Beverley, Year 6 Parent

“I chose online schooling because I wanted my child to receive a broad and balanced curriculum from excellent teachers. I wanted him to have homework that was set and marked by teachers so he would be accountable to them and not just his mum!

My child lacked motivation before starting with the school. He is now more confident in his learning and keen to learn. When we go to Italy later on in June during term time he can still do his lessons and not miss out! When he does miss a lesson due to illness or a preplanned event, he can catch up with the recorded lessons. The school is very efficient and flexible. The Team at My Online Schooling are very approachable and understanding so it is so easy to contact them with any concerns. When in a mainstream school you have to wait until the problem is escalating rather than ‘nipped in the bud’.

My son is 2 years advanced in science but needs more help in his literacy. His timetable is adapted to personalise his unique needs . I am so happy that I chose this online school rather than others.”

Natalie and Jason, Year 4 and 7 Parents

“We decided to join My Online Schooling because we had emigrated and we weren’t sure of the area we were moving to.

Because we come from South Africa where the kids start school a year later than the kids in the UK, both Noah and Jesse were behind a little in their learning. Having them in an online school really helped so much as it is more focused to each child’s needs.

My children both love My Online Schooling so much and I can highly recommend this school. The teachers are amazing and are great with the kids. Lessons are made fun and the team have been wonderful in assisting us with everything.”

Caroline, Year 5 Parent

“Our daughter had a difficult school experience, partly because she found it difficult to conform to the requirements of school life but mostly because of bullying.  It was heartbreaking to watch our bright, bubbly and happy girl who loved learning turn into a withdrawn, sad one who could not cope with the daily expectations that school placed on her.

We eventually withdrew her from school and tried home education for a year.  Her self-esteem gradually improved but she felt lonely, bored and not sufficiently challenged despite having tutors and attending a home education centre.  When the centre closed unexpectedly, we were desperate to find an alternative in time for the start of the new school year.

We feel blessed to have stumbled upon My Online Schooling.  We were initially sceptical as we were not sure whether our daughter would be able to cope in a virtual classroom.  We need not have worried.  In no time at all, she was able to type, complete homework online, use PowerPoint and complete a Wiki project.  The more we see of online school, the more we are confident that it is setting the children up with skills they will need for the future, and more so than mainstream schools.

Academically, our daughter is flying high.  Our daughter has always been bright but never seemed to reach her full potential in a mainstream school.  She is now engaged in everything she learns and looks forward to engaging with her teachers and the other students – who live in so many different countries.  She is even happy to do her homework!  The school also assesses the children regularly but not in a way that makes them feel anxious.  So, as parents, we feel confident that she is progressing as she should.  The teachers are so committed, prepared, compassionate, innovative and really take time to get to know the children.  The effort they put into giving positive and constructive feedback is exceptional and makes our daughter really want to give of her best.

Far more important to us than her academic progress are the strides she has made in her self-esteem and general happiness.  She loves getting up in the morning for school, and the amazing school trip to the Lake District was the highlight of her term.  She is once again the happy, fun-loving child we know and love.  We could not be more pleased.  This is testament to the incredible teaching team and all the hard work that Tom, Laura and Casey put into making the school work for the children.  The staff do everything they can to accommodate the children’s needs and support us as parents, and it is very much appreciated.

It is also great that the school day finishes earlier than mainstream schools.  This leaves Alexa with so much more time to complete homework (which leaves her evenings free) but also to pursue her passions and socialise with children locally: she has time to learn three different instruments, as well as attending two choirs, swimming and singing lessons and an art club.  The school also offers a range of great online after-school clubs.  Last term, she attended Science Club and this term, she is trying out History Club and Creative Writing Club, all of which she really enjoys.  Timetabling has also meant that she has a day free which we sometimes use for excursions to support her learning.

I thoroughly recommend trying My Online Schooling.  Before she started, Alexa wanted to return to mainstream school for secondary school but loves it so much that she no longer wants to.  And as parents, we are delighted to have found the right school environment for her.”