Social Impact

Social Impact
at My Online Schooling

At My Online Schooling, we believe that education is a fundamental right. Inclusion is one of our foundational principles and we are committed to improving access to quality Education for all children. We have created a flexible and inclusive learning environment where all pupils are respected as individuals, and empowered to thrive.

We know that there are other ways that My Online Schooling can increase our positive social and environmental impact. We aim to achieve this through sponsorships and charity partnerships for our communities, working with responsible, sustainable suppliers and investing in the development of our growing staff base.

From now on, My Online Schooling will be posting updates about our positive impact on this page and in addition, we will be publishing an annual Social Impact Report to keep you informed about our commitments and their outcomes. Watch this space!

My Online Schooling Ltd as a Social Enterprise

My Online Schooling is at the forefront of online education, and therefore we are responsible for setting a good industry standard. We are therefore proud to announce that My Online Schooling Ltd has recently received accreditation as a Social Enterprise in the UK by the UK’s national Social Enterprise body, Social Enterprise UK (SEUK).

Supporting Young Refugees
with Refugee Education UK

We are delighted to announce that My Online Schooling have recently partnered with the charity Refugee Education UK (REUK).

“Refugee Education UK equips young refugees to build positive futures by thriving in education. In conflict, schools are destroyed, occupied by armed groups and used to shelter displaced people. Where learning continues, students and teachers can be targets of violence. For many, continuing to learn is just not possible.

When children and families are forced to flee their homes, they miss out on more education as they make dangerous journeys trying to find a place of safety.

For refugees arriving in Europe, education is a priority: it’s how lives begin to be rebuilt and hope for the future is rekindled. But getting back into and progressing in education is fraught with challenge.

We want things to be different.”

– REUK Mission Statement

Supporting Young Refugees
With Screen Share

“Being a student and finding work is almost impossible without internet access. We want to do something about it.” – Moses Seilter, Founder of Screen Share

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