Sophie, Year 11 Pupil

I stopped going to School at the beginning of Y9, it had made me physically and mentally ill, I stopped functioning, no one really knew why including me. Alternative attempts to get me to re-engage with education had failed, and my family were running out of options!

My journey to getting back into education has been slow, a brief attempt in Y10, we thought I was getting there, unfortunately we went back to square one. My school had been supportive but really didn’t have the capacity to give me the support I needed.

If only my parents had taken me out of the system sooner and built my confidence back up! My Online Schooling schooling have been fantastic and very supportive to my needs, although it has had its challenges from both sides.

It really has made a difference to me, and I am engaging back into education and enjoying my lessons. The school have been great at giving feedback and finding ways around the problems that you sometimes get, the team really do everything to accommodate.

If you have a child that mainstream school is not catering for their needs, it is a great alternative. The downside is that social interaction is limited so you need to make sure that they are involved with group activities when you can as life can be very lonely if separated from friends.

I have focused on my main subjects, and I am hopeful that I can get something from this last year of school before I head off to college in September, My Online Schooling has given me back my confidence that main stream school couldn’t give.”

Lucy, Year 9 Pupil

“At My Online Schooling it teaches young kids and older kids to work at there own pace. Almost everything that happens at normal school happens on My Online Schooling just in a different way.

At school everyone is taught the same way and everyone has to work together and at the same pace, where as at My Online Schooling you can take your time to work and you can ask questions if your stuck.

At normal school, yes you can ask questions if your stuck, but the teachers are so focused on trying to get the children who aren’t paying attention to pay attention and then before you know it you need to leave for your next lesson, but at My Online Schooling its almost like the teachers want you to ask questions and I think that’s a really good thing to have in a school.

In my opinion I feel safe and secure and I think the teachers help with that.”

Ethan, Year 9

“The school has amazing teachers who always know how to make people listen and intrigue them, the teachers aren’t stiff or mean they’re semi loose and quite nice, not to mention every lesson is always fun in its own strange way.

Out everything I think that the teachers are probably the best part of the school on the exception of the homework.”