s delicious street being just a few of its big

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architecture-australia-bridge-783682 (1)
How to give your child a full time British education from Australia

With the costs of international schools remaining high, many British Expat families are choosing to educate their children from home.

My Online Schooling provides a full time secondary British Education, following the National Curriculum and iGCSE. Qualified teachers teach students in small classes in real time, supporting their learning

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