Our School Community

Fostering Friendship Across the Globe

Our School Community
at My Online Schooling

We recognise that your child’s relationships with their peers play a pivotal role in their learning experience. Although based online, we are a school first and foremost. We are therefore committed to ensuring that each and every pupil feels that they are a part of a community, no matter what physical distance there may be.

Day to day, our small class sizes and breakout room features create the perfect environment for group work and collaboration. Friendships are built and nurtured in the relaxed, social environments of our virtual

Common Rooms, House Meetings and Junior Friendly Faces Sessions. Your child can also explore their interests with like-minded peers from different class groups through our selection of exciting After School Clubs.

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Community Benefits

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  • Regular School Assemblies 
  • Virtual Common Rooms 
  • After School Clubs 
  • School House Meetings & Junior Friendly Faces Sessions
  • Awards & Competitions
  • School Events & Celebrations 
  • Parent-Teacher Consultations (Juniors) & Heads of School Drop-Ins

Our International School Community
A School Without Borders

We take pride in our thriving international school community of pupils, parents, caregivers, teaching faculty and office staff. With families from over 90 countries worldwide, My Online Schooling truly is a school without borders. 

As an online school, we cherish the power of the web to connect us all. As a parent or caregiver at My Online Schooling, you will be invited to join us at our regularly scheduled Parent-Teacher Consultations (Junior School) and Heads of School Drop-In sessions. These are a fantastic way to meet other My Online Schooling parents and stay connected with our Education Leadership Team.

We also run a number of events for families throughout the year. These include our Junior Curriculum Events to help support learning at home as well as Pupil Showcase events where we come together as a community to celebrate pupils’ learning.

We also recognise the huge importance of building and maintaining these relationships face to face, and are always seeking opportunities to connect with members of our school community in person. We have been delighted to host a number of family meet-ups over the years, including in the UK, UAE and Asia-Pacific regions. We look forward to hosting many more and hope to see you in the future.

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