Parent Testimonials

Beverley, Year 6 Parent

“Excellent teachers who have outstanding expertise but with the ability to add that personal touch. My son loves learning now. Thank you so much!”

Sheryl, Year 8 Parent

“My daughter has loved her lessons and grown in confidence greatly would definitely recommend.”

Debbie, Year 11 Parent

“I am so pleased the iGCSE Geography course. The teacher has really engaged the interest of my son, and he is enjoying the subject very much. Lessons are provided online at set times and  the software is easy to use. I really like the fact that my son is able to interact with the teacher during the lesson and vice-versa. My Online Schooling is a great alternative to mainstream schooling.”

Abbie, Year 6 Parent

“Finally, my daughter loves learning again. After a difficult time at school, she is so happy to find a way to learn that she loves so much that she even wishes she could do more days! Highly recommended.”

Michelle, Year 10 Parent

“Absolutely fantastic school. Can’t recommend highly enough! Nothing is too much trouble for My Online Schooling, the support they offer parents and students is second to none, and the standard of education is excellent. The flexibility of being able to access lessons from wherever you are is invaluable and the system they use is easy to navigate and high tech. If you are looking for a school for education for your child, support, extra curricular groups, a broad spectrum of subjects with new ones being added all the time, then look no further!”

Jac, Year 5 & 9 Parent

“I can’t recommend My Online Schooling enough! Failing health but with 2 boys desperate to stay homeschooled I knew we needed to find something that helped us all. 4 months in & the boys are engaged, motivated and loving it! My Online Schooling has genuinely lifted us as a family”

Traci, Year 8 Parent

“We joined My online Schooling about a year ago, My daughter couldn’t cope in main stream school due to suffering Anxiety, panic attacks & other phobias.

We tried to school ourselves with books & other educational sites but was not getting the right education as I’m not a teacher & couldn’t help when she was stuck.

After starting My Online Schooling my daughter started to enjoy & look forward to lessons.

She likes her teachers, they are professional & patient & make the lessons interesting & engaging.

We now do the same work as you would if you was attending school but in a relaxed happy environment where my daughter feels safe, happy & not intimidated,

The school is very well run, organised, encouraging & great value for money.

We thought when we unschooled that we would be left to cope on our own but after finding My Online schooling, I feel things are no different  regarding her education other than instead of her being at normal school stressed upset & crying daily, at Cyber school we are relaxed, happy, confident, NO BULLYING, great education & NO PEER PRESSURE.

I would highly recommend My Online Schooling to anyone. Best decision I’ve ever made, If I could change one thing?

Should have done it years ago!!!”

Keith, Year 9 Parent

“We joined My Online School after Christmas so it’s early days, however, our 14 yr old son has got off to a strong start. The lessons are taught well, and class sizes are small. We treat each day as a school day, to be casually dressed and start at 9:00, regardless of whether there are scheduled lessons.

There is scope for moving certain lessons to different days, this allows other commitments to be accommodated. We believe it’s important to ensure social contact is maintained, so joining in with the local home education group is particularly helpful.

Homework is done during free periods, and as there are plenty of free periods, outside hobbies such as music and additional computer coding can also be fitted in. As a parent I occasionally watch the lessons, so I can see the teaching and make sure I’m happy.

Additionally, he attends an evening Drama club and Orchestra, plus a Saturday Music Centre. My son also enjoys the online afternoon clubs, especially chess, debating and the coding club.

In conclusion, at present we are pleased with online schooling, and look forward to it continuing.”

Claire, Year 5 Parent

“My daughter Hannah absolutely loves my online schooling. We recently immigrated to the UK from South Africa and she started public school but hated it as she battled to make new friends and the school work and system is very different compared to South Africa .

She is finding the teachers on my online schooling so much more approachable and they do a marvellous job. The system is so user friendly and Hannah is able to concentrate so much better.

The school fees are also a lot less than I thought they would be . 

I highly recommend my online schooling.”

Laura & Graeme, Year 7 Parents

“Theo started secondary school in September. After only 2 weeks it was apparent that he had not coped well with the transition from primary. By the half term he had become reclusive, emotional, anxious and had regressed, acting a lot younger than his age. We discovered myonlineschooling through a friend and signed him up in the half term. The change is phenomenal! Theo loves his lessons, has joined a local football team, is going out with his friends again and has regained his confidence in life and learning. 

The teachers are patient and kind, Theo never says a bad word about any of them and he really enjoys the whole experience. 

It is truly the best decision we have ever made.”

Thank you for giving us our boy back!”

Elena, Year 9 Parent

“I would thoroughly recommend myonlineschooling to anyone looking for high quality teaching for their child. They provide excellent communication, an innovative approach to schooling and our daughter has enjoyed working with the fabulous teachers.”